ActiveAir by BFGoodrich: Variable Tire Pressure Adjustment on the Go

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BFGoodrich Tires, known for creating tires suitable for challenging terrains such as desert racing and rock crawling, has now introduced a brand new technology for off-roaders: BFGoodrich ActivAir. This fully integrated tire inflation system is designed to change the way you travel by allowing drivers to adjust tire pressure on the go, improving their ability to cope with various conditions.

ActiveAir technology helps drivers to inflate or deflate their tires to match a specific pressure, depending on the terrain they are traveling on – be it road, rock, sand, or mud. This adjustment can be done without the need to stop and manually change the tire pressure, ensuring constant pressure on rough terrain.

Harold Phillips, global general manager of BFGoodrich Tyres, emphasizes that the introduction of ActiveAir is in line with BFGoodrich's commitment to advancing adventure and safe off-road travel. The technology is intended to improve the performance of vehicles in the off-road community.

Developed and tested under extreme conditions, including the Dakar Rally and the Ultra4 Racing circuit, ActiveAir offers the highest level of reliability and performance. The system incorporates patented technology and has been stress tested by top manufacturers in the most demanding environments. Drivers can choose from four operating modes for automatic inflation or deflation, or they can manually select the pressure they want for more precise control.

At the heart of the ActiveAir system is the Central Tire Inflation System, designed by TELEFLOW. The system includes the latest generation of air valves, as well as a display and control unit, with TELEFLOW acting as the intellectual center of the ActivAir solution.

A key feature of ActiveAir performance is the integration of air passages in the connecting axles by Dynatrac, a key partner in this development. Additionally, certain tires are designed to accommodate air space. Currently, RFI wheels are available in the ActiveAir system, which contributes to its fully integrated design.

This new system provides a significant improvement in road handling by allowing proper power transmission to the ground and increasing traction under various conditions.

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