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The Ineos Grenadier faces a difficult case 1,300 meters underground at the K+S potash plant in Zielitz, Germany. The mine's salt-rich environment places significant demands on any vehicle operating within it, making it well suited to testing the Grenadier's durability and strength.

The K+S plant covers more than 23 square miles and produces about 45,000 tons of raw salt each day. Despite needing to withstand these conditions, the Grenadier is left with its usual protection against corrosion, while the chassis receives complete electrocoating, wax sealing in the holes, and powder coating on the outside. The car is also protected by a strong underbody guard, front and rear guards, and fuel tank guards.

“Extreme test conditions are not new to Grenadier as we really use them during development,” explains Lynn Calder, CEO at Ineos Automotive, “but it's great to work with our partners around the world to show how capable this 4× I-4 is on-road, off-road and now it's underground.”

During the development of the Grenadier, Ineos put the vehicle through more than a million miles of testing under extreme conditions, from temperatures as low as -35°C to altitudes of over 2,500m, and including tackling Austria's infamous Schöckl mountain.

The core of the Grenadier is a full box ladder frame chassis with heavy-duty solid beam axles, a two-speed transfer case, and up to three locking differentials. It is available with a BMW 3.0-litre turbo-charged inline six-cylinder petrol or diesel engine, specially designed for the Ineos car.

The Grenadier Utility Wagon used in Zielitz is combined with the Station Wagon, and the newly introduced. Commercial van and Quartermaster pickup and chassis cab models.

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