2025 Chevy Silverado SS Performance Truck Review

2025 Chevy Silverado SS

The supercharged V8 engine is still a big wish for all Chevrolet fans. Under the hood of the Silverado truck, it will be a rival of Ford Raptor R and Ram TRX. The 2025 Chevy Silverado SS will need more than this. There should be tons of body upgrades and options that will help handle over 700 horsepower. A truck can be a top choice, which also means a unique interior, modern design, and unique features.

On the other hand, the only SuperSport car today is the Blazer electric SUV. We can already write off the Camaro now that this muscle car is entering its final season of production.

However, Chevrolet is widely criticized for ceding the market to its biggest rivals. The Ram TRX was supposed to kill the Raptor, the truck that dominated the off-road segment for years. Ford responded as quickly as possible. The situation is very similar to the 2018 season, when all three US truck makers introduced diesel engines at the same time. We were expecting a Silverado truck with a performance setup. But, GM failed.

Silverado SS from the 2000s

Complete Powertrain

The company has several excellent solutions for the engine room. Most likely a supercharged V8, which recently debuted in the Cadillac Escalade, a luxury SUV that shares a platform with the Silverado pickup truck. There, the engine delivers 682 horsepower. Both Ram and Ford tuned their mules to crank out more than 700 horsepower. GM engineers will have to squeeze more juice out of the big V8 engine.

Another small-block, 4.2-liter supercharged. This V8 is available in other Cadillac vehicles with the Blackwing badge. 550 horsepower and 640 pound-feet of torque doesn't sound bad at all. However, this configuration will put the 2025 Chevy Silverado SS under the Ram TRX and Ford Raptor R, but it is an improvement over the existing V8s.

Having a powerful engine is just one step. Many other changes and adjustments must be made before the Silverado SS can be competitive. Again, General Motors has experience in this, so we have no doubts about the truck. It took a while, but it's been three years since the TRX came out with the Hellcat engine.

The Silverado SS may be an electric truck
The Silverado SS may be an electric truck

2025 Chevy Silverado SS Release Date

To be honest, the SS model truck's power output isn't the best at the moment. On the other hand, introducing it to the Blazer SUV gives hope that the pickup truck can offer this package as well, especially with an all-electric version coming out in 2025. The Blazer SS is also an EV but built on a different platform. A 0-60 acceleration time of under 4 seconds is a good record and a truck should get something like that.

The Silverado is still the #2 truck in the US. However, the Ford is making a big gap in the lead, and the Ram is dangerous. Last year, GM sold half-ton trucks, but those figures include sales of the Silverado and GMC Sierra. The Ram 1500 has outsold the Silverado 1500. Chevy is back on track, but the company needs something special to keep up with the competition. The high profile package is a good sign that General Motors is ready to respond to any challenge from the competition.

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