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2024 Q2 truck sales results show the Chevy Silverado, Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tundra and Ford Maverick as the big winners.

Quarterly sales reports give investors, truck fans and the buying public an idea of ​​how a product is doing. And for consumers, if the product doesn't do that well, it can be an opportunity to get big discounts on new trucks.

2024 Q2 truck sales results

Here are the results:

2024 Q2 Pickup Sales
Full Size Truck Sales Q2 Sales Last year Q2 sales Quarterly % Change Year to Date Last Year-to-date Year-on-year % Change
Ford F-Series 199,463 212,516 -6.1 352,406 382,893 -8
Chevy Silverado
Ram Truck 90,109 117,699 -23 179,526 223,049 -20
The GMC Sierra
Toyota Tundra 42,239 32,084 24.1 78,454 59,735 29.5
Nissan Titan 4,064 6,512 -37.6 8,209 10,550 -22.2
Midsize Truck Sales Q2 Sales Last year Q2 sales Quarterly % Change Year to Date Last Year-to-date Year-on-year % Change
Toyota Tacoma 47,879 62,902 -31.3 69,437 116,485 -67.8
Chevrolet Colorado 26,901 19,909 35.1 41,823 33,165 26.1
Nissan Frontier 20,219 17,213 17.5 39,963 34,139 17.1
Ford Ranger 13,257 12,618 5.1 15,175 24,118 -37.1
The Jeep Gladiator 10,489 13,751 -24 23,478 27,326 -14
Honda Ridgeline 7,996 14,512 -18.6 19,922 27,430 -28.3
GMC Canyon 5,484 5,016 9.3 5,484 5,016 9.3
Compact Pickup Sales Q2 Sales Last year Q2 sales Quarterly % Change Year to Date Last Year-to-date Year-on-year % Change
Ford Maverick 38,052 21,021 81.0 77,113 42,499 81.4
Hyundai Santa Cruz 9,528 10,743 -11 17,945 20,050 -10
EV Truck Sales Q2 Sales Last year Q2 sales Quarterly % Change Year to Date Last Year-to-date Year-on-year % Change
Rivian – R1T, R1S, Van 13,790 12,640 8.4 27,770 20,586 25.9
Tesla Cybertruck 9,000*
Ford Lightning 7,902 4,466 76.9 15,645 8,757 78.7
GMC Hummer EV 2,929 47 6131.9 4,597 49 9281.6
Chevrolet Silverado EV 2,169 3,257

Full size truck results

Looking at the full-size truck category, the Ford F-series of trucks (F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450) continues to dominate the way Ford Motor Co. which reports sales statistics.

However, General Motors actually sold more of the F-Series (226,121 vs 199,463) when combining Silverado and Sierra sales. Officially, GM reports those numbers separately.

Ram held on to third place despite a steep drop in sales. This is expected with the new 2025 Ram 1500 model starting to hit dealer lots. We should see some fluctuations in sales until the full release of the 2025 model including the RHO.

Next, the Toyota Tundra is posting a positive sales boost even with all the turmoil it has faced in recent weeks with a major recall affecting 2022-2023 Tundra trucks.

The Nissan Titan continues to end its production run, and dealers are releasing the last of that full-size truck. This is the last year of the truck.

Medium truck results

The midsize truck results also show that the Toyota Tacoma remains the best, albeit down by a large percentage.

Some observers may jump to the wrong conclusion suggesting that people aren't buying the new Tacoma for 2024, however like Ram truck sales numbers, Toyota has just started ramping up production of the new pickup. It is likely that Toyota will post a small loss in the 3rd quarter and a sales profit in the 4th quarter once the dealers have stock.

The Chevy Colorado moves up to overtake the Nissan Frontier for third place in sales. This is likely due to inventory levels in dealer lots now affected by last year's UAW strike and the Wentzville, Missouri, plant being in full production.

Coming in with a slight increase, the Ford Ranger also appeared in the worst first quarter (1,918 pickups sold). This is a manufacturing issue and once fixed, I would expect Ranger sales to continue to grow.

The Jeep Gladiator is showing a sharp decline in sales, and Jeep has cut production of the pickup to reduce inventory levels. It is also working on changing the plant to launch the expected hybrid model of the Gladiator 4xe plug-in.

Honda Ridgeline sales are distant, and inexplicable. I can't find anything to justify the drop in sales.

Finally, the GMC Canyon had a quarter of so.

Combined truck sales

The Ford Maverick continues to be a favorite among consumers, and Ford just can't build enough of them.

On the other hand, the more expensive Hyundai Santa Cruz did not have such a large quarter; however, it is a good seller of that kind.

Electric truck sales

With electric truck sales, it's a hot guess at actual sales. Rivian doesn't split numbers like Tesla.

The only accurate information we have comes from Ford, GMC and Chevrolet.

From the information I found online, every brand has sold decent numbers of trucks.

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