What Are Jeep Easter Eggs? (Find Out The Locations)

Jeep Easter Eggs

Have you ever heard of hidden secrets located somewhere in your jeep? Yes! The Jeep Easter Eggs. Right? It’s been around 25 years since manufacturers are hiding Easter eggs in your jeep which represents not only the perfection of the details but also the dedication and iconic history the Jeep has.

Jeep Easter Eggs

It is sometimes said to be a signature feature that represents how dedicatedly and keenly manufacturers work on the Jeep. Let us look into what Jeep Easter eggs are, what is the history behind them, and the locations where you can say that these Easter eggs are most probably present.

Jeep Easter Eggs

A surprise in the form of fun and adventure is hidden in your jeeps by the name Jeep Easter eggs. It represents dedication, history, perfection, and how attentively the manufacturing company works on the Jeep. Let us look into what exactly the history of these Jeep Easter eggs is and what are the most common locations where they are present.

  • T-rex chasing a Willys Jeep
  • Vintage Willys Jeeps
  • Topographical map of Moab
  • Paint splatter
  • stamped “JL”
  • Lizard
  • American flag-shaped C-pillar vent
  • Spider
  • “419” number

What Jeeps Models have Easter Eggs? Do All Jeep Have Them?

Most of the Jeep models have Easter Eggs located on them. Jeep Gladiator, Jeep Wrangler, and Jeep Renegade are all the three most common models that come with Easter Eggs. There are other models too that come with Easter eggs in them. So do not ignore any of the Jeep models, instead, search a while and look for what Easter eggs the Jeep you own have and where they are all located.

Jeep Models(Yes/No)Location
Jeep PatriotNo
Jeep Grand CherokeeYesIn Between Cup Holders
Jeep WranglersYesHidden Area under the Cargo
Jeep CompassYesFound under the front driver windshield
Jeep RenegadeYesInside Headlight Housing
Jeep CherokeeYesSteering wheel or under the infotainment screen

History Of These Jeep Easter Eggs

In the year 1997, Easter Eggs were made on the Jeep Wrangler TJ by Michael Santoro. His main focus was to give highlights and uniqueness to the Jeep. Jeep Easter Eggs were made to allow fresh air crossing. This air crossing enhances the performance of the Jeep and also maximizes its efficiency.

Since then until now, it has been made compulsory for every Jeep to have Easter eggs in it. This has actually become fun and adventure more than need and requirement. The manufacturers and designers of the Jeep place these Easter Eggs at various places in the Jeep. They are spread all across the vehicles, specifically on the head, taillights, window trims, liftgate, cupholders, and instrument clusters.

Location Of Easter Eggs In Jeeps

Location Of Easter Eggs In Jeeps

We don’t want to ruin the fun and adventure you will have, finding Easter eggs on the Jeep by telling you each and every place accurately. But still, we are going to elaborate on some of the most popular Easter eggs that are found at different places on your jeep.

  • Most of the Jeep models come with an iconic 7-slot grille.
  • Inside the cowl of jeep Gladiators, and most jeep wranglers, you’ll find flip-flops.
  • Most of the Jeep wheels and Jeep Wrangler windshield come with Vintage Willys Jeeps that are climbing a rocky hill.
  • There are chances that the lizard is hiding, just beneath the windshield wipers.
  • Some of the jeep’s gear shifter comes with Utah, a topographical map of Moab.
  • The picture of the Loch Ness Monster is located near the back window of each jeep compass.
  • Chances are that you may find a spider saying “Ciao, Baby!” Located right at the door of the fuel tank.
  • There are high chances that Jeep Renegade comes with the letter X which represents gas cans. This letter X is located at the tail light, cup holders, and the roof.
  • Most Jeep Gladiators come with the number 419 that is engraved on the back side of the vehicle. This number 419 is the area code for Toledo and Ohio. It represents where the product is manufactured.
  • Some models of Jeep Renegades come with paint splatters located on the red line.
  • Some of the Jeep models come with the Easter egg of a T-Rex skull placed in the molded form in the floor mat of your jeep.
  • A little sasquatch is most of the time seen on the rear windshield of Jeep Renegade.
  • Some of the models of the jeeps come with a display of the scene that represents a T-Rex following a Willys Jeep, that is following bigfoot.
  • There are chances that you will find Willys Jeep located at roof latches.

Now you have 14 front ideas where you can find the Jeep Easter eggs. We have not explained every Easter egg because of course, we don’t want to ruin your adventure, fun, and hunt. Now, it’s up to you how much interest you take in finding Easter eggs and how much fun you will have looking for them.

2007 Jeep Wrangler Easter Egg Locations

  • Windshield Wiper
  • Behind the Doors
  • Handlebars
  • Windshield corner

2013 Jeep Wrangler Easter Egg Locations

  • Windshield
  • Grab bar
  • Behind the rearview mirror
2007 Jeep Wrangler Easter Egg Locations

2015 Jeep Wrangler Easter Egg Locations

  • Headlights (Except LED Package)
  • Flared Fender
  • Rear Slash Mat

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

  • Beneath the Hood
  • Fuel Cap
  • Dashboard ends
  • Inside Keyholders

Shapes of the Easter Eggs

There are so many shapes that are used for making Easter Eggs on the jeeps. The most common shapes are lizard, flip flops, the letter X, the number 419, spider, vintage Willys Jeep climbing a rocky Hill, loch ness monster, T-Rex, painted splatters, T-Rex skull, and the scene of a t-rex following village Jeep that itself is following bigfoot.

Moreover, Willys Jeep and a little sasquatch are other shapes that are most commonly found in jeeps as Easter eggs. Furthermore, these are not all the shapes but there are some other ones too. We have not explained each and every shape because of course we don’t want to ruin the suspense and adventure you will have to find all of these Easter eggs.

Do Jeep Patriots have Easter Eggs?

No, it’s not necessary for every Jeep Patriots to have Easter eggs in it. And this includes most of the Jeep Patriots. You will not find any of the Easter eggs in the Jeep patriot. It is important for you to know because finding an Easter egg itself is fun and adventure but if it’s not present and you are looking for it, it is totally a waste of time.

Do Jeep Grand Cherokee have Easter Eggs?

Do Jeep Grand Cherokee have Easter Eggs

Jeep Grand Cherokees is that model of the jeep that comes with a high count of Easter eggs, hidden inside and outside the vehicle. Grand Cherokee contains Easter eggs, most commonly when you open the fuel cap. Moreover, it’s not always necessary that the Easter eggs on one vehicle of this model would be the same in the location of other products with this same model. Further, you can find as many as 8 Easter eggs in one Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Do Jeep Wranglers have Easter eggs?

Yes, the basic Jeep Wrangler comes with Easter Eggs. They are specifically present in the trims of the Jeep Wrangler such as Unlimited Rubicon EcoDiesel. Moreover, Jeep Wranglers and Jeep Gladiators are the most common jeeps that always contain Easter Eggs in them.

What is the most common location in the Jeep where these Easter eggs are located?

These Easter Eggs most commonly are found on Jeep Gladiators, on wheels, Jeep wranglers windshields, and beneath the windshield wipers. Moreover, they can also be found in the rear window, sometimes located at the door of the fuel tank. Moreover, there are high chances that the cup holder, tailgate, and roof of the Jeep Renegade also have some of the Easter Eggs located there.

What are the most common Easter Eggs shapes that are hidden for air crossing and fun in jeeps? 

The most common shapes that are used for Easter eggs are flip flops, lizards, Loch Ness monster, vintage Willys Jeep climbing a rocky Hill, spider, the letter X, and number 419. Moreover, you will also find the t-rex skull, paint splatters, the scene of the T-Rex following a Willys Jeep that is following Bigfoot, Willys Jeep itself, and sometimes Little Sasquatch. All of these are the common Easter Eggs that are hidden throughout the Jeep.

What Kinds Of Jeeps Have Hidden Animals?

You can find hidden animals in a variety of jeeps which are listed as follows.

  • Jeep Compass: A gecko can be found on the plastic molding of the windshield along with the Loch Ness Monster on the window.
  • Jeep Renegade: A spider can be seen next to the gas cap.
  • Jeep Cherokee: You can T-Rex or a Bigfoot in the windows.

Final Thoughts On Jeep Wrangler Easter Eggs

Adventure, fun creativity, and uniqueness, all of these things are stored in the form of Easter eggs in Jeep. They are dispersed throughout the Jeep and are considered reliable for both air crossing and fun adventures. Most of the users spend lots of time finding Easter eggs in their jeeps as this gives them fun and adventure, besides benefits.

The most common shapes that are used for Easter Eggs include T-Rex, T-Rex skull, Willys Jeep, the shape of a little sasquatch, lizard, flip flops, and sometimes the whole scenes representing some scenarios. And let me tell you that the most common places hidden are wheels, windshield, Jeep Gladiators, the rear window, door of the fuel tank, cup holder, tailgate, roof, and most commonly beneath the windshield wipers.

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