Is Jeep GM? – Detailed Guide

Is Jeep GM

You might have heard a lot about Jeeps but might be unaware of the brand that owns them. Jeep itself is a brand, but it operates under a parent company that owns many automobile corporations around the globe. You can refer to the article below to dig deep into the details. The information below will add to your knowledge about these off-roading vehicles. You can learn about the recent owners and where different models are manufactured.

Is Jeep GM?

Is Jeep GM

Who Owns Jeep Today?

Do you ever wonder who makes or owns Jeep? Well, I will be discussing the manufacturers later in the article. Jeep is an American automobile company that falls under the parent company named FCA. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, or FCA, is a separate umbrella that owns brands, including Jeep. It is considered to be the largest automobile maker in Italy and America.

Many reputed brands, including Fiat, Chrysler, Maserati, and Dodge, fall under this big giant. However, FCA did not own Jeep from the beginning. This giant automobile maker has been the owner of Jeep since 2014. It happened after the company completely owned Fiat and Chrysler and merged to have 100% ownership of Jeep.

Who Manufactures Jeep?

Jeep is manufactured by FCA or Fiat Chrysler Automobile. A wide range of vehicles is manufactured under this parent company. You might not know, but it manufactures family-style cars, SUVs, and off-roading vehicles under different branches. Jeeps are used for off-roading adventures and are manufactured by the biggest automobile manufacturer in Italian America.

The company makes everything, from spare parts to structures and wheels. You get a comfortable ride even on the bumpy road. This is considered a wheelhouse that ensures a great riding experience when driving on uneven paths on the weekends. You can either go with your friends or your family without compromising on comfort.

Jeep Owners Before FCA

As mentioned, Jeeps are used for off-roading nowadays. Back in the 20th century, they were considered military cars that most people didn’t use. Willy Overland owned the Jeep brand in the 1940s but did not name it. After owning the company for almost ten years, the name “Jeep” was decided. Soon after the official name was given to these military vehicles, the ownership was changed.

Henry J. Kaiser took over the complete ownership of Jeep in 1953. He paid almost 60 million dollars to purchase Willys Motors and changed the name to Kaiser-Jeep Corporation. The process took almost ten years, but it was successful in the end. Later in the 1970s, this corporation was bought by American Motor Corporation for almost 75 million dollars. Hence this proves that several companies have owned Jeep in the past century.

Is Jeep A General Motor Vehicle?

It might be clear at this point that General Motors have never owned Jeep in all these years. Although multiple corporations owned it, GM was never a part of them. In the late 90s, Chrysler bought Jeep after it took over American Motor Corporation. It merged with Daimler and had ownership for eight long years. Hence Jeep was never a GM product back in the 90s as well.

Which Jeeps Are Manufactured In Italy?

Not all the models of Jeep are manufactured in the United States of America. Some models, including Fiat 500X and Renegade, are manufactured in Melfi, Italy. These models are somehow related to each other, which is why they are manufactured in the same place in Italy. However, they look completely different when it comes to the shape of the vehicles.

Different models of this off-roading vehicle are made and assembled at different locations nationwide. Jeep Wrangler is manufactured in Toledo in the Assembly Complex; around 7000 workers do this job. The manufacturing plants of these models bring great economic benefits to the people and the surrounding area.

Does Dodge own Jeep?

No, the Jeep is not owned by Dodge. Fiat Chrysler Automobile, or FCA, is a Jeep and Dodge parent company that owns it. This is also a separate unit working under FCA for manufacturing SUV-style vehicles. Hence Dodge does not own Jeep and lies under the same umbrella as other automobile brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chrysler A GM?

No, Chrysler is not a product of General Motors. It is a separate company owned by the parent company named Fiat Chrysler Automobile. Chrysler focuses on manufacturing comfortable family cars mostly used in the cities. These fall under the same umbrella as Jeep, Dodge, and RAM.

Who makes Jeeps?

Jeeps have been manufactured by Fiat Chrysler Automobile since 2014. Some models are manufactured in the United States of America, while others are manufactured in Melfi, Italy. The manufacturing plants are located in different parts of the country and have great economic benefits.

Why is it called a Jeep?

Before the name Jeep was decided, these vehicles were considered military vehicles only. Some people link it with that and think the “General Purpose” abbreviation was the reason behind the name. At the same time, others think that the name came from a popular character.

Is Jeep a premium brand?

Yes, Jeep is considered a premium brand by most users. They think that this vehicle holds an emotional value for most customers. Moreover, the brand is considering targeting a mass audience, making it available to everyone.


A brief article on Jeeps is given to increase your knowledge of these off-roading vehicles. You now know who owns the brand and how it came into being. Jeep is owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles currently. It is not a GM product owned by one of the biggest automobile makers in Italian America. I hope the article has answered most of your queries related to Jeeps.

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