Ford's Crazy New Truck Will Race To The Clouds

SuperTruck Still 1

Ford Performance is set to navigate the challenging terrain of Pikes Peak with the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck with Romain Dumas behind the wheel. This will be Ford's second straight EV-powered entry, with last year's 1,400-hp E-Transit SuperVan setting an impressive class record.

Preparing for Ascension Work

The Ford Performance team is improving the mileage and power output of their Ford F-150 Lightning standard electric pickup truck for a 12.5-mile range. The company gave us a glimpse of the changes today, but will promise more details “later”. The 102nd Pikes Peak International Hill Climb takes place on June 23, and qualifying starts on June 18, so we won't have to wait long to see more.

A laboratory on wheels

The harsh conditions of Pikes Peak provide a unique opportunity for Ford to test and develop components for various electric vehicles. This includes motors, inverters, and battery packs. The data collected will be useful in improving the calibration software and chemistry of battery cells in Ford's production vehicles.

By returning to Pikes Peak, Ford Performance says it aims to accelerate the evolution of electric vehicle technology, ensuring that future models will benefit from the rigorous testing and development carried out on “America's Mountain.”

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