Best Indoor LED Lighting Kits in Tacoma

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Upgrade Your Factory Interior Lighting with High Output LEDs

Upgrading the factory halogen interior lighting to your 3rd Gen is easy and budget friendly. This makes it a perfect conversion for anyone looking to customize their interior. Whether you're looking to increase brightness or add some personality with fun colors, these upgrades will completely change the look and feel of your closet.

I'm sure many of you have looked online only to find that there are tons of products and options. However, only a few companies excel in quality products. In this guide, we will examine five prominent brands that are famous for their unique LEDs.

Personally, I use a set from VLEDS – and I couldn't be happier!

1. VLEDs

3rd Gen Tacoma VLEDS Blue Map Lights

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If you are not familiar with VLEDS, they have been an online lighting retailer for almost 20 years. They design and develop all their products in-house and employ experts to create high-quality developments.

The VLEDS LED interior kit includes map, dome, and vanity lights in various colors. Map and dome lights are available in natural white (5000K), pure white (5500K), cool white (6000K), red, or blue. Vanity lights are available in warm white (4000k), natural white (5000K), bright white (5500K), and cool white (6000K).

Their LEDs are said to be 3-5 times brighter than standard halogen bulbs. With easy plug-and-play installation, anyone can upgrade! Best of all, they come with a great 3-year warranty!

2. MESO traditions

MESO Customs 3rd Gen Tacoma map and Dome lights

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MESO Customs is an online store that creates aftermarket upgrades for Toyota trucks. One of their most popular products is lighting.

This upgrade is slightly different from a regular LED bulb replacement. Instead, each cover contains multiple LEDs. Installation is still plug-and-play, and you'll still be able to control the lights as usual. With the V2 option, you can switch between white and red LED lights on the fly. MESO also offers an older version, the V1, which can be purchased in either red or white, not both.

Note: You must purchase the map and dome separately. These are more expensive than the others mentioned in this guide but they are also much brighter thanks to their array of LEDs.

3. Cali is raised

9-Piece LED Light Kit by Cali for 3rd Gen Tacoma

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Another popular brand in the off-road community is Cali Raised.

Their 9-piece interior LED kit includes (2) maps, (1) dome, (4) vanity, and (2) license plate lights. These LEDs come in industry-standard 6000k cool white and have easy plug-and-play installation. If you're already invested in Cali Raised's comprehensive ecosystem of aftermarket products, this is a great addition to your rig.

4. YotaVerse

Yota Verse Complete Interior LED Light Bulb Kit for 3rd Gen Tacoma

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YotaVerse is an online retailer that sells aftermarket upgrades for Toyota trucks.

Their 3rd Gen Tacoma kit includes (2) maps, (1) dome, (4) vanity, and (2) license plate lights. These are only offered in a cool white temperature of 6000k.

They have a one-year warranty on its lighting kit in case anything goes wrong.

5. Diode Dynamics

Diode Dynamics interior LED conversion kit for 3rd Gen Tacoma

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Diode Dynamics is a popular lighting company that offers a variety of products, including a complete interior lighting kit.

This kit will come with (2) license plates, (2) map lights, (1) dome bulb, and (4) vanity bulbs. Currently, there is no color temperature option for the lights, they all come in 6000k cool white. However, the kit is offered in 2 versions, depending on your needs and budget.

  • Version 1: Provides your interior with a slight increase in output compared to factory bulbs
  • Version 2: Provides a significant increase in light output throughout the interior

Currently, all bulbs except dome bulbs are offered in both categories. They are plug-and-play, making installation very easy.

Final thoughts

VLEDS Blue Map Lights with Teal Footwell Kit

This wraps up this buyer's guide to the top LED brands to improve your indoor lighting!

Investing in quality lighting upgrades adds style to your Tacoma interior and improves visibility. In about 10 minutes, you can easily transform your truck into a space that reflects your unique taste and enhances your driving pleasure.

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