Backwoods Universal Dual Jerry Can Carrier Review

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  • Easy Installation and Instructions 9.0

  • Price – Is it worth it? 8.0

Simple, Bolt-On Holder For Water, Fuel & More!

I like to experiment with designing and building my own parts. However, I often end up overbuilding and overdesigning simple things. This causes more weight and eventually you find the next point of failure. It's a vicious cycle.

Backwoods Adventure Mods' Universal Dual Jerry Can Holder is simple yet functional, but the engineer in me was skeptical about how the lightweight aluminum design and rivets would hold up to the weight of trail-tossed liquids.

I'm happy to report that I was completely wrong, so let's get into why.

The design

Backwood Adventure Mod Universal Jerry Can Holder Rivet Design

There are many ways to describe this holder. If you were to ask me to sum it up in just a few words, I would say “extremely designed.” This becomes evident when examining its key features, including mounting solutions, swing latch, additional accessory lugs, and construction.

Starting with rear mounting solutions, there are combinations of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal slots. This allows the holder to be mounted universally on various bumper designs. Mine is mounted on an old CBI bumper.


Universal Jerry Can Holder Locking Latch System

Moving on to the latch, instead of the usual twist-down plate, strap, or thumb screw, Backwoods designed the front part of the unit to slide down. This not only makes it easier to reach but also carries more than the usual jerry cans. Additionally, there are side cutouts for mounting shovels and other accessories.

Finally, the overall construction of the unit is top notch. Although I originally planned to build one out of steel for strength, this all-aluminum design is much stronger and lighter. It's powder coated black, and surprisingly, it's glued together rather than welded. I was skeptical of this at first, but rivets have the shear strength of several hundred pounds.

What Can I Hold?

Backwood Adventure Mod Jerry Cans in Use

This carrier can not only hold traditional cans, but also RotopaX, Scepter cans, FrontRunner Water Jerry, LifeSaver Jerry Can, and other Wavian style cans.

The clever design allows mixing different solutions of water and additional fuel. For example, on long road trips, I bring two Scepter cans equal to ten liters of water. For trips that take me further off the beaten path, I bring one can of Ntonga and water and (2) two-gallon RotopaX for extra fuel.

Mounting Solution

Backwoods Adventure Mod Jerry Can Catch Climbing Holes

All hardware needed to mount everything is included. This includes screws, washers, and nylon lock nuts. The exterior hardware is black, giving it a sleek look. The attention to detail in this regard was a nice touch.

In my setup, I chose a more robust mounting solution. The last thing I wanted was to risk damaging my new cans on the trail.

I upgraded from the included black washers to large fender washers found at a local hardware store. Back then, I even doubled up on some washers to get more power. Although some of the holes in my bumper didn't line up perfectly, the beauty of the aluminum design is that drilling most of the holes was much easier than steel.

Welds Vs. Rivets

Backwoods Adventure Mod Jerry Can Holder Hinges

Some people may be hard to convince, but after getting hands-on experience with the product, I actually prefer rivets over welding. Let me give a few reasons why.

First, and most importantly, rivets work. If one comes loose or needs to be replaced, you can easily do so without the need to reapply powder coat. It is also worth noting that rivets are used in the aircraft industry to assemble aircraft. If they're good enough for them, they're good enough for me.

Another advantage is that welds can crack over time. With two 80-pound water jugs, the shifting weight can cause stress on the welds, leading to eventual failure. Each rivet holding this unit together has a shear strength of over 310 pounds. There are many of them, too.

In addition, the rivets allow for less movement between the panels. This flexibility allows the panels to shift, bend, and move slightly during adverse driving conditions. This reduces the likelihood of failure points and further cracking of the steel.


Backwoods Adventure Mod Jerry Can Catch Climbing Solution

With 80 pounds of water hanging from the rear bumper, you can feel it from inside the cab. In addition, there is a dynamic factor of the weight of the transmission fluid when driving. Fortunately, the catcher doesn't seem to agree with this.

A video by Backwoods Adventure Mods showed that a middle aged man can stand inside the holder with no problems. I tested this myself and it didn't wobble, even under 200 pounds of load.

The thickness of the aluminum, the larger rivets, and the connection system used to protect the entire bumper swing-out is overbuilt, which is not a bad thing. With this level of design and construction, this holder will hold up to anything you throw at it.

Final thoughts

Backwoods Jerry Can Hold Power

After some hands-on experience, I can confidently say that it is one of the most well-designed options on the market. Few other jerry cans offer such flexibility in accommodating various containers.

In addition, the clamp-over design and locking mechanism prevent theft or cans from falling out of the way. The installation of this in the back bathroom near the cooking area and shower also greatly increased my efficiency in the camp.

Although it has a slightly higher price tag, the flexibility and build quality justify the cost. Considering how many of us change our construction over the years, I recommend investing in an adjustable unit like this one that can keep up.

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