How to Safely Store Your Rig in the Off-Season


How To Safely Store Your Rig In The Downtime | GRID Off-Road

When winter comes, you'll need to store your off-roader for the season. Cold conditions bring snow, ice, sleet and other undesirable conditions. You'll need to take proper care of your machine to make sure it's ready for the warm days of spring.

With that in mind, here are six tips to keep your device safe while you're away.

1. Get Storage

The first step is to find a place to store your off-roader. The best option for any car is to lock it in storage. In particular, you will get a climate control to take care of the condition of your machine. These accessories are also suitable in summer when humidity can rise and damage your car. Use your garage at home if storage spaces are not available, or use a car cover to keep your off-roader outside. Keep your rig on concrete or asphalt because dirt or rocks can interfere with your rig.

GRID GD12 JEEP JL GLOSS BLACK 82. Check the Fluid

Once you've decided on your storage, make sure your rig's fluids are full. This includes your oil, gas, brake fluid and transmission fluid. If you plan to keep your car for a month or more, top off the fluid before locking it up to make sure it's ready when you return. Changing your oil before storing it is wise, or you risk corrosion. Make sure the oil is fresh and amber in color – old oil is dark brown.

Usually, fuel starts to oxidize and evaporate after a few months, but you can improve its shelf life by using fuel stabilizers. They will add two years to your gas life and prevent old fuel from leaving unwanted clogs.

3. Strengthen Your Garage

The garage is one of the safest places to store a handle when you're away, but the door can suffer wear and tear over time. For example, it can weaken and compromise its defense capabilities. Before the cold weather arrives, you'll want to make sure the garage can protect your machine. When learning about insulation, you'll want to look at the R-value. This feature tells you how much resistance the garage door has to heat flow. The required R-value depends on your area because winters are not the same across the country, but you should aim for an R-value of at least 10 to stay cool.

GRID GF4 Toyota Tacoma Butler WBW 4GRID GF4 Toyota Tacoma Butler WBW 44. Check Tire Pressure

The transition to cold weather can take a toll on your off-roader, especially the tires. A sudden drop in temperature causes your pounds per square inch (psi) to drop. In fact, your psi can drop 1 pound for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit the temperature drops. Before storing your equipment, inflate the tires to the manufacturer's recommendations.

When in doubt, overinflate your tires. When in doubt, overinflate your tires. The psi will decrease over time, so overdoing it a bit is wise. The last thing you want to see on your upgraded off-road tires are flat surfaces, which often happen in the winter. Flat spotting is at its worst in early fall and spring because temperatures fluctuate the most.

5. Charge the Battery

Winter can take a toll on your battery. It is common to crank the engine to find a dead battery. Before you store your device, it is wise to charge your car battery and check the level when you are ready to take it out again. Maintenance is even more important if you have an electric truck, considering how important the battery is to the vehicle's performance. You'll want to visit your rig every few weeks and crank the engine if you're storing it. This will ensure that everything is working properly. Another option you have is to completely remove the battery. It should have a full charge before disconnecting. You can also leave the battery intact and plug it into a trickle charger, giving it enough power to last the winter.

Grid GD1 Graphite with Yellow Insert Nick Cannon Jeep Wrangler 13Grid GD1 Graphite with Yellow Insert Nick Cannon Jeep Wrangler 136. Protect Thieves

Weather threatens your big machine, but you'll also want to watch out for theft. Despite the cold weather, thieves will find an excuse to break into your garage, driveway or storage area. They can break into your off-roader and try to steal items or the entire vehicle. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect your device.

Many anti-theft devices are on the market to protect any off-road vehicle. For example, you can install a steering wheel lock to keep thieves from moving more than a few inches. Also, install a GPS tracker or air tags to locate your device if someone steals it.

Protecting Your Big Rig in the Off-season

Car maintenance should be a priority year-round, but it's especially important in the off-season. Cold weather can take a toll on your machine, so use these six tips to make sure it's ready come spring.

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