Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 Vs V8 – Which One You Should Get?

Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 Vs V8

Jeeps are everyone’s favorite. This four-wheeler car is super comfortable and lightweight which makes it perfect for multiple purposes. If you are someone who has great knowledge of cars then you must be aware of the reality that jeeps never run out of fashion. The reason behind this is their innovative ideas and features with which they launch new jeep models every year.

When it comes to choosing the best SUV among all the jeep models no one can beat Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Jeep Grand Cherokee has two engine models V6 and a V8. The features of these two models are almost similar which confuses the buyers a lot. But you don’t have to worry anymore because in this article I will compare all the features of the Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 and V8.

Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 Vs V8

Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 Vs V8

Are you also one of those people who are confused between Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 and V8? However, there is no such big difference between these two but still, everyone always wants to buy the best-performing car.

To end your confusion about which one you should choose between these two SUVs, read the guide below. In this guide, I have compared all the features, performance, engine capacity, drivetrain, etc. to make the Jeep Grand Cherokee selection easier for you. Here is the comparison between the Jeep Grand Cherokee generations.

Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 Vs V8 - Which One You Should Get

1. Engine Performance

The V6 and V8 jeep models have many features in common but the main difference is in their engine performance. The Jeep Grand Cherokee either has a V6 engine type or a V8 engine type. While comparing the engine of both SUVs I got the following information. The V6 engine has a horsepower of 295 with a torque of 260lb-ft and that of the V8 has 360 horsepower and 390lb-ft of torque.

Therefore, we can say that the engine power of a V8 is 22% more than that of a V6. Also, the V8 provides more torque to the vehicle as compared to the V6 engine type. So we can say that the V8 wins the title of being more powerful and faster as compared to the V6.

2. Fuel Efficiency

According to my research, the V6 saves more fuel compared to the V8. This is mainly because of the high performance of the V8 engine which makes it less fuel efficient. In addition, the V8 engine type has a fuel saver technology, the main function of this is that it shuts the cylinders.

Now you must be wondering how shutting the cylinders will help in saving fuel, right? Well, cylinder deactivation helps in consuming less fuel when the vehicle is moving at a steady speed. In conclusion, I would say if you want a fuel-efficient Jeep Grand Cherokee then go for a V6.

3. Towing Capacity

Many people show interest in knowing the towing capacity of the car before they buy it. So if you are curious about the towing capacity of the Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 and V8 then you should know that both the vehicles can tow but they vary in capacity. The V8 engine has more towing capacity compared to the V6 engine.

To be more precise, a V6 engine can tow up to 2,812 kilos of weight while a V8 can carry around 3,265 kilos. Therefore, if you need to tow heavier items then you should choose V8 as it has 16% more towing capacity as compared to V6.

4. Stability and Handling

In terms of stability and handling, Grand Cherokee is considered the safest SUV one can drive. The given stability of the vehicle is because of the even distribution of the vehicle’s weight. When you drive a V6 you will experience no issue in driving around corners, sharp turns, or curves because of the even distribution of weight. Surprisingly the drifting capacity of the V6 engine is also superb.

There is no doubt that the V8 has more cylinders which makes its engine more powerful but this directly affects the stability and handling of the car. If you want a higher engine capacity vehicle then you have to compromise on its drifting as the handling of a V8 is a little tricky.

5. Off-Road Capability

Both the V6 and V8 engines are powerful enough that makes them perfect picks for off-road tough terrains. Although the V6 engine gives you more stability on sharp turns and curves but on a rocky track a V8 engine performs better and lets you enjoy a seamless fast drive.

6. City Driving

No doubt V8 is a better choice for an off-road track as compared to V6. But if you ask which engine is better for driving in a city then a V6 is best for this purpose. This is because the V6 has a light engine that provides extra stability during drifting. Also, the V6 engine has greater acceleration power as compared to V8.

7. Noise Production

The highly noise-producing vehicles are disliked by everybody. Therefore, to avoid embarrassment one should consider knowing how much noise an engine of an SUV produces. But you don’t have to worry about this with a Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 because its engine does not produce any loud noise.

In the case of a V8, the engine is more powerful as a result of which it produces more noise as compared to a V6.

8. Reliability

There is no doubt that both SUVs have a powerful engine but do you want to know which is more reliable? Comparing the engine capacity, drivetrain, range, handling, ignition power, etc.

I have figured out that the Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 is more reliable as compared to the Jeep Grand Cherokee V8. The reliability of the car depends upon its longevity and the expenses you have to bear when you face any problem with your vehicle. Therefore, in terms of all these categories, the results have shown that V6 is more reliable as compared to V8.

9. Price

Due to obvious reasons, the Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 is more expensive compared to a V6. The engine of a V8 is more powerful and other additional features make it a big-budget car. The price of a V6 starts with the lowest price of $36,140 while you can get the cheapest V8 for $48,960.

Advantages and Disadvantages of V6

If you are thinking of buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 then you should know that it is economical, consumes less fuel, produces less noise, more stable but you will have to compromise on its performance as the engine is not that powerful. Still, you can drive it smoothly on tough terrain.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a V8

With a Jeep Grand Cherokee V8, you will get a more powerful engine, more towing capacity in a vehicle, and goes extremely well on tough terrains. With a Jeep Grand Cherokee V8, you will enjoy a seamless smooth drive on rocky tracks without facing any issues. But its engine is noisy, consumes more fuel and the handling is a little hard.

What Should You Choose V6 Jeep Grand Cherokee Or V8?

Choosing one from the Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 and V8 is very tough. Both have benefits over one another but one should keep their needs in mind. Only your requirements from an SUV will make the task of choosing between a Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 or V8 easier.

If we compare the engine performance, the towing capacity, and their performance on rough terrain then V8 wins on all these terms over V6 because of its powerful engine. The engine of a V6 is not as powerful as V8 but it is more fuel efficient compared to a V8 engine. Also, the V6 is more budget-friendly while the Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 is an expensive car.

Another amazing feature of a V8 that makes it a top choice of buyers is its towing capacity. If your work or daily routine includes towing a heavy item then you should blindly go for a V8 engine as it allows you to tow a 1000lbs more weight as compared to a V6 engine car. But it all depends on the person’s needs. If you don’t need a heavy towing capacity car then you can go for a V6 too.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 is more beneficial if we compare V6 with a V8. The only concern that people show is its price. It is highly costly and people usually go for a cheaper SUV when it comes to the price and compromises on the engine capacity. But if you ask me I would recommend a V8, it is costly but it is a one-time investment and you will never regret buying this car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to get a V8 or a V6?

Both SUVs have their pros and cons but it depends on one’s needs and which model will be best for you. If you are looking for a highly stable and better-handling car then you should go for a V6. But if your work includes traveling on tough terrains and towing heavier items then a V8 will be more beneficial for you because of its powerful engine.

Is a V8 better on gas than a V6?

In terms of fuel consumption, the Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 is a better option than a V8 engine. So if you want to save fuel then you should choose a V6 because a V6 engine is much better in fuel efficiency as compared to a V8 engine.

Which is the better engine for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Usually, Jeep SUVs have a V6 engine but some models do have a V8 engine. Comparing the engine capacity of both SUVs, the V8 engine is much more powerful and offers greater towing capacity than a V6 engine. Therefore, if your requirements do not need a heavy engine vehicle then V6 is a better choice because it offers better handling and stability.

What is faster V6 or V8?

The V8 engine is much more powerful compared to the V6 engine. It also has some additional features that give extra power to the engine. Therefore, the SUVs with a V8 engine are faster as compared to V6 engine cars. Hence, you will enjoy greater acceleration and speed with a V8 engine SUV.

What is the difference between V6 and V8?

The V6 and V8 engines have almost the same features but they do differ in some ways. The main difference is in the number of cylinders of both cars. As the name indicates a V6 engine has six cylinders that are for fuel intake while a V8 has eight cylinders. The higher number of cylinders makes the engine power and helps in attaining faster speed.

How do you save gas in a V8?

Although a V8 engine is not a good match for fuel efficiency. But you can still save fuel by moving with a steady speed or low acceleration. You can use this trick when stuck in a traffic jam or at traffic signals, this will help you in saving up to 35% of fuel.

Final Thoughts

The V6 and V8 engines are not a new addition to the world-class collection of jeep cars. Usually, most jeeps have a V6 engine. With their new model launch of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, buyers get to choose between a V6 or a V8 engine.

Although both engines are quite powerful and let the rider enjoy a smooth drive. The V6 and V8 both have their advantages and disadvantages that confuse the buyers in selecting the best SUV for themselves. You can use the following suggestions in comparing both engines before buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee

  • Engine Performance a V8 engine is more powerful and faster than a V6.
  • Fuel Efficiency V6 engine consumes less fuel as compared to V8.
  • Towing Capacity Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 has more towing capacity as compared to a V6.

Although there is not much difference in their performance and both allow you to have an enjoyable drive on any terrain. Before you buy an SUV I will suggest you compare all the features of both Jeep Grand Cherokee to be clear about your choice. I hope our guide helps you in picking the best Jeep Grand Cherokee for yourself between a V6 and a V8 engine. Thank you for reading.

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