Jeep Grand Cherokee Generations Compared & Explained

Jeep Grand Cherokee Generations

Jeep Grand Cherokee has witnessed multiple evolutions and has been upgraded over decades into its present form. The vehicle is a perfect example of a sturdy and durable SUV that is specifically designed for off-roading and offers you unrivaled benefits even on difficult and rough terrains. This not only makes it different from its other counterparts that do not display high efficiency when it comes to off-roading but has also increased its popularity among a diverse range of consumers.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Generations

Different Jeep Grand Cherokee models have been presented over the four different generations of this vehicle with top-notch attributes, and each successor is better than the predecessor in terms of performance and design. In this article, we have outlined all the jeep Grand Cherokee generations. So, let’s get started.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Generations, Models, Styles Over The Years

The first model of Jeep Grand Cherokee was released for common use in the 1990s, since then it has been subject to a lot of variations and has been upgraded over four generations to offer the present version that is not only performance-oriented but also features an extremely durable and sturdy framework. Below we have discussed the differences between Jeep Grand Cherokee models from 1993 to 2021 to help you develop a deeper understanding of the topic.

The First Generation: 1993-98 Grand Cherokee

The First Generation 1993-98 Grand Cherokee

All of this started in the 1990s with the immense popularity of the Ford Explorer SUV, among a diverse range of consumers. This threatened all the other vehicles present on the market at that time and significantly impacted their overall sales ratings. Thus, Jeep manufacturers planned to come up with a vehicle that will offer tough competition to the Ford Explorer and will also contain the basic features that are present in a Jeep.

This led to the generation of the first Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was a hybrid SUV and Jeep. The vehicle was introduced into the market with four driving wheels and a standard 190 hp. However, as time progressed, the model was upgraded and led to the inclusion of other components as well.

One of the highlighting features in the initial Grand Cherokee was the inclusion of the 4-Liter inline six-cylinder engine that was highly compatible with the four-speed automatic transmission. The first model was named the Grand Wagoneer and was equipped with 235 hp with exterior paneling. The Jeeps in this generation kept manufacturing till 1998 before they were upgraded and replaced by the second generation.

The Second Generation: 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee

The Second Generation 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee

In 1992, manufacturers released the Jeep Grand Cherokee, marking its second generation. The models in this generation were further improved in terms of design, performance, and internal components. The six-cylinder engine used in this version was capable of generating more power as compared to its predecessor even at 195 hp and displayed exceptional results. In addition to this, the sleek outlook came with various improvements in terms of internal components including automatic locking hubs, and an electronic transfer case.

Besides this, a limited-slip differential was also incorporated into the system and was made available to the local consumers in 2001. The 2001 model was later modified and the inclusion of a side curtain became an option in 2002. This generation continued till 2004 with some major improvements in terms of style and the inclusion of built-in navigation systems. Afterward, the manufacturers came up with the third generation, which further improved its performance to a great extent.

The Third Generation: 2005-10 Grand Cherokee

The Third Generation 2005-10 Grand Cherokee

2005 marked the beginning of another glorious era for the Jeep Grand Cherokee and led to the introduction of its third generation. This version was not only updated in terms of looks and design but also modified in terms of the engine from a six-cylinder to three 4WD systems along with 3 engines. In addition to this, the cabin of the vehicle was redesigned to fulfill the growing requirements of the users.

The highlight of this version was the inclusion of the 4WD system that improved the overall off-roading abilities of the Grand Cherokee and led to better shock absorption, especially while cruising on uneven surfaces and rough terrains. The navigation system also became optional in this generation and could be included in the system according to the preferences of the users. This led to the introduction of the SRT8 version of the Grand Cherokee in 2006.

The latest model was mind-blowing in terms of design and overall visual appeal. Along with this, it featured wide tires and a 6.1-liter V8 engine. The engine was capable of performing exceptionally well at 420 hp. Further modifications into this 2006 version with the introduction of a 3- liter V6 diesel engine further contributed to the excellent output in the next few years until 2010, when the models of the third generation were replaced.

The Fourth Generation: 2011-22 Grand Cherokee

This is the fourth and the latest generation of the great Jeep Grand Cherokee and was first launched in 2011. The models in this generation are available trims each having its own unique features and associated advantages. These models still contain four wheels and come with multiple engine options.

The Fourth Generation 2011-22 Grand Cherokee

The most notable engines used in the current versions include 3.6 liters V6 and 5.7-liter V8 engines both of which are compatible with eight-speed automatic transmission and perform exceptionally well while off-roading on rough and uneven terrains. Similarly, the previously mentioned SRT8 has been transformed into an SRT with an overall horsepower of 475 and the inclusion of a 6.4-liter V8 engine and Brembo brakes.

In addition to this, launch control was also introduced into the fourth generation models for drag-racing runs and led to the addition of five stars to its overall abilities. Besides this, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk was launched in 2018, which became highly popular with its release in the automobile industry.

The vehicle was highly appreciated for its exceptional speed with a horsepower of 707. This revolutionized the jeep manufacturing process and led to the development of vehicles that featured high speed and could travel hundreds of miles without impacting speed and overall performance irrespective of the terrain.

The Fifth Generation

WL Laredo3.6L V6 Gas8-Speed AutomaticRWD4X4
WL Altitude3.6L V6 Gas8-Speed AutomaticRWD4X4
WL Limited3.6L V6 Gas8-Speed AutomaticRWD4X4
WL Trailhawk 2022 – Now WL Trailhawk3.6L V6 GasEngine: 5.7L V8 HEMI MDS VVT8-Speed Automatic4X4
WL Overland 2022 – Now WL Overland3.6L V6 GasEngine: 5.7L V8 HEMI MDS VVT8-Speed AutomaticRWD4X4
WL Summit3.6L V6 GasEngine: 5.7L V8 HEMI MDS VVT8-Speed AutomaticRWD4X4
WL Summit Reserve3.6L V6 GasEngine: 5.7L V8 HEMI MDS VVT8-Speed Automatic4X4

Jeep Grand Cherokee Competitors

It is inevitable for such a remarkable product to avoid competition. Therefore, there are a lot of competitors of Jeep Grand Cherokee present in the industry. This fierce competition between vehicles has led to their improvements in terms of design and performance and has contributed to the release of present-day models. Here we have discussed some potential competitors of the Jeep Grand Cherokee for your information.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L

The Jeep Grand Cherokee L originally belongs to a similar ancestor as the regular Jeep Grand Cherokee and features increased length as compared to its competitor. The large size of this model makes it a suitable option for a diverse range of users because it offers more seating space, thus, accommodating more people.

The increased space also allows you to relax easily especially if you have set out on a long-distance drive and might need to stretch or relax in order to function properly. The regular Grand Cherokee comes with two seating rows whereas the Grand Cherokee L is capable of offering three different rows of seating. Hence, improving its performance over its competitors. This allows you to ride with up to seven people at a time as opposed to five people which was the case in previous versions. You can also check the difference between Jeep XJ and ZJ.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Competitors

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK

The majority of the consumers often get confused between the regular Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK. The Jeep Grand Wrangler WK belongs to the previous generation of the present-day Jeep Wrangler which was introduced before 2011. Although the majority of the models in that generation stopped manufacturing in 2011, after the fourth generation was introduced, the makers still continued with the WK model.

This led to further modifications in the vehicle and led to its up-gradation over the years, hence making it one of the toughest competitors of the present-day version. The WK model is highly flexible in nature and contains some modern and high-efficient electronic systems that will impress you on the first try. The overall outlook of the WK model is also comparable with the latest models and is highly popular among some users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Jeep Grand Cherokee is the most luxurious?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee summit model is the most luxurious among all the options available around the market. It is manufactured using high quality, exceptional materials and displays outstanding craftsmanship. In addition to this, you will also be impressed by the design of the vehicle which comes with a premium cabin, and three rows for seating. This version belongs to the family of Jeep Grand Cherokee L, which is longer than the standard Jeep Grand Cherokee and features unmatched attributes.

Which Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best Off-road vehicle?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk has exceeded all the other competitors when it comes to off-roading. The vehicle is highly sturdy in nature and is manufactured using high-quality materials that contribute to its exceptional durability. This coupled with remarkable security features, better shock absorption abilities, and versatile attributes of this model improve its performance to a great extent, especially on rough terrains, and make it stand out among the rest of its counterparts.

Which Jeep Grand Cherokee is best for towing?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee comes in a variety of models all of which are integrated with unique attributes, and feature some outstanding benefits. Among all different versions, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk are perfect for towing because they display maximum towing capacity even at an extremely high weight. The highest towing capacity for these vehicles has been observed at the weight of 7200 pounds which is amazing and has impressed most users.

How many Jeep Grand Cherokee models are there?

At present, there are around seven different models of Jeep Grand Cherokee available in the market from the fourth generation. All of these models display some exceptional features, which are highly popular among users. These trims are termed Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, Altitude, Limited, Overland, Trailhawk, Summit, and Summit Reserve. Moreover, all of these models use some similar attributes including the engine, and offer tough competition to regular SUVs available around the market.

Wrapping Up

Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the highest performance-oriented vehicles that belong to both the SUV and Jeep family and displays remarkable efficiency in terms of off-roading. The vehicle was first introduced in 1993 after SUV gained popularity over Jeep and manufacturers decided to come up with a model that contained the properties of both an SUV and a Jeep. Over the years, the vehicle has been subject to modifications and has been upgraded to four different generations, thus, leading to the release of the present-day Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The fourth generation of Jeep Grand Cherokee contains seven different models and the fifth generation has 6 trims that are equipped with some top-notch attributes and offer tough competition to other vehicles of a similar kind. The vehicle is highly recommended for towing and off-roading and is perfect for cruising on uneven surfaces and rough terrains, which might not be possible for a regular jeep. Some competitors of this model include the Jeep Grand Cherokee L and WK, which offer increased seating space, excessive built-in electrical systems, and higher flexibility respectively.

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