How Much Do Jeep Hard Tops Weigh?

How Much Do Jeep Hard Tops Weigh

Jeeps are the most customizable vehicles that allow you to make them exactly what you want. You can add or remove the top and doors. Furthermore, the top has two types: hard top and soft top. Due to this option, the question arises how much do jeep hard tops weigh, as this is a crucial factor in picking a suitable top for your Jeep. 

How Much Do Jeep Hard Tops Weigh

To provide a satisfactory answer, in this article, I will cover everything you need to know about the weight of a hard top and how you can choose one for you. Also, you will learn about the amazing features of the hard top that make it the best pick for your Jeep. Furthermore, if it is challenging to choose between these two options, I have the best solution for this problem. So without any delay, let’s get into it. 

How Much Does A Jeep Wrangler Roof Weight?

The weight of the hard top of the Jeep depends on two factors: the number of pieces it has and the model of your Jeep, as each Jeep requires a different hard top. However, the weight lies between 90lbs to 150lbs. Let’s find out the weight based on these factors. 

1. Three Piece Design

If the hard top has three pieces, then the collection of the weight of each piece will be the answer. Generally, the weight of two small pieces, which are front of the passenger and driver, lies between 10-15, while the top piece is quite heavy and determines the size and weight of the whole top. Its weight varies from 90 to 120lbs. This is an estimation, but adding other things for customization adds more weight. 

How Much Does A Jeep Wrangler Roof Weight

2. Weight by Model and Size

Each Jeep model from 1947 to 2007 underwent many changes, which means the hard top size and design vary, ultimately making a difference in weight. Here is a list of the hard top’s weight based on the model. 

  • 2007 – 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited has a 4-Door hard top, and its weight can go up to 140lbs.
  • 2018 – 2022 Jeep Wrangler has a 2-door JL hard top, and its weight can go up to 110lbs.
  • 2014 – 2022 Jeep Renegade has a 4-door hard top, and its weight can go up to 115lbs.
  • 2020 Jeep Gladiator hard top and its weight can go up to 110lbs.
  • 1986 Jeep Comanche hard top and its weight can go upto 150 lbs.
  • 1974 Jeep Cherokee hard tops and their weight can go up to 150lbs.

Which is Best: a Hard Top Compared to a Soft Top

Although the weight of a hard top is more than a soft top, why do people still prefer it? Here is a side-to-side comparison so you can choose one according to your needs and enjoy it best. 

a Hard Top Compared to a Soft Top

1. Safety 

How much do jeep hardtops weigh? The hardtop of a jeep is quite heavy and made of solid material, providing extra protection on an off road adventure. Also, in case of a crash or rolling of Jeep, the hard top works best and offers additional safety. In contrast, the soft top can be made of polyethylene, fabric, or any plastic material with zero accident protection. 

Moreover, the hard top also protects from thieves as you can completely lock your vehicle. When it comes to the soft top, anyone can tear it with the help of a knife, which makes it prone to such people. You cannot keep expensive things in your Jeep with a soft top. Therefore, people prefer hard tops more often than soft tops. 

2. Durability 

Hard tops are stronger and can easily bear accidents, weather, and demanding conditions. This feature increases the lifespan of a hard top. On the other side, the material of soft tops is fragile, including fabric, plastic, etc., which makes them degradable, and frequent removal results in quick malfunctioning. So, in terms of durability, a hard top works best. Also checkout, Jeep hardtop storage ideas.

3. Insulation

With a hard top, you get proper insulation from heat and cold because the complete covering locks the heat inside the Jeep. In hot weather, you feel cool in a Jeep and warm in winter. In contrast, the soft top is just a fabric or plastic sheet that cannot help you in any weather. 

4. Installation/ Removal 

Here the soft top is better because of its lightweight. A single person can install and remove it in no time. The hard top weighs between 100-150lbs and requires the help of tools and another person, which is quite tricky. So if you are a person who likes to go for a ride without a top and compromise on safety, then a soft top can work best for you.

5. Cost 

Hard tops come with a high price tag because of the use of material. In contrast, you can buy a soft top for a few dollars. This is the apparent cost you see, but if we compare the money, you must spend overtime. The hard top is a one-time investment, while the soft top requires frequent replacement. So if you are good to go with a one-time high investment and additional features mentioned earlier, you need a hard top.

6. Soundproof

Due to the strong material, the hard top is more soundproof than the soft top. In comparison, the soft top has thin material, cannot stand sound, and provides almost no sound protection. So, choose a hard top if you like to play music in your Jeep and avoid other disturbing factors. 

The Process: Jeep Hard Top Conversions 

If you are stuck and unable to decide on one top for your Jeep, leave it because you can easily replace the hard top with a soft top without doing much based on your mood. However, to fasten the process, you can ask your friend or family member for assistance. Mostly hard tops have a quick-release system that takes a few seconds to remove the top. If your top does not have this feature, you can use tools like a wrench, driver, etc., which takes a few minutes. 

To remove the top, follow this process:

  • Start with small pieces, i.e., passenger and driver pieces. For this, sit on the seat and unscrew the latches one by one. Each piece has three laches that you can easily remove with the help of a wrench. It takes a few minutes with the right tool. 
  • Next, remove the top piece of the hard top. It often takes a bit longer as there are two Torx at the back, two near the seat, and three under the back window. In the case of the quick release feature, you can take them out with your hands. However, in the absence of it, you can use a wrench. 
  • After removing all Torx, disconnect the electrical connection for the backlights. Unplug them, and you are done.
  • Now, it’s time to pull it off, take the help of a friend and gently hold it from the sides and then remove it. You can do it by yourself, but the aid of another person makes it convenient. 
  • If you want to keep the top and remove the front panels only, you can do it and keep them at the back of your Jeep. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 4 door hard top weigh?

The hard top of the four-door Jeep model weighs up to 115lbs, which can vary depending upon design, manufacturing year of the jeep model, and size of your Jeep. After customization, a 4-door hard top can weigh about 150lbs.

Can you remove a Jeep hard top by yourself?

You can easily remove a jeep hard top by yourself if it has a quick-release system. Otherwise, you need drivers, a wrench, T40 Torx bit to remove the bolt from the panels. Moreover, it would help if you also had a friend to carry around the Jeep hard top as it weighs between 90lbs to 150lbs.

How long does it take to take the Jeep top off?

Removing a jeep hard top can be time-taking as you have to remove all bolts and connectors, electrical connections, and tubing attached to it. Moreover, you need to follow the manual instructions to remove panels in specified order to avoid damaging them.

Can you put a hard top on a soft top jeep? 

Yes, you can conveniently put a hard top on a soft top jeep, but all you need to get the hard top of a size specified for your Jeep. But don’t forget to remove the soft top before installing a hard top, to save the original soft top from damage.

The Bottom Line – Jeep Hardtops Weight

You can pick between a hard and soft top based on your requirements. However, no doubt having a high top comes with more benefits. How much does a hard top jeep wrangler weigh? You can get one with a weight between 100-150lbs, which is not extra heavy as a single person can easily carry it. 

Furthermore, it has three pieces, so you don’t have to hold total weight at a time. Now look at the features, the conversion process, and the weight, and pick the one that works best for you. If you find this step, you can own both and switch them according to the situation within a few minutes. So think and get one for yourself.

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