Most Common Jeep Compass Problems

Most Common Jeep Compass Problems

Changing the car every time you plan to go off-roading can be frustrating. A Jeep Compass can be the best option because it can save you from all the hassle. You can drive it in your daily routine and off-road in the same car. People really like driving the Jeep Compass but there were some problems in all the models.

After doing my research, I will be discussing the problems in Jeep Compasses in my article today. This will end all the confusion and help you make a purchase decision. I hope by reaching the end, you will be aware of all the problems faced by Jeep Compass owners.

Do Jeep Compass Have A Lot Of Problems?

Most Common Jeep Compass Problems

All the cars launched by Jeep were loved by the people over the years. After the company launched Jeep Compass in 2006 the response was amazing. Gradually people started to notice some faults and experienced problems while driving this car.

Every model from 2006 to 2014 has some problems in them. The common issue faced by most of the customers was the leakage from the roof. All cars, whether an SUV or not, protect you from all types of weather conditions.

Even though the Jeep Compass is a reliable SUV that is compact but has some major problems that disappoint its customers. It does not depreciate like all other Jeeps and is reliable too.

You can have a great off-roading experience in any model of the Jeep Compass but you need to be aware of all the problems first. Let me discuss some of the common problems that are faced by people in different models of Jeep Compass down below for your help.

Do Jeep Compass Have A Lot Of Problems

Water Leakage

As mentioned above, most of the customers of Jeep Compass faced the problem of water leakage from the sunroof. This is very disappointing for a company that is known for making high-quality cars that can be used in all weather conditions. Whether you have an old 2006 Jeep Compass or a new model from 2014, you will experience water leaking from the sunroof and even the windows.

Over 300 complaints were received by the company after people experienced this problem. After receiving the complaints, the company claimed that they have fixed this problem in the new models but people still experience leaks from different areas around the sunroof. You can claim the damages if you experience something in your Jeep Compass when it is in warranty.

2007 Jeep Compass Problems

Two of the most common problems faced by the people in the 2007 Jeep Compass were the unequal distribution of power and poor suspension. Most people complained that the electronic device known as TIPM is faulty in the Jeep Compass 2007.

2007 Jeep Compass

The drivers started to notice this problem when the headlights of the jeep were going off and on by themselves. The owners of the car even observed the sound of a horn when the car was parked in the garage.

The 2007 Jeep Compass works fine initially and this TIPM problem is observed after your jeep has covered almost a distance of 100,000 miles.

Although the Jeep Compass is not very expensive, the maintenance after experiencing the failure of the Totally Integrated Power Module or TIPM can cost you around $1500 or more. One of the common signs is the wipers clean the windscreen automatically, hence all of the signs can be scary at first but are generally caused by unequal distribution of power.

On the other hand, the owners of the 2007 Jeep Compass complain about the suspension problems. After riding the car for almost 50,000 miles in the city or on an off-roading track, you might experience instability during the drive.

The jeep keeps on moving after crossing a speed breaker and takes a few minutes to get stable. People even heard weird noises from the car when it was taking a U-turn. Two of these problems were present in the Jeep Compass launched in the year 2007.

2011 Jeep Compass Problems

The owners of the 2011 Jeep Compass experienced that the car was overheating because of the CVT. When the jeep was driven at a high speed, the drivers noticed that it was heating up. This was because of the continuously variable transmission or CVT which occurred mostly after driving the jeep for 50,000 miles or more. Some people faced this problem at high speed or during the summers when the weather was extremely hot.

2011 Jeep Compass

When your Jeep Compass has CVT problems, you will have to spend around $2000 to get this fixed. You cannot just drive with the problem as it can be a safety concern. A jeep that heats up at a speed of 70 or 80 miles per hour can be dangerous to drive.

Some people also complained that the jeep makes weird noises at high speed and loses stability too. This can be dangerous and should be fixed as soon as you realize this problem in your 2011 Jeep Compass.

2018 Jeep Compass Problems

People who invested their money in the 2018 Jeep Compass complained that this model failed to start. The first thought that comes to mind is that the battery might be faulty as the jeep works fine unless it covers a distance of 20,000 miles.

2018 Jeep Compass

After getting checked by the mechanic, people got to know that there is no issue with the battery. The 2018 Jeep Compass has some technical problems due to which it refuses to get started even at normal temperature.

Even the models that were launched ahead of 2018 had the same problem. The company claimed that they have worked on the ignition problem and it is now fixed in all the models released after 2018.

This was untrue as TSB S2008000075 was released in 2020 and had connection and wiring problems with the battery. Most owners who invented the new model were frustrated as they had to get it fixed after driving the jeep for 20,000 miles only.

2014 Jeep Compass Problems

The 2014 Jeep Compass produced a lot of weird noises even when the driver used to pull the brakes. This was a common problem faced by people who purchased the Jeep Compass after 2012.

2014 Jeep Compass

All the models launched after 2012 used to make low-pitched noises that couldn’t be ignored. Initially, the jeep does not make any noise from the brakes but once it covers almost 10,000 miles, it begins to produce loud noises. The company suggests the owners use anti-vibration brackets to get rid of any noise.

This will help them have a good driving experience. The noise of the grinding brakes might not go away completely so you have to think carefully before investing in a Jeep Compass model if you want to have a peaceful driving experience. Some people also replace the brakes so the noise goes away and it might work in a few cases depending upon the brakes that are being installed into the jeep.

Another problem that the owners of the 2014 Jeep Compass experienced is already mentioned above. Water leakage from the sunroof, windows, and windscreen is common in all the models of Jeep Compass including 2014. This can be extremely frustrating as the interior of the car can be damaged completely because of the water. Hence you have to think of a solution for all these problems before investing in any of the Jeep Compasses.

How many miles can a 2008 Jeep Compass Last?

All the Jeep Compasses including the 2008 model can last for a good 10 years or more if maintained properly. If you, being the owner, take care of all the problems that are mentioned above, then you can drive the 2008 Jeep Compass for almost 200,000 miles easily. All of the problems start after the Jeep covers a distance of 100,000 miles. This means that after driving the jeep for 100,000 miles, you have to take care of and maintain each part to have a good riding experience.

The main purpose of investing in a Jeep Compass is to use the same car in the city and for off-roading trips. This means that you will have to maintain and get the Jeep checked every time you plan a trip.

The Jeep Compass is a reliable SUV that will easily cover thousands of miles if you take good care of it. All the models launched till 2018 have some problems, that might be true in the case of other jeeps too. If your Jeep Compass 2008 is maintained nicely, you can drive it for almost 300,000 miles which is amazing.

Is Jeep Compass Reliable?

All the models that are mentioned above have some problems but the recently launched Jeep Compass is a reliable model. The new Jeep Compass 2022 is a reliable SUV that can help you ride in the city and even go on off-roading trips by the end of the year. People are a fan of its reliability and so far no problems have been identified by the owners. The problems of noisy brakes, water leakage, unequal distribution of power, and overheating are not present in the 2022 model.

This can cover a distance of 480,000 miles or more if maintained properly. Although it is a little more expensive than the older models of the Jeep Compasses, it is highly reliable. You can have a smooth driving experience after investing in this compact SUV.

When compared with older models having multiple problems, the average annual maintenance cost is even less than half. For instance, if you had to spend $1000 on repairing a 2014 Jeep Compass, you will only be needing $500 to $600 on maintaining the 2022 Jeep Compass annually.

This does not mean that you cannot invest in an older model but you should consider the cost of maintenance before purchasing it. All the cars including the Jeep Compass do need yearly maintenance.

The average rating of the 2022 Jeep Compass is 4 out of 5 which means that improvements have been made by the company after some major problems were reported in previous models by the people. Hence it is a good-looking, compact SUV that is highly reliable and way more affordable than typical jeeps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Jeep Compass a reliable vehicle?

Yes, Jeep Compass is a reliable vehicle that can cover thousands of miles if maintained properly. Although people might experience some major problems in older models, that can be fixed and you can use the Jeep Compass just like any other car.

What problems does the 2020 Jeep Compass have?

The 2020 Jeep Compass has some electrical and wiring problems that can lead to some major issues. This model might refuse to start or you might observe the car honking even when it is parked in your garage. It is because of the electrical issues or a faulty battery of the jeep.

Is the Jeep Compass good for long drives?

Yes, the interior of the Jeep Compass is top-notch. You can travel comfortably from one place to another as this is a comfortable SUV that makes sure you have a great driving experience. The seats are soft and comfortable so you do not face any discomfort during your rides.

Is Jeep Compass good in snow?

The models above the 2020 Jeep Compasses are good for snow. They have the latest features and use improved technology that can help you during the snow. The features such as Rain Sensing Wipers can help you clear the windscreen during heavy snowfall. Hence the older models might not be appropriate for use in snow or extreme rainfall.

Final Thoughts

Hence a detailed article on the problems in Jeep Compasses is written above for your help and assistance. You can read the article carefully to know about all the problems that were reported in different models of the Jeep Compass by the owners.

All the models launched over the years have some major problems that can be disappointing for the customers. I hope the article will give you enough information so you can decide whether to invest in any model of the Jeep Compasses or to pass them.

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