Dealers say no to using a Toyota Tundra trade-in because of the recall

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This news has spread to car owners who were frustrated and told that no if they sell their used Toyota Tundra because of the engine restoration. The sellers say thank you, but no thank you.

This is all related to a mechanical waste recall affecting 100k+ Tundra and Lexus LX600 vehicles.

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Dealers reject Toyota Tundra trade-ins

Owners are starting to catch on to this trend and are reporting problems on Facebook groups, popular forums like, and in our inbox.

Joe Pichette emailed us saying that he is done with the Tundra after many attempts to deal with the bed knocking problem and after many recalls. Wanted to trade truck for 2024 GMC AT4X.

His local dealer, Castle Automotive Group in McHenry, Illinois, said thanks, but no thanks for writing in an email exchange.

“Unfortunately, that's not something we want to buy right now. There have been a few owners on Carfax but most importantly, there are two serious recalls that have yet to be resolved,” said Jonathan Speaker, the dealer's product ambassador in an email shared with him from Pichette.

Another owner, Jesus Varelas, answered my question on Facebook and said, “Yes I was offered 50k but I was trying to get more so they were trying to sell to other sellers. Then they were informed about being sent back and they decided they didn't want it after all.” forum member PaulPhilly had the same problem with the seller and responded to my request for information on the matter.

“I called the Toyota dealer late last week and spoke to GM about a used '20 Land Cruiser. God as my witness, his response was 'I'm not interested in buying your Tundra.' He recommended that I try Carmax, Carvana, and Private Auction. I said I would lose the business tax credit that way. But, he did not move and stood firm. He had absolutely no interest in my '24 Pro built on 3/24. I suspect this trend will get worse in the coming days/weeks Tim. “

It's worth noting that the 2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is not part of the safety recall because it only affects trucks with a gasoline engine. iForce Max hybrid engines do not lose full power when the engine is idling allowing them to use battery power to maintain “motive force” at the same time.

There is growing concern among owners that hybrids will eventually be included in the recall.

Many owners said they were able to trade in their trucks before the recall was announced.

Why don't sellers want them?

The simple answer is that they don't want to live in them for months as no fix has been announced.

Dealers are required by law to address all open recalls on pre-owned vehicles before selling them.

This means that sellers who take Tundras to trade in must sell them to another business that is interested in importing them. And if that doesn't work, they will have to stay in it until the restoration work is done.

Owners can sell trucks privately if they can find a potential buyer. With the Carfax reports showing the recall and the Internet, that seems like a long haul.

An important point

Unfortunately, these 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra owners are in trouble. They can't get rid of them, and they don't know what a fix might entail.

And they're left wondering how the recall will affect their resale value.

Finally, and probably the most worrying part, they don't know when, or where their truck could end up in a tow truck with a bad engine.

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