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Aston Barclay has released its first used van truck industry data, providing quarterly price and trend information for both double-cab and single-cab models.

The launch comes as a result of growing interest in the used van market, prompted by HMRC's brief an introduction again subsequent withdrawal of the new rules of one-tonne Capital Gains Tax in February 2024.

“We record sales data on used pickups, and based on the growing interest in this sector, we decided to share this with the industry. They currently account for between 8–12% of the used LCVs we sell across the group,” explains Geoff Flood, head of LCVs for Aston Barclay. “We're seeing pre-owned cars go under the hammer alongside classic recreational vehicles at all five of our weekly LCV auctions, so we're in a good position to give the market an idea.”

Aston Barclay's close monitoring of the truck sector reveals a stark contrast: for every 20 double-cabs sold its auctionsExternal Link Icon 2021 Professional Pickuponly the single-cab model is getting a buyer.

Therefore, single cabs are rare, and when they hit the used market, prices are strong despite their general growth. In the first quarter of 2024, the average single-cab pickup was 126 months old with 76,321 miles on the clock, but made a healthy £7,867 at auction.

Prices for double-cab pickups averaged £11,177 over the same period, over 86 months and 75,079 miles, the lowest for five quarters and reflecting a wider drop in prices across the LCV sector over the past six months. Generally, single-cab pickups are driven by businesses, while the double-cab pickup sector is divided between business and recreational use, making it difficult to predict replacement cycles, mileage, condition, and, ultimately, prices.

“The new van market has been performing exceptionally well over the past 18 months with sales growing by 38.7% year-on-year to 2023 to more than 41,000 vehicles,” Flood added. “In the first four months of 2024, car sales increased by 9.6% year-on-year to 13,151. This increase in new sales has contributed to higher used prices hitting the market, which explains the increased focus on buyers and sellers. “

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