How Long Does a Jeep Liberty Last | All You Need to Know

How Long Does a Jeep Liberty Last

Although the ten years of the Jeep Liberty saw some ups and downs, many drivers invested in them. There are mixed opinions about this Jeep model. Some people absolutely love it for its service life, while others are skeptical of the mileage it offers. So, the question is, how long does a Jeep Liberty last?

How Long Does a Jeep Liberty Last

Well, it all comes down to the model you are using and its condition. The relaunched variants are certainly better than its original base model. To answer all your queries regarding its life, engine capacity, and mileage, follow this detailed guide. I have also shared some tips to extend its mileage and service life.

History of Jeep Liberty

Jeep Liberty was launched back in 2002, partly to replace the Grand Jeep Cherokee. The highlight of this variant was its independent suspension fork and pinion steering efficiency, which was the reason for improving its efficiency. However, it didn’t prove quite successful in the market because of the power failure and uncomfortable interior.

Once again, in 2008, it was relaunched with new improvements and immediately became popular. It gained much popularity for its off-roading performance and towing ability.

History of Jeep Liberty

However, one problem that remained consistent was that of the high fuel consumption. After some time, this immediately dropped the sales and resulted in the company discontinuing the model.

Is the Jeep Liberty Reliable?

Well, there is no simple answer to this. Although on one side, it was criticized for its fuel consumption and engine failure, some people really liked it for its off-roading capabilities on the other side. However, up until 2006, it was considered the worst model coming from the company.

Although the variants between 2009 and 2012 were quite impressive for the wheels and motor. Overall, the fact that it offered better mileage and an above-average lifespan helps it maintain the company’s image for some time.

Is the Jeep Liberty Reliable

Yet, there were some issues, among which the engine heat ups and fuel consumption were at the top. This was the time when NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) came up with their tests and found the faulty airbag and gas tank issues.

It also posed some questions regarding the engine fuel consumption and shock absorption properties. Hence, soon enough, the sales went down, and the company announced the discontinuation of any variant of the Jeep Liberty.

How Long Does a Jeep Liberty Last?

Well, there are a number of factors that determine the life of this vehicle, including its condition and maintenance. On average, the best Jeep Liberty can cover a distance between 200000 and 400000 in a lifetime. This simply means a Liberty that is taken proper care of can last you for around 15 years.

How to Make a Jeep Liberty Last Longer | Useful Tips and Tricks

Jeep Liberty can face a lot of common problems, including burning oil, AC leaks, belt failure, suspension faults, and improper valve springs. All these features can eventually damage it and can cut its life. Here are some useful tips that can help drivers prolong the life of their Jeep Liberty.

How to Make a Jeep Liberty Last Longer

Proper Maintenance

The first and foremost significant thing you must do to prolong the life of your vehicle is maintain it properly. For this, you need to have frequent oil changes, tire rotations, and basic tuneups. This can be done by going to a local workshop after every 20 to 40,000 miles.

Use the Right Oil

It is equally important to use the oil that is mentioned in the manual and recommended by the company. You also need to look into the grade of the oil. Also, it may be a bit expensive, this will help you in preventing any oil burning issues and potential accidents.

Frequent Oil Changes

Using the right oil is one thing, and changing it frequently is the other. Changing the oil is equally significant as it helps filter out the contaminants and increases the mileage. The regular interval you should have between each oil change must be between 7500 and 10,000 miles.

Warm Up the Engine

If you live somewhere where it gets really cold, always warm up your engine before driving. This can help you in keeping the engine working for a long time. Similarly, it is important to cool it down after a long drive or if you feel like it is hotter than usual.

Regular Vehicle Inspection

Similarly, it is equally important to have your vehicle checked up after every now and then. This is specifically significant for the Jeep Liberty model, as it is not quite impressive when it comes to material quality and cost.

Hence, make sure to look for any wear and tears in your vehicle. If it needs any repairs, go for them, or else it will be a problem in the longer run.

Check Fluid Levels and Belt

Last but not least, fluid level plays a vital role in keeping the brakes working and maintaining the brake transmission. So, make sure to always check whether all the fluid tanks are properly filled. There is no need to go to the workshop or technician for this job.

Likewise, always check whether the belt is in good condition. This is because Jeep Liberty belts tend to get weary in a little time. To check this, look for the signs of any cracks or wear marks. If there are any, replace it along with the tensioner.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Jeep Liberty is by far the most confused model from the company. This is because it was launched two times in one decade and had always been criticized for its engine performance and material cost. Along with this, the NHTSA testing proved quite bad for the reputation of the model.

That being said, the relaunched version has been a great success when it comes to mileage and service life of the vehicle. Finally, I hope after reading this article, you will know what the average running time of the Jeep Liberty is.

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