Cali Raised Premium Roof Rack for 4th Gen Tacoma

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One of the First Choices Available for New Tacoma

Companies are wasting no time in developing new 4th Gen products. Cali Raised has been working hard to get its newly introduced 2024 Tacoma product line available to 4th Gen owners.

Being able to carry more gear and provide light on the trail and in camp is a huge help while traveling, and their rack makes that possible. Let's take a look at what this rack has to offer and what makes it stand out.

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Features & Specifications

Dual Function Amber/White LED Bar in Cali Mounted 4G Tacoma Roof Rack

Cali Raised designed this rack to be very easy to install, requiring no major maintenance (no drilling). To reduce weight, it is made from 3/16″ aluminum, but it can still support more than 1000 pounds (in the test rating, which exceeds the roof load rating) of extra weight to carry all your gear.

This option stands out from the rest because of its adjustable LED deflector, or ALWD for short. No other rack on the market has this feature, and it allows for easy concealment and protection of your lightbar when you're out of the way. They also offer a 360 degree lighting package, making it easy to dress up – all in one place.

4th Gen Tacoma Roof Rack With Adjustable Wind Fairing

Above, you can see the deflector in the upper position.

Quick Summary

  • Lightweight design
  • Aluminum construction
  • Made in the USA, with locally sourced materials
  • Separate flexible fairing
  • 360 degree lighting is available
  • 3 options for the main light bar
  • Easy, bolt-on installation (no drilling)
  • Black powder coat
  • Comes with 6 cross bars

360 Degree Lighting

Cali Raised 2024 Tacoma Roof Rack with 360 Degree Lighting Package

They also offer a 360-degree lighting package that allows you to add recessed light pods to the side of the rack and rear fairing giving you complete 360 ​​visibility and light on trails and camp.

Recessed light cutouts on the side and back of the rack help eliminate the chances of damaging your lights by hitting a tree branch or other debris while on the road, giving you peace of mind that your lights will stay protected even when navigating the most dangerous terrain. . If you're just looking for a reliable option to store your gear you can also opt for a light breakaway.

Final thoughts

Cali Raised 4th Gen Tacoma Overland Build Company

Whether you need to mount a rooftop tent, storage boxes, jar cans, or pull boards, the possibilities of what you can mount on this rack are endless. The perfect fit and installation of the deflector ensures that you don't have to deal with annoying wind noise and vibration on and off the road.

There's more to come as we're looking for new contributors to add more features, updates and overviews.

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