About Us

We are a group of adventurers and thrill seekers who like to explore terrains and discover everything nature has to offer.

Adventuring on jeeps is just different. Climbing mountain trails and exploring new areas has an irreplaceable thrill, which becomes an addiction for adrenaline junkies.

Me and my team belong to a group of jeep lovers who have been traveling in jeeps since childhood. Most of us came from a family of adventurers and have inherited jeeping, rather than adapting to it.

Our love for jeeps united us into a single community. Our expertise is not just limited to our own experiences, but also the experiences of other adventurers we meet and talk to.

Anyone who has owned a jeep for more than twenty years becomes a mechanic himself. As a jeep owner, the last thing you would do is take it to a mechanic.

We like to take care of our vehicles like our family members. That means fixing them, maintaining them, and upgrading them are all done in our own garage.

A man who cannot fix his own jeep is a man who shouldn’t own one.

Having cumulated years of experience, we decided to create a platform where we could share it with other jeep lovers around the world.

Our Aim At We Off-Road

These days when go surfing online for a solution to any problem, you have to wade through tons of irrelevant content to get to relevant information.

Many people we met during our adventures complained about not finding reliable information regarding jeeps and their parts.

So, we decided to create a platform that would share authentic and reliable information about jeeps, ATVs, and 4wds.

Driving a jeep for over 20 years has allowed us to become somewhat of an expert in the field. We don’t claim to be the only ones, but we have connections that help us get the information we need first-hand.

Hence, we created this website with one goal in mind: To give our readers high-quality jeep content that would help them make the right decision when it comes to purchasing jeeps or upgrading them.

We plan to share our extensive expertise and knowledge of jeeps with those who need it.

One of our primary goals was to remain independent in our reviews and not accept any promotions. We wanted to do justice to the trust that is placed in us by our readers.

What Do We do?

Our process for jeep selection is simple. First, we conduct extensive research to find the best jeeps of particular criteria. Our experience in the field helps us in picking the best of the lot.

After getting the jeep, we start the testing phase which includes performance tests of every kind.

Then, we take the jeep apart in our advanced lab and test the performance and maximum capability of each component individually.

We are our own mechanics, but we do rely on some experts for opinions when needed.

After conducting both performance and mechanical tests, we start our analysis and review the products.

The results of these tests allow us to accurately rank the jeeps according to their true potential and justify their ranking on our list.

Our reviews are independent and objective. We do not take any paid promotions or sponsored products. If we don’t want to keep the jeeps after testing them, we just resell them in the market.

What’s In It for Us?

Primarily, we love jeeps. So, purchasing new ones, testing them in the field, and taking them apart are more of a passion for us.

As for revenue, we are an independent website and do not take any sponsored products or paid promotions.

That means, our website relies on its readers for revenue. We share affiliate links of the products we review. If a reader purchases the jeep using our link, we will receive a small commission from the retailer.

However, this process doesn’t put any burden on those who purchase from our link. You will still get the vehicle at the market price. Our commission is from the dealer or manufacturer.

Also, we make money on clicks. So, if you open a link through our website, we will earn a commission for the traffic.

We aim to remain objective and unbiased in our reviews. That means, no sponsorships, no paid advertising, and no promotional products.

We only share authentic and reliable information obtained after extensive testing and reviewing.

How We Select Our Top Picks?

Besides ranking the products in our list, we also have three top picks in each post that are nominated as the best of the best.

The Best Pick is awarded to the product that is suitable for the specific task. Our articles deal with specific niches, and each niche has one top gun.

Our Premium Pick is awarded to the top-of-the-line product which offers premium features in terms of both functionality and performance. The product has usually a higher price point but offers exceptional qualities.

We also nominate a Budget Pick for readers who are looking for an economic product. In our budget pick, we select the product that offers good performance at a low price without compromising on any of the important functions or quality.

We Thank You for Your Support

This website is an effort on our part to share our experiences and expertise with our readers. We would like to thank all the people who have supported this website.

We owe our success to our readers who have supported us through the years. We appreciate your feedback and are grateful for the love you guys have shown us.

You can reach out to us anytime if you have any questions or suggestions. We always love feedback from our readers and try to get back to them as soon as possible.

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