Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode – A Detailed Guide

Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode

Now Jeep Grand Cherokee sport mode is available in some vehicles to push the limits beyond your expectations. You may have heard that Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of those vehicles that are known for speed and power. But for aggressive riding and experiencing tasty driving, you can activate the sport mode. Don’t worry, if you did not know about it, here I am to guide you. Stay tight!

Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode

Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode

It is time to rock because the sport mode of the Jeep Grand Cherokee has launched. In the past, the vehicle was designed for running on broken tracks safely. No doubt, it provided secure rides but because of high traction, adrenaline junkies could not run the Jeep at their desired speed. I also experienced that the previous versions were highly stable in terms of balance and control but they do not offer fast driving with taking rash corners.

With the help of experts, the manufacturer has launched a new feature in the Jeep that is called “sport mode’’. It allows people to run the vehicle with less traction, yes, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is now ready for normal roads. Low traction increases the speed of the vehicle, and it also drops the fuel consumption because in traction mode Jeep needs more power for grip but for sport mode, it requires only speed.

When To Activate Sport Mode

It is probably the most frequently asked question by Jeep Grand Cherokee fans because of the vehicle’s past reputation. The sport mode is for the highways or running for competitive riding. You can also activate it for driving on the mountain pass as it allows drivers to take corners perfectly. Plus, the mode is suitable for normal day rides.

Keep in mind that the mode provides low traction, so never use it on wet tracks or in the snow. Although it is advanced enough to tackle the snow slippery problems with the help of snow mode, it is also better to not use it on low friction tracks. On the other hand, I use sport mode for rash driving; when I want to pass other cars and make them jealous, and when I am in an emergency and the road is smooth plus clear.

How to Activate Sport Mode

Activation is not time-consuming or complex. You can turn the mode on by clicking on a single button. The small button next to the gearbox will switch your Jeep Grand Cherokee to a sports car-like vehicle.


As the reputation of the Jeep is based on its previous version, people are confused about the sport mode. Like other cars, it is also a mode for running with more speed and passing the cars next to you. Plus, activating the mode is super easy, click on the button and tighten your seatbelt. I have briefly described what is the sport mode and how to activate it, now you can learn more by using it.

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