What Does Jeep Grand Cherokee Snow Mode Do?


If you are purchasing the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, you should be aware of all of its premium functions and specifications. That is actually the reason why this jeep is among the top best sellers in the market. Well! If you are looking for the details related to Jeep Grand Cherokee, you would definitely end up having the best description of snow mode and its functioning.


This article tells you everything about snow mode usage, its advantages, and disadvantages, and what is the basic purpose of this mode in your jeep. We will also put light on how you can take maximum advantage of the snow mode in your jeep and how beneficial it is for the driver. So let us without wasting any more time focus on the snow mode and its functions.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Snow Mode

Jeep Grand Cherokee Snow Mode is a mode in the case Cherokee jeep that is used for driving on snow surfaces. It is made specifically for deep snow traveling and is programmed in a way that supports the vehicle in easy and effortless transportation in snow modes. Here is all you need to know about Jeep Grand Cherokee sports mode.

Location Of The Button

location of button

The snow button is located in the central area of the console, alongside other buttons, used for driving. It is easy to find the button and is absolutely within your hand’s reach so that you can effortlessly operate it. Since there are other buttons too, you have to make sure that the one you are pressing is specifically made for the snow mode.


To activate the snow mode on your jeep make sure you are pressing the buttons before going into the snow. It should be pressed just before the snow area. Because pressing prior to entering the snow area, the computer program prepares itself and gets ready for the snow terrain. Moreover, it is very easy to use and is operable just with the pressing of a button. Also have a look at, the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s climate control problems.

What Does Snow Mode Do In Jeep Cherokee?

The first step that this snow mode takes for traveling in the snow areas is the changing of the gear to the second gear. This is because the second gear gives high power and high torque to the vehicle. In addition to this, the snow mode is responsible for dividing the torque in half between the rear wheels and front wheels of the jeep.

This makes it easier and effortless to move in snowy regions even when it is heavy. In addition to all of these, the snow mode minimizes the spinning of the wheel when the acceleration is applied and also provides outstanding traction control to avoid any slipping or damage. When you turn on the snow mode the eco mode which is actually the default mode of the vehicle automatically turns off.

snow mode

The activation of snow mode also turns on the ABS set-up and surface traction systems which automatically makes the jeep reliable for snowy surfaces. One thing I really want to recommend here is never driving above 30 mph when you are driving the jeep in snow mode. This ensures a secure and safe driving experience. Because the activation of snow mode distributes the torque to all four wheels equally, the gripping of the jeep becomes easier and more reliable for surfaces like snow and ice.

Until now we have seen the basics of Snow mode, where it is actually located, what is its functioning and how it is operated, now we will mainly focus on the advantages and disadvantages of the snow models.

Advantages Of The Snow Mode

Following is a list of a few advantages that you can get when you are in snow mode.

Advantages Of The Snow Mode

  • It makes it easier for the driver to drive the jeep in the winter and snowy conditions of the road.
  • The snow mode assists in preventing the wheel spin, ultimately making the ride safer.
  • The traction control system and ABS are automatically engaged as soon as you activate the snow mode.
  • The torque is divided in a 50/50 ratio making sure you can stably and safely drive the jeep on the road covered with snow and ice.

It is made specifically for snowy road surfaces and winter weather conditions.

Disadvantages Of The Snow Mode  

There are basically two disadvantages that you have to face if you are riding your jeep in snow mode.

What we didn’t like

  • Since it is not safe for you to drive the jeep fastly in snow mode, you must drive slowly and straight. You cannot increase your speed above 30 mph.
  • And the second disadvantage is that it consumes lots of fuel ultimately negatively affecting the average MPG value of the jeep.

Can I Switch To The Snow Mode While Driving?

Although the driving modes present in the Jeep Grand Cherokee makes it a luxury and premium vehicle, you should not cross the limits that ultimately can end up putting you in complications and struggles. You can switch but one thing that you should always keep in mind is that you should switch to the snow mode for entering the snowy area and snowy road surfaces. This is important because in the meantime the computer system prepared itself for providing outstanding traction and control on the surface having snow.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to use snow mode in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You should engage your jeep in snow mode when you are driving in snow surface conditions. This is because the snow is responsible for engaging the ABS of the vehicle and the traction control system on it as soon as you apply the snow mode. Moreover, it automatically changes the gear and puts the gear into the second number. The second gear in the snow helps you achieve the power and torque needed for dealing with snow surface conditions.

Is there any disadvantage in the snow in the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes, there are only two disadvantages that most of the time are noticed in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. And that is that it consumes lots of fuels ultimately affecting the MPG value in a bad way. In addition to these, you cannot increase the speed up to 30 or 35 MPH.

What are the other modes present in the Jeep Grand Cherokee that help you drive your jeep in specific conditions?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee comes equipped with Selec Terrain Traction Management System. The system comes equipped with 5 driving mods that can be switched simply by turning a dial. This includes auto mode, snow mode, mud mode, sand mode, and rock mode. All of these modes combine to make the jeep versatile and ideal for multiple types of road surfaces.

How fast can you drive in snow mode in the Jeep Cherokee?

When you are driving in the snow mode of the Jeep Grand Cherokee you have to make sure that you are not driving fastly unnecessarily. There is not a set speed but yet for keeping your limit and ensuring the safety of both you and your vehicle you should not over speed the jeep. What I recommend is not to go above 30 mph when you are in the snow mode of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Final Thoughts

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the reliable and premium Jeeps that comes with several options providing you with different modes of driving. You can select the mode which is compatible with the surface you are driving the Jeep on. The above-mentioned article tells you everything about the snow mode of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, its placement, functioning, and operating mechanism.

Go through the details mentioned above so you can learn all the necessary details that you will need when dealing with the snow mode of the Jeep Cherokee. The snow mode adjusts the torque and RPM value according to the need to ensure safe driving. Moreover, try your best to learn everything mentioned above because driving in the snow needs experience and lots of security and you just cannot randomly drive in the different modes without knowing about them deeply.

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