Can You Put Bigger Tires On Jeep Renegade? Find Out!

Can You Put Bigger Tires On Jeep Renegade

Can you put Bigger Tires on jeep renegade? Larger tires look cooler, provide stability, flexibility, perform well off the road and help to climb mountains. These tires provide you with more ground clearance and articulation. Well, most of the vehicles are upgradeable. You can upgrade the tires, frame, body, seats, and so on.

Can You Put Bigger Tires On Jeep Renegade

However, if you have a two-door jeep or 2 door cherokee, you cannot put the bigger tires on the jeep renegade. Because there is no space for bigger tires. Instead of it, the body is made for smaller tires. But you can add slightly larger tires. For the replacement, you need a suspension lift kit. If you do not know about the suspension, it is a system of the tire that has so many components and connects the wheels with the vehicle.

Can You Put Bigger Tires On Jeep Renegade?

Putting larger tires required suspension and more space in cargo. But you can put larger tires instead of bigger tires. For replacing the tires you need a suspension lifting kit. The suspension lifting kit will lift the vehicle 2 to 3 inches and you will be able to fit new tires. But experts recommend that the standard tires are best for jeep renegades. Because there are several disadvantages and the process is pretty expensive. It costs 300 to 1500 bucks to lift a jeep renegade.

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Once the jeep is lifted, you will have plenty of space to add new tires. The larger tires provide you with more ground clearance. If you are planning for hiking or traveling in a terrain area then larger tires can help you. Because smaller tires are not efficient to stay on the surface. Smaller tires slip a lot and misalignment causes tire cupping. These tires do not provide proper ground clearance so, there are more chances of bottoming. Also check out the difference between Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Renegade.

But bigger tires prevent the jeep from bottoming. Because these tires provide plenty of ground clearance. So, if you are on a beaten road and you are hiking, there is no chance of bottoming. As well, these are cupping resistant. The larger tires are made of hard material. They resist all the pressure effects and tire cupping and slipping. The bigger tires also run in the desert.

There are several types of suspension lifting kits. Some contain only lifting nuts bolts and suspension rims. But few of them, such as coilover suspension lifting kits, possess strong shocks. These shocks are made to bear all the pressure. They absorb all the energy abruptly and release it. The coilover suspension lifting kits provide you with a heavenly experience. The coilover suspension lifting kits take a long time for installation, approximately 10 hours.

Problems Of Putting Bigger Tires On Jeep Renegade

Fuel Mileage

The larger and heavy-weight tires disrupt the fuel average. Because the weight of the tires and suspension increase the fuel consumption. If you have replaced the shocks and upper brake lines with the suspension lifting kit, it will increase the weight of the jeep. The heavy-weight jeep will charge you more gas than ever before.

Handling Problem

Handling can be disturbed because the larger tires are hard to handle. As well as they are heavy, so it takes a little more time to turn these larger tires than standard-size tires. Cornering at speed can be risky. When you lift the vehicle you increase the height of the center point. So, when you are cornering at speed, the vehicle can roll over. As well as, the heavy and larger tires provide stability but change the alignment of the handle and steering. This means you can face difficulty turning the jeep left-right.

Size Of Tires You Can Put On Jeep Renegade

You can put a 27.2 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide tire on the jeep renegade. However, you cannot fix a 37 or 35 inches tire. Jeep renegade has less amount of space in the cargo area. You can add the tires but before you add you need to lift the vehicle.

Size Of Tires You Can Put On Jeep Renegade

To lift a vehicle for 27. 2 inches tire, you are required a 2 inches lifting kit. The 2 inches lifting kit will take your vehicle up and you will be able to add your new larger tires. Well, I recommend you to not change the tires at home. Because if you do not change the suspension, you cannot add tires. Contact a professional for suspension replacement. The suspension structure is pretty complex. You cannot deal with the suspension if you do not have the proper equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lift my jeep renegade?

Yes, you can lift your jeep renegade. You can use a Daystar jeep renegade lifting kit.

Will Jeep Wrangler wheels fit a jeep renegade?

No, the jeep wrangler wheels are bigger than the jeep renegade. The jeep renegade does not support jeep wrangler wheels because there is no space for these much larger tires.

How much is it to lift a jeep renegade?

It depends on the lifting kit brand but a general estimate is about 500 to 1000 bucks.

Concluding Remarks

You cannot put bigger tires on the jeep renegade but upgrade the tire size a little, the maximum size of tires you can use is about 27.2 inches. However, to add the large tires you need to lift the jeep renegade. There are several lifting kits but the most popular one is the suspension lifting kit. The jeep renegade lifting costs you about $500 to $1000. The lift is about 2 inches and you can add a 27.5 inches tire after the lift. The larger tires provide you stability and flexibility but they are heavy-weight so the vehicle consumes more fuel than average.

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