How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Jeep Wrangler?


Do you want to know how much it costs to lift a jeep wrangler? The cost depends on the lifting kit you are using and the components. There are tons of kits available in the market but all vary according to their uses and costs. If you want a general estimate then it will cost you $500 to $900 including installation. But the amount may vary according to the lifting kits brand. Because there are several kits that take a longer time to install and come along with other components such as shocks and brake lines.

Cost To Lift A Jeep Wrangler

There are many reasons to lift a jeep. It allows you to add larger tires which are helpful for steep climbing and rocky obstacles. Lifting a jeep wrangler provides stability and greater articulation. Sometimes, it is hard to control a heavy vehicle like a jeep wrangler when you are on a beaten road. In such situations, the larger tires provide you full control over the vehicle. As well as, the larger tires also appeal to other people and make your vehicle more attractive. Here is how much does It cost to tune up a jeep.

Cost To Lift A Jeep Wrangler Discussed In Detail

Types of Lift Kits and Cost Differences

The cost of lifting a jeep depends on the lifting kit you are going to use. Now, there are countless kits available in the market. For example, short arm kits, long arm kits, leaf or coil over kits, and so on. These so many options can make you suspicious about the quality of these lifting kits and their costs. Let’s see what types of lift kits are available for a jeep.

Leaf Spring Suspension

The leaf spring suspension kit consists of 4 to 6 layers of leaves. The upper layer is bigger and the others are respectively small. The estimated cost of leaf spring suspension is about $500 to $800. It includes the cost of labor, springs, and parts. The installation process alone costs $100 to $180. However, higher lift and additional components such as upper tire brake lines can increase the jeep lift kit cost.

Coil Spring Lift Kits

These kits are based on a pair of vehicle shocks and springs. The components of the coil spring store the energy and then release it which helps your vehicle to bear all the beaten roads. These coil spring kits cost $400 to $750 to lift a jeep wrangler for 2 to 4 inches including labor. However, the labor cost for the installation of these kits is about $220 to $270. It takes 4 to 6 hours for the installation of coil spring lift kits.

Long and Short Arm Kits

Long-arm kits cost 1500 to 4000 bucks. If you are changing your lower side, these kits will charge you $1500. But for the upper side, these kits provide you with the best rough road performance. For the upper side they cost you $4000, the amount may vary according to the number of components you are installing with the kits. The short-arm kits cost you about $1000 to $3500. These kits are less expensive but do not provide performance like long-arm kits. The short-arm kits do not take long to install.

Coilover Suspension Kits

Coilover suspensions are the most expensive lift kits on my list. The mid-range coilover suspension kits cost to lift a jeep wrangler 1300 to 2100 bucks. But a quality coilover suspension kit will cost you $4000 for the low end and $10000 for the high end side. You can replace upper brake lines while installing the lifting kit. These lifting kits can support up to 37 inches size wheels. These kits are amazing for off and on-the-road rides. They provide you with outstanding flexibility and inexplicable stability. Also read, how much it costs to wrap Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Body Lift VS Suspension Lift

Body Lifting

Body lift changes the setup of your jeep frame and increases the distance between the vehicle and frame. The distance is increased by adding some additional spaces with the help of body lifting kits. The kit is placed between the body and the frame. However, the body lift does not require changing the suspension but it lifts the jeep about 1 to 3 inches.

There are several body lift kits available but you cannot use all. Definitely, each of them is for a different purpose. However, if you want to add 33 inches tires, a simple 1.5 inches lift kit is the best option. A 2.5 inches kit will be good for a 35 inches tire and a 3.5 to 4 inches lifting kit is used for 37 inches tires. The size of the kit increases with the size of the wheel respectively.

The body lift is inexpensive, it will cost you about 250 to 350 bucks maximum. They are easy to change and durable. The body lift requires 2 to 3 hours and you can lift the body at home if you have enough equipment. The jeep lovers prefer body lifting because it is not required to change all the suspension setup or stock rim and the jeep is ready for climbing within a couple of hours.

Suspension Lift

For suspension lift, you are required to lift the suspension setup. If you do not have any idea what suspension is, it is a system of tire air, tire shocks, and a linkage that connects the wheels to the vehicle. The suspension allows motion of the vehicle. The suspension lifting kit includes more components than the body lifting kit.

The suspension lift is helpful for climbing and rocky surfaces. The suspension lift allows you to add larger tires such as 32, 35, and 37 inches of wheels. The larger tires contain more rubber which helps to provide you with more traction. As well as, the suspension lift provides you with a great amount of ground clearance which saves your jeep frame from bottoming.

The suspension lift kit shocks quickly absorb all the energy and release it, such as the leaf suspension lift kit. But these kits are expensive and cost $500 to $900 to lift a jeep wrangler including installation. These kits are required for 4 to 6 and sometimes 10 hours for installation because the structure of the suspension setup is quite complex.

Which One To Choose For My Jeep

Both body lifting and suspension lifting kits are useful but experts do not recommend body lifting. Because they cause an awkward space between the frame and the body of the jeep. The latest trucks come with more sensors and wiring than ever before. The components such as wiring harnesses and steering column which were designed at a proper length by the factory are stretched. However, body lifting can be useful if you have a 5 to 7 years old jeep wrangler. These trucks do not have many sensors and wiring.

Suspension lifting as compared to body lifting is better. The suspension lifting does not change the distance between the frame and the body of the jeep. It does not ruin the shape of a jeep by changing the size distance between the frame and body. A suspension lift is beneficial because it provides more clearance, articulation, and stability.

Choosing which lifting kit is best depends upon you. Both body lifting and suspension lifting have their pros and cons. But if you want a safer journey and make your vehicle look aggressive. You should go for suspension lifting. Suspension lifting is the best for climbing, on intensive rocky and not leveled surfaces. But if you want to lift a little your old truck then go for body lifting. The body lifting will allow you to add larger tires but it is not recommended to use the jeep off the road.

Basic Dos and Don’ts Of Lift Kits Use A New Kit Always

Do not compromise on the quality of the kit. Always use a new kit instead of installing an old kit. Because the old kits are not durable as the new kits. These kits can cause disturbance while you are on the road as well, they can tear apart easily. So, instead of saving money by installing a used kit, always go for a new kit from a reputable brand such as Mopar. Do not rely on the local kits, these kits cannot stand against the rocky beaten roads nor provide quality performance off the road.

Purchase A Right Kit

Before purchasing a kit, do your own research. Like if you want to lift your jeep 2 inches and you purchase a 4-inch kit, it will waste your money and precious time. So, purchase the right kit according to the tire size. For example, you cannot use a 2-inch lifting kit with a 37 inches wheel. The ideal size for a 37 inches tire is a 4 inches kit.

Go To A Professional For Installation

Never try to lift your jeep at home. Because suspension lifting kits take more than 6 to 8 hours for installation and the automobile mechanic needs the proper equipment. As well as, replacing the lifting kit is a complicated task, you cannot install it at home with a bunch of equipment. The new lifting kit will change the alignment of the handle, steering, and brake lines. A little mistake can lead you towards life danger. So, go to the professional for installation.

What Are The Benefits Of Lifting A Jeep Wrangler?

You might think, why lift your jeep? There are several reasons to lift a jeep. If you like long drives, climbing, or racing on rough roads, lifting your jeep is the best option. When you lift a jeep, it provides you stability, flexibility, and complete control over the vehicle. Let’s break down all the benefits of jeep lifting.


Fit Larger Tires

The purpose of lifting a jeep is to add larger tires. Bigger tires contain more rubber, which provides you with more traction. You know that traction is helpful for climbing. The larger tires make your ride safe when you are off the road. These tires are able to run on beaten surfaces. They not only provide you with safety but also are more durable than smaller tires. High pressure on small tires and misalignment cause tire cupping. It can also result when the tire is trying to work on the terrain surfaces. But larger tires are hard to slip and do not suffer from the cupping effects.

Ground Clearance

How does a jeep wrangler lift kit give you more clearance? Lifting a few inches allows you to add larger tires. The larger tires provide you with more ground clearance and high ground clearance enables your vehicle to travel on the not leveled surfaces. The greater ground clearance is useful for climbing, hiking or running on rocky paths. The high ground clearance saves the cosmetic damage to your jeep frame. Because it provides you with a high bottom which helps to eliminate all the chances of bottoming.


Low ground clearance and smaller tires are common and now seem ordinary. But, if you want to make your jeep look cooler, intimidating, and aggressive then lifting a few inches can help you. The reason I love jeep wranglers is that you can upgrade the vehicle and make the appearance more awesome. As well as, lifting a few inches can increase the worth of your jeep.

Does Lifting A Jeep Cause Problems?

There is nothing in the universe without drawbacks. People rush to lift their jeep wrangler because lifting the jeeps look super attractive and appealing to other people. It provides you with more clearance, stability, and flexibility. It helps you to continue your journey on the rough surface and beaten roads. But lifting a jeep causes problems.


Fuel Mileage

Some people lift the jeep but do not change the tires. But changing wheels is an essential part of the lifting process so, most of us add large and heavy tires. These heavy and larger tires make your vehicle less fuel-efficient. The heavy and larger wheels increase the weight of the vehicle. So, whenever you drive, your vehicle will consume more fuel than before. The larger tires are good for off the road but most of the time people drive on the road around the town.

High-Center of Gravity

It could be dangerous if someone is cornering at speed with a larger and heavy-weight vehicle. There are more chances of rollover if you increase the height of the center point of the vehicle. So, instead of taking corners at speed, slow down the vehicle otherwise your jeep can rollover.

Relatively Poor Handling

Drivers have reported that high vehicles are hard to handle when you are either at low or high speed. The reason why companies do not manufacture larger wheel vehicles. Because these vehicles consume more fuel, have risks of rollover and poor handling. The less stability and high center point increase the chances of the jeep rollover.

What Size Tires Can I Put On My Jeep After A Lift?

The lift kits are designed to support a particular size of tires. For example, for body lifting, you can add a 32 inches tire with a 1.5 or 2 inches lift. The same goes for the suspension lifting kits, these kits are designed for particular tire sizes. If the size of the tire is between 35 to 37 inches you can use a 2.5 or 3 inches lifting kit. For the extra larger 37 inches tire, you should go for a 3.5 to 4 inches kit.

Consideration Before Lifting Your Jeep

Well, a jeep is an off-road vehicle. If you want to improve the capabilities of your jeep then choose the right lifting kit. The lifting kit will enhance the capabilities of facing the bumpy highway, running on beaten roads, and climbing mountains. So, before you purchase a kit consider the following list

  • Jeep Model
  • Size of tire
  • Budget
  • Service Life of Lifting Kits
Consideration Before Lifting Your Jeep

Jeep Model

The suspension lift kit is more expensive than the body lifting kit. Both the suspension and the body lifting kits vary according to the model of the jeep. If you have an old model then you can go for a body lifting kit. But new jeeps possess different types of other components which are also replaced with the lifting kit. Furthermore, also consider the type of lift you need for example both suspension and body lifting kits are used for different lighting purposes.

Size Of Tire

The significant decision before you install a kit is the size of your tire. If you are going to add a 32 inches tire then you should go for a 1.5 inches lifting kit. Now it depends on you, but do not install giant tires such as 40 inches tires or 45 inches tires. They are hard to manage while turning the jeep and cause disturbance when cornering at speed. However, for adding a 35 inches tire, you install a 2.5 to 3 inches lifting kit.


The budget could be 300 dollars to 15000 dollars, but it depends on the brand of lifting kit and type of lifting. Suspension lifting kits may cost you about 400 to 850 bucks. These kits take longer and are hard to install. The structure of the suspension is also complicated. So, opening and closing alone take 2 hours.

However, body lifting kits are inexpensive, do not take long to install, and are pretty durable. These kits including installation will cost you about 350 bucks maximum. No matter which kit you plan to install, both of these kits are different and used for various purposes.

Service Life of Lifting Kits

Well, we cannot estimate the exact amount of the years but a rough estimate is about 12 years. A few lifting kits last more than 15v years. However, it depends on the lifting kit you are using. If you take proper care of the jeep, then there are more chances that the kit lasts about 15 years. A quality suspension lifting kit has more service life than a body lifting kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brands of lift kits are most popular for jeep lift kits?

There are several brands for the jeep lifting kits such as Teraflex 2.5 suitable for 35 inches tire, Skyjacker 4 suitable for 37 inches tire, Roughcountry 2.5 which is useful for 33 inches tall tires and Daystar suspension lifting kit provides 1.5 inches lift.

Is it worth lifting a Jeep Wrangler?

Yes, lifting the jeep allows you to add larger tires. The larger tires are capable of bearing all the rocky path shocks and preventing your jeep from bottoming. As well as, lifting the jeep provides stability and flexibility.

What’s a good size lift for a Jeep Wrangler?

You can lift the jeep between 1.5 to 4 inches. However, it depends on your use, if the path is too beaten then go for 3.5 to 4 inches. Otherwise, 1.5 to 2.5 inches of lift is ideal.

Do lift kits affect driving?

Yes, the lift kits affect driving because if you are higher, there are more chances of rough driving. Cornering at speed is pretty hard with larger tires. The vehicle may roll over because of the pressure on the sides.

How can I make my lifted truck go smoother?

To solve this problem, you can use reservoir shocks. These shocks are pretty good at absorbing and releasing pressure. But for the best results, go for coilover shocks.


Lifting the jeep wrangler will save it from bottoming and tire cupping while the jeep is off the road. It provides more power to the jeep for climbing mountains. The lifting cost varies according to the brand of the lifting kits but a rough estimate is about 500 to 900 bucks to lift a jeep wrangler. There are two ways to lift a jeep, the body lift, and the suspension lift. A body lift can ruin the shape of your jeep but suspension lifting can lift your jeep 4 inches. The decision is up to you but a suspension lift is better than a body lift.

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