A Complete Guide To Jeep Axle Identification

Jeep Axle Identification

Are you struggling to find the right axle for your jeep? Major reasons people like jeeps are they look cool and provide high ground clearance. Axles play an important role in the stability of the jeep. They rotate the wheels and support maximum support to the weight of your jeep. In simple words, they provide you with balance and help to turn the vehicle. Now you can imagine how important axles are for the jeep. If you install the wrong axles, they will not function accurately as well as can endanger your life.

Jeep Axle Identification

Let’s suppose you change the wrong jeep’s axle before you go on a family trip. If the axles do not work properly, the jeep can roll over and have a tough time while turning. Maybe you are having trouble choosing the right axles for your jeep. Choosing the right axle is difficult if you do not have any previous axle upgrading experience. But here I will guide you briefly, “how can you find the right axles for your jeep?” So, do not take any life risks, read all the instructions carefully.

How To Identify Your Jeep Axle?

Jeep axle identification is not a hard task. Basically, the sizes of axles vary according to the vehicle model. You cannot use an AMC 20 axle in your XJ or ZJ. Because every jeep has a different size, stability statistics, wheel size, and lifting kit. If you try to adjust the wrong axle, you may fall into trouble. Wrong axles can work but they are unable to provide you good results. Before something terrible happens to your jeep, change the wrong axles. Well, do not worry it is not a time taking task. Let’s find out how to identify the right axle for your jeep.

How To Find Your Jeep’s VIN

You can find out the axle type by decoding the Jeep’s VIN. VIN is a vehicle identification number. Well, the number possesses so much secret information about your vehicle. It will guide you about the model, features, specifications, and manufacturer information. VIN is always required for purchasing new parts for the vehicle. It saves you from scams and guides you whether the vehicle is old or new. However, there could be the same vehicle identification number on two or more jeeps.

How To Find Your Jeep’s VIN

You can find a VIN between the driver and passenger side door. There will be a label imprinted with a bunch of numbers and dates. The second easiest way to find the VIN is on a pillar. Maybe these numbers are not appropriately visible so there is another save spot. So, VIN is also imprinted on the jeep’s firewall. Well, you can see it on the registration papers and in your maintenance record.

The question arises why you need a VIN, all the jeep information for just replacing the axles. The reason is that when you decode VIN, it tells you all the stuff like your steering model, wheel size, lifting kit, or axle number. Decode the VIN and you will find the right axle number or size.

These codes are not a bunch of gibberish. Each number or alphabet has a meaning. For example, the first letter or number will guide you about the manufacturer and the second number will inform you about the features. Well, you can download a decoding VIN code list. As well as, you can search for it online. Once you found out the axle type for your jeep you can easily install a right axle. Here is an axle identification chart.

Jeep Dana Axle Identification Chart

Jeep AxleYear In – OutJeep ModelsRing GearDetails
AMC2012 Bolt Holes10 ¾ Wide1976-86CJ-5CJ-7CJ-8Wagoneer8-7/8″8 BoltsCarrier Brk:3.07 % HigherCarrier End Splines: 29Narrow Track 1976 – 1981 (50-½ wheel to wheel)Driver Side : 26 – 5/16Passenger Side : 31 – 9/16Quadra-TracDriver Side : 33 – ½Passenger Side : 221976 – 1978 11×2” Drum Brakes1978 – 1986 10×1-¾” Drum Brakes
Dana 25,2710 Bolt Holes9” WideD25:1953-1972D27:1963-1974CJ-5CJ-6CJ-7CJ-8YJTJXJMJKJZJWJJKJLD25: 7-3/4″D27; 7-1/8″10 BoltsCarrier Brk:3.73 & HigherCarrier End Splines: 27 Front Dana 25: 1954-1966 CJ5, 1953-1970 CJ6Rear Dana 25: 1954-1972 CJ5, 1953-1972 CJ6Front Dana 27:1963-1973 CJ5, 1952-1973 CJ6Rear Dana 27: 1964-1975 CJ5, 1966-1972 CJ6
Dana 3010 Bolt Holes9” Wide1966-CurrentCJ-5CJ-6CJ-7C-J8YJTJXJMJKJZJWJJKJL7-1/8″10 BoltsCarrier Brk3.73 & HigherCarreri End Splines : 27Reverse Rotation : Cherokee XJ and Wrangler YJUsed Pinion Shims Thru 1995 YJCrush Slaves Begins 1997 TJPassenger Side Disconnected Used 1987-1991 & 2018-Current1987-19981 Vacuum System, 2018 – Current Electronics System1972-1980 Factory 6 – Bolt Locking Hubs72-78 Warn Premium Hubs79-80 Warn Standard Hubs1981-1986 5 – Bolt HubsUsed As Rear Axle : 1974-1983 CJ5, 1966-1975 CJ6AKA :186mm or M186 
Dana 4410 Bolt Holes10 ⅜ Wide1960 – CurrentCJ-5CJ-6CJ-7CJ-8XJMJTJWK (SRT8)XKWagoneerGrand WagoneerCommandoVariable10 BoltsCarrier Brk:Pre 20073.93 & HigherAfter 2007Fits All Ratios Carrier End Splines: (1960 – 1970) : 19Carrier End Splines:(1971 – Current and 03 – 06 Rubicon) : 30Carrier End Splines: (  2005 – 2010 WK/ XX) : 31Carrier End Splines: (JK Rubicon) : 32Narrow Track Use for 1976 – 1979 Quadra-TracWide Track Dana44 Used in 1986 CJ’sWrangler JL and Gladiator JT have Wide or Narrow OptionAKA; 220mm or M220
Dana 3510 Bolt Holes10 ⅝  Wide1987 – currentYJTJXJMJZJWJKJ7-9/16″8 BoltsCarrier Brk : 3.54 & HigherCarrier End Splines: 27C-Clip design begins in 1990Aka : 200mm or M200
Chrysler 8.2510 Bolt Holes11 ⅜ Wide1991 – 2012XJMJXKWKKK8-1/4″10 BoltsCarrier Brk:2.56 & HigherCarrier End Splines: 1991 – 1996 : 27Carrier End Splines: 1997 – 2012 : 29Ring Gear Bolts are Metric for 2005 – 2012

All the axles mentioned above look different as well as used for different purposes. The axle allows your jeep to turn independently. But there is another neglected problem. You can replace the axle at home but as you know, jeeps are heavy vehicles. Their structure is too messy. You can ruin the structure and break it apart while replacing the axle. That’s why I am recommending you to take your jeep to the professionals.

Suppose the axle is totally broken inside or damaged by other parts. In this situation, the process will take 2 to 3 hours at least. But changing the normal axle needs almost 1-hour maximum. In addition, you can lift your jeep while replacing the axle. Lifting helps a lot for off-road, climbing, and running on terrain.

Use high-quality axles, they are expensive but their material depreciation is slow. Conversely, using low-quality and inexpensive axles can turn your happy life into misery. The low-quality axles are made from inefficient raw materials. These axles cannot stand long against weight or jump.

Do not jump or fill the jeep with the heavyweight. One of the significant reasons behind broken axles is heavyweight and jumping. A new axle will provide you with a better experience and stable control over the vehicle. Let’s discuss some major mistakes jeep owners make while replacing axles.

Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Axle Alignment

Alignment of the axle comes first when you are replacing it. Installing an axle is not as easy as it seems. It requires high automobile engineering skills and dozens of tools. Well, misalignment can cause a rollover, broken axle, tight handle, hard turning, and instability.

Nut and Bolts

The most common problem that appears is the loosening of nuts and bolts. If you do not properly tighten all the nuts and bolts, the axle will be unable to work properly and increase the chances of misadventure. Do not let any bolt loosen. Check all the nuts and bolts after you have tightened the axle. Furthermore, the loose nuts and bolts create a high amount of noise. If you feel something is shaking under the car, check out all the nut bolts and tighten them all after 2 months.

Bad Engineering

As I have mentioned above, replacing the jeep axle is a technical job. Not everyone can do this at home. Replacing the jeep axle requires a proper time investment, focus, and tools. You cannot replace the axle if you do not have one or all of these. Bad engineering can cause some major problems such as inside damage, broken shocks, and inappropriate alignment. That’s why I am endorsing you to call professionals. They are experts at replacing the axles because they do it daily 5 to 7 times.

How Much Does It Cost To Replacing Axle

Changing an axle is pretty expensive and can eat up all your balance. The cost of replacing the axle is about $950 to $1050. Yes, it is too expensive but it is also a rough estimate including labor and other parts. Well, you can use a moderate or low-quality axle if you do not want to spend this much money. But before you go for an old or low-quality axle. Make sure that the axle has been made for your jeep. Furthermore, the price may differ according to the model of your jeep and the quality of the axle.

Moreover, the price varies according to the country you are living in. The above price is in the U.S but if you are living somewhere in the corner of the earth, replacing the axle will cost you more. Anyhow, do not try to do this task at home in order to save money. A single mistake and you can be injured. Instead, you can go to an automobile repair shop for this purpose.

Easy Step To Step Guide For Replacing The Axle

  1. Replacing an axle of the jeep is an onerous task.
  2. But you can shorten the process by checking the VIN on the car or on registration papers.
  3. After getting these odd-looking numbers, decode them manually or with the help of the internet.
  4. Once you get the information, go to the professionals.
  5. Ask for their recommendations and purchase the object such as axle or brakes.
  6. Once the package arrives at your door, start changing the axle.
  7. Gather all the tools, if you do not have all the tools then do not take risks.
  8. As you get done with this job you can go on the trip.


What axle is in my Jeep JK?

The axle size depends on the model of your jeep. But if you want to explore axle replacement. Then you should know that all the JK jeeps possess Dana 44. Dana 44 is an upgraded version of Dana 25 or 35.

How do you tell if you have a Dana 35 or 44?

Both Dana 35 and Dana 44 have different shapes. You can recognize them with their shapes such as Dana 35 has a round shape. On the other hand, Dana 45 has a six sided body.

Is my Jeep a JK or JL?

JK and JL look similar but there are significant differences between both of them. Maybe sometimes you face difficulty getting “is it JK or JL”? JL headlights have a grille but JK jeeps do not encourage it.

Does JL ride better than JK?

Basically, no they are almost similar. Both of these jeeps provide excellent off road, climbing, running on beaten roads and terrain. They have the same handling system and almost the same power. So, there is no comparison between them.

Final Words

VIN does not only help to identify the axle of a jeep. It can provide you with an abundance of information about the original jeep parts. You can effortlessly get the job done by decoding the vehicle identification number. Always install high-quality products for traveling purposes. Jeeps are used for off-road rides and can run in the terrain because of heavy bodies and maximum ground clearance. Well, you can upgrade your previous axle with a new axle.

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