How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Jeep Grand Cherokee

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Are you looking for unique ways to make your jeep grand Cherokee look new or want to customize it because it feels a bit turned off with its pale exterior? To achieve the desired finish, painting requires skilled hands in addition to the lengthy procedure, which may drive up the cost to an amount that is nearly beyond the means of many of us. For this reason, vinyl wrap is a drifting idea. It gives you the desired look in a budget-friendly amount.

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Jeep Grand Cherokee

However, if you are new to this technique, you might ask: what is the cost to wrap a jeep grand Cherokee? Get ready to set your beast on fire with the spicy looks of your Grand Cherokee and chase down to know the cost of your statement wrapping of Grand Cherokee.

Cost to Wrap a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Cost to Wrap a Jeep Grand Cherokee

What are Vinyl Wraps?

These are sticky sheets you can apply to any vehicle to create a better look than paints. If you desire to change the color without disturbing your budget, then the vinyl wrap is a suitable pick.  These wraps come up with various colors and designs to provide maximum customization. Also, these sheets save you money and protect your car from any environmental damage and maintain its brand-new look.

Furthermore, these sheets are easy to manage as anyone with some wrapping experience can apply them to the car. But to achieve a finished and refined look, consult a professional service.

Cost of Wraps

The price of wrapping a car usually varies from $500 to $5000 depending upon its complexity, color, and type. Also, the price varies based on the wrapping type as well as the installation method. DIY projects cost you less as compared to professional vinyl wrap. A professional vinyl type usually costs $5000, including work time and material almost the same if you do a wrap on Jeep Wrangler.

The price of wrapping a jeep also depends on the section you choose to cover. For example, if you go for wrapping the hood, you can expect to pay less than $150. This costs you less but can change the look of your car entirely. However, if you want to achieve a brand new look, try a complete modification by using the vinyl wrap. You can check the cost of tuning up your Jeep over here.

  • DIY Wrapping Option

Installation of vinyl wrap is a very complicated and time-consuming decision if you want to do a DIY project. The process is like applying a large sticker on a vehicle that needs a clear custom look. This is the total cost you have to bear in a DIY project, far less than professional assistance, as you just have to buy material.

Cost of Wraps

  • Professional Wrapping Option

Wrapping your jeep without previous wrapping experience can waste your money and energy. Here professional services come in. These services cost you between $2500-$5000, which is higher than the previous one but worth your money. Because an experienced team gives your car a brand new look without running any part as you can do in DIY.

If you want to choose a suitable installation method, analyze your wrapping skills first. If you have any doubt, consider a wrapping service to avoid mishaps.

Is It Possible to Wrap Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Jeep Grand Cherokee could be wrapped the same way as other cars. It is very realistic to wrap up your vehicle to give it a rough and rugged appearance on the road. Other than this, it also provides materialistic benefits by saving costs. In fact, there are so many cool ideas available on the internet for your jeep that cost you within your budget. Your Cherokee will look like a whole new vehicle after getting a wrap.

You may choose from over 200 different finishes and colors for these wrap films! These wrapping films can be used by both expert vinyl vehicle wrappers and amateur DIY car lovers to make spectacular bespoke automobiles, and now you can too!

Benefits of Wrapping Jeep Grand Cherokee

You can use vehicle wraps for different customization purposes. Wrap-on Jeep Grand Cherokee will provide you complete protection from harsh weather conditions it encounters on road. It provides a completely new look to the vehicle. If you are thinking of wrapping it entirely or partially, you should know vinyl sheets come up with different designs that can give your Grand Cherokee a distinctive look. You also have other ways to go if you want to completely customize your jeep by using your creativity. These sheets are easy to handle or do professionally with high-quality vinyl.

Also, wrapping your jeep with vinyl will also be a great way to protect your paint job. A vehicle wrap will completely cover up all the faded paint on your Jeep Grand Cherokee. The whole wrapping process is temporary, and you can remove it anytime and exchange it with other wrapping designs and customization options. Among all such benefits, using vinyl wrap on your jeep saves you a lot of money, and you get a new-looking car without stopping out of your budget.

Types of Wrap

For your jeep, you can choose from three different types of wraps based on your budget and the finish you want.

Types of Wrap

1. Glossy Wrap

This type of wrapping gives you a vibe of paint because of its glossy finish. Shiny wrapping is the most suitable pick for you if you are into classic and original things.

2. Matte Wrap

As its name describes, it gives your car a matte finish. This is opposite to the previous type. If you are a person who likes to stand out in every situation, then this matte wrap finish makes your car unique and stylish.

3. Satin Wrap

This type of wrapping has a finish between matte and glossy wrap. It shines, but you can’t see your reflection. If you are a person who finds it tough to choose between black and white, then this is like gray for you. It gives your car a classic glossy yet unique matte finish.

Pros and Cons of Wrapping a Grand Cherokee

Getting a Jeep Cherokee wrap has both pros and cons. Here are a few


  • One of the main benefits of getting a wrapping is that it can be customized to your vehicle according to your requirements. You can achieve precisely what you want, including the style, color, and design.
  • A wrap is a fantastic method to safeguard your paint job.
  • A fading paint job can be concealed by a vehicle wrap.
  • It is only temporary and may be taken away at any time without leaving any marks.


  • Cost and transportation are two main cons of getting a wrap. The average cost of one of these wraps is $5,000, but this can easily increase depending on where you live and who you consider hiring to do the work.
  • Installation can be time-consuming and challenging.
  • The wrapping might not be as durable as paint.


How long will a jeep Cherokee wrap last?

It depends majorly on the quality of wraps and the way it is taken care of. The quality usually wraps last for five to six years, while cheaper ones for only one or two. Driving habits also influence wrap life. For example, even quality wrap will no longer survive if you drive in the mountains and off roads. It will last longer if you move your jeep on Sunday drives and with proper care.

What is the best material for car wrap?

The best material for car wrap is vinyl. It is made up of durable material PVC that provides ultraviolet resistance. It is a user-friendly wrap and provides resistance to the jeep surface even if you are driving in snow or rain. It comes in different colors. Its flexible nature makes its installation easier around the curves.

Can I wrap my jeep Grand Cherokee myself?

Yes, you can wrap it yourself, but it is a very time-consuming process. You need to be patient and follow minor details for the wrap installation on the jeep Grand Cherokee. You need a squeegee, a heat gun, and a knife in order to wrap your vehicle. You will also need to design and measure the wrap to place it technically. If you don’t have any experience with wraps previously, then it would be better to leave it to professionals.

The Verdict

Vinyl wraps are trending these days and are not as expensive as they used to be. You can easily get a part of the jeep wrapped in $150 to achieve a new look. But you can get a brand new car wrap by spending $500 to $5000; the cost depends on whether you choose DIY or professional assistance.

Also, it is much more customizable and cheap as compared to paints. In this case, if you want to get your Jeep Grand Cherokee wrapped, it will both protect you from the elements and create a statement as you roll through your neighborhood. If you change your mind and want a different color, wraps are readily removable or replaceable afterward. Moreover, wrapping demands a great time and effort, making it an expensive process. Therefore, to stay on the safer side, get it through expert hands.

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