Are Jeep Wranglers Automatic Or Manual? [Find Out]

Are Jeep Wranglers Automatic Or Manual

When mountaineering on treacherous terrains, having a jeep wrangler is a must. These cool and sassy vehicles not only help get to the far-flung mountainous ranges but also adds excitement and fun to your trip. Jeep wranglers are modeled to provide you with an extremely pleasurable experience loaded with all the extravagance a vehicle can provide you. Besides, these are not just reserved for mountainous areas, but can also be used for routine driving. So, you can say that a jeep wrangler is a must-have vehicle for all fun-loving adventurous souls.

Are Jeep Wranglers Automatic Or Manual

Usually, I get tons of questions regarding the specifications of a jeep wrangler and which one to buy. However, there seems to be a mutual confusion amongst this generation regarding the automation of these vehicles. I can’t help but gape at people when they ask me: Are jeep wranglers automatic or manual? But there is no shame in asking as long as you learn something out of it. So, here is a detailed article for all of you people who are secretly harboring this confusion in their minds.Table of Contents

Are Jeep Wranglers Automatic Or Manual?

The one-word answer to this question is, no. Not all jeep wranglers are automatic. In fact, they were all manual until 2003, when the first automatic transmission jeep wrangler was launched. The first automatic jeep wrangler had a below-average mileage and was not powerful enough to be controlled on tricky terrain. However, with the passage of time, one improvement led to another, and today, nothing can beat the power and mileage of an automatic jeep wrangler.

Are Jeep Wranglers Automatic Or Manual

List Of Automatic Transmission Jeep Wranglers

  • 1997-2002 2.4 L PowerTech: 3-speed 32RH automatic
  • 2003-2006 2.5 L AMC Straight 4 Engine: 4-speed 42RLE automatic
  • 2003-2006 2.4 L PowerTech: 4-speed 42RLE automatic
  • 2007-2011 JK and JKU Models Built from 2007 to 2018:  3.8 L EGH 4-speed 42RLE automatic
  • 2007-2010 3.6 L Pentastar: 5-sped 545RFE automatic
  • 2012-Present 3.6 L Pentastar: 5-speed W5A580 automatic
  • 2011-Present 3.6 L Pentastar: 5-speed W54580 automatic
  • 2018- Present JL Models Built from 2019-Present: 3.6 L Pentastar: 8-speed Torqueflite 850REautomatic transmission
  • 2018- Present JL Models Built from 2019-Present: 0L GME T4 Hurricane Turbo: 8-speed Torqueflite 850REautomatic transmission

Automatic Vs Manual Jeep Wranglers

Before we move on any further, it is very important to understand the difference between automatic and manual jeep wranglers. Only if we know the difference between the two, will we be able to set them apart and decide for ourselves which one we really want to get. So, an automatic jeep wrangler is called so because it has an automatic gear shift and clutch, while a manual jeep wrangler does not. This little difference sets both these vehicles miles apart. An automatic jeep is less tiring because you don’t have to shift gears manually while driving.

Reasons To Have An Automatic Jeep Wrangler

reasons to have an automatic jeep wrangler

1. Easy To Drive

One of the reasons why automatic transmission cars were introduced was to relieve the driver from having to focus on multiple things at once. With an automatic transmission, you can finally keep your focus on the road. An automatic jeep wrangler will prove to be an excellent guide for beginners because they wouldn’t have to face the challenge of remembering how and when to change the gear. This specific feature will help you stay sharply focused on the rugged terrain under your tires rather than having to worry about changing gears as well.

2. Great For Commuting

Our precious jeep wranglers are not only good for climbing treacherous hills and mountains but also do a fantastic job in the city traffic. The automatic transmission coupled with luxurious insides of the jeep wranglers will make you feel completely at home, hence heavy traffic, which can be very troublesome and tiring for others will just seem like a minor inconvenience to you. Besides, this bad boy will definitely fetch you a great many compliments from your fellows and even strangers, hence, proving to be a great ego boost!

3. Constantly Changing And Improving

The best thing about automatic jeep wranglers is that they are being constantly improved. A team of engineers is always struggling to further enhance the power and quality of these beasts. As a result, a vehicle that was once inferior to a manual transmission is now dominating the industry. Some people even go to the extent of saying that the automatic transmission jeep wranglers are the future of the car industry. All this is because the manufacturers and head designers never settled for less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are automatic jeep wranglers better than manual jeep wranglers?

The newer models of automatic transmission jeep wranglers are far better than manual jeep wranglers. The reason is that powerful automation and advancement in this field have led to better mileage and greater control over the vehicle. And this is the first time in the history of vehicles, that an automatic transmission jeep wrangler is considered to be the best version of the good old manual jeep wranglers. And slowly and gradually, these beasts are throwing the manuals out of the competition.

Are automatic Jeep Wranglers any good?

Automatic jeep wranglers are the best. There was a time when manual jeep wranglers dominated the industry only until automation kicked in. People believed this serge to be temporary and went out of business for not forecasting this drastic change in this industry. Today, people prefer to drive an automatic jeep wrangler compared to manuals because it is easy to understand and learn, especially for amateur drivers, and also easy to manage on rough terrains as well as busy traffic of the cities.

Final Thoughts On Automatic Jeep Wranglers

Summing it up, it is safe to conclude that automatic jeep wranglers are way better than manual jeep wranglers. Some of the automatic jeep wranglers have even better mileage than the manual jeep wranglers. So if you are an enthusiast and looking for an exhilarating near-death experience on rugged terrain then the automatic jeep wranglers are your best bet at coming back alive. The powerful and almighty automatic jeep wranglers are easier to control and drive at ease!

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