Are Jeep Wranglers Safe for Babies? Find Out

Are Jeep Wranglers Safe for Babies

If you are a parent of a newborn baby but also want to own a Jeep Wrangler, it might raise a question in your head ‘Are Jeep Wranglers safe for babies?’ Nothing is more important than family; therefore, it is a must to find the answer to this question to ensure your family’s safety.

Are Jeep Wranglers Safe for Babies

Jeep wranglers are iconic vehicles that are much better than any other family car. The ample space and comfortable sitting can be an ideal option for a family. You can enjoy long rides on it without compromising on safety. If you have no young kids in your family, then it is a 100% safe option. However, if there are young kids in your family, then the convertible design of jeep wranglers generates a question about their safety.

To get your answer, give this article a quick read to know more than ever.

Are Jeep Wranglers Safe for Babies, Kids & Families?

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime; however, the best practice is to ensure everything is fine on your end. While traveling with family, you should pick a car with maximum safety assurance. In terms of safety, jeep wranglers are not an ideal choice. But still, we can never consider it the worst car based on its security.

If you can carry things better and follow some precautions, then it can be a good option for family usage. A Jeep Wrangler has a modern and cool appearance as well as provides maximum luggage accommodation. Also, Jeep Wranglers are designed to provide a convenient off-road travel experience, so they offer comfortable long-distance travel even with babies.

Various features make it an iconic pick. These jeeps have break assistants, traction control, electronic stability, airbags, and an anti-rolling system. All these specifications are related to safety but still not in terms of babies’ safety. Therefore, if you are carrying a baby, extra safety measures can ensure an expected secure ride.

Safety of Jeep Wranglers

Safety of Jeep Wranglers

In the past, jeep wranglers were not much safer. Compared to the 2004 model, the latest model launched in 2021 is relatively safer. According to a recent test, jeep wranglers get four stars in front side accident security. If you get into an accident from the front side, there are high chances of survival for the driver; that is not common in other cars.

Also, they get three stars on the anti-rolling features, making it a safer option. However, the seat design is not favorable for adjusting baby seats, reducing their importance as an ideal pick for babies. Moreover, another drawback in terms of safety is that these jeeps offer frontal accident safety; passengers in the back seat are not safe enough for back or side accidents.

Can The Jeep Wrangler Be Easily Flipped?

Although the jeep wrangler gets three stars in flip safety, there is still something to clear. Due to its body design and primary purpose, which is to ensure a comfortable off-road experience, there are higher chances of getting flipped at dangerous turns. However, it gets three stars because its build provides safety during any mishap.

With this vehicle, you can travel on Stoney and rough roads at a low speed. Because of this reason, you can never drive it fast on normal roads.

What Makes Jeep Wranglers Unsafe for Babies?

Overall, jeep wranglers are an excellent option for off-road and long-distance travel. But when it comes to the babies, many points make it an unsafe choice.

  • Babies have fragile structures, so their lungs are not strong enough to bear air pressure in an open jeep.
  • The setting and removal process of baby seats can be exhausting.
  • The back part of jeep wranglers is not safe enough. At the same time, keeping a baby seat in the back is recommended because most accidents happen from the front side.

Are There Other Safety Risks Related To Babies And Children?

Are There Other Safety Risks Related To Babies And Children
  • Heatstroke

For infants, heatstroke can be deadly. Vehicles like jeep wranglers are not designed to provide luxury. Therefore, the heat can suddenly increase in such vehicles, which can be dangerous for a newborn.

If you carry a baby in the jeep, try to maintain the temperature at average, not too low or too high, to avoid any unfortunate situation.

  • Getting Entangled In The Seat Belt

If you leave your kids alone in the jeep, anything can harm them. However, a seat belt can be more dangerous than other things in your jeep. Your kid can get tangled in it; in your absence. It can be extremely dangerous. It is recommended never to leave your kids unattended in a car.

Why Are Wranglers Still Popular with Families?

No one denies the classy and iconic look of jeep wranglers. If you want to be a cool parent and have an adventurous soul, nothing can stop you from keeping this cool dude. Moreover, people who love to travel find it an ideal pick as it has larger space and can travel off-road with maximum comfort.

You might be a person who wants to raise your kids to experience daring things as well as to build stronger; then, jeep wranglers can be a good start. A list of such features makes people neglect Jeep Wranglers’ flaws. Therefore, irrespective of low safety for families, still people choose this jeep as their dream car.

How to Keep Your Babies Safe in Your Jeep Wranglers?

With low safety measures, if you are still into jeep wrangler, it is best to travel with some precautions to avoid any accident. Here are some of the most important tips to improve safety so you can have a memorable vacation.

How to Keep Your Babies Safe in Your Jeep Wranglers

  • Put a Baby Seat In Your Jeep For Better Fit

Almost every vehicle can accommodate a baby seat to provide a family-friendly drive. If you have kids younger than three, use a baby seat for the best fit. These jeeps are for rough roads, and because of that, the travel can be rough. On the other hand, if your child is under six months old, it is better to hold him/her in your arms to provide better protection in case of any speed bump or rough road.

  • Properly Learn Driving

Usually, people like to drive fast and rough to get the spark they want. However, you have to be extra careful with kids because they cannot bear any pressure. Therefore, driving at an ideal speed is important to achieve maximum control and ensure safety. Also, focus on the road while driving to see any rough road or speed breaker. No doubt, as a young parent, you want to use high-speed jeeps, but with kids, you have to be extra careful. However, with this, you cannot cross the speed limit due to its low speed.

  • Keep Focus on The Road

Speed breakers are designed to reduce speed and provide safety. Unlike this, speed bumps can lead to severe mishappenings. Therefore, while driving with kids, keep your eyes on the road. If you accidentally hit the speed bump or press breaks on the point, this can be harmful to babies. Due to any of these situations, kids can get sick and get afraid. Make sure to drive carefully while kids as well as alone to stay safe.


What is the safest jeep wrangler?

The new model launched in 2021 passed the safety test and got the highest rating compared to previous models. These jeep wranglers have better strength and higher accident absorption, making them a bit safer for the family.

Where can I put a baby seat in jeep wranglers?

You can put a baby seat anywhere in jeep wranglers. However, placing it in the back seats is always recommended because it provides maximum protection.

Are sedans safer for a baby?

Sedans are a safe travel option. Compared to jeep wranglers, sedans provide better protection, making them suitable for family usage.

Is it ok to travel in an open jeep with a baby?

Babies have fragile bodies; therefore, air pressure in an open jeep is unbearable. You can travel with babies in a regular jeep.

Can I put a baby seat in a jeep with two doors?

Yes, you can place a baby seat in a jeep wrangler; there is enough space in a two-door jeep. However, if you want to put more than one seat, you need a jeep with four doors.

The Verdict ( Are Jeep Wranglers Safe For Babies)

If you are looking for a vehicle for family use, then pick one with high safety. Unfortunately, the jeep wrangler doesn’t stand on that scale; therefore, you should not consider it for family use. However, many plus points make it the best passenger vehicle. It offers ample space to carry luggage.

Jeep Wrangler is an ideal pick if you are fond of adventure and want to give your family a cool life. However, with these jeeps, always keep precautions in mind to reduce the chances of accidents. Try a baby seat, drive safely, watch the road and drive at a low speed to ensure maximum protection. Also, learn to drive appropriately.

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