Jeep Hardtop Storage Ideas – How To Store It Properly?

Jeep Hardtop Storage Ideas - How To Store It Properly

Now that the summer season is approaching soon, as a Jeep owner, all I am thinking now is storing the hardtop to prevent any damage. Every year, my mind starts working fast in finding a suitable way that can keep it from potential weather damage.

In the past, I have done some DIY projects that are absolutely an effective way of storing your Jeep hardtops. Are you planning to store these hardtops, it is important that you need to look into different things, such as the skill set, the required space, time, and much more.

So, if you are in the same situation and are worried about finding the right position, placement, and space, don’t worry as I have brought together this detailed guide on Jeep hardtop storage ideas along with some tips and tricks. So, let’s get in for more.

Simple Jeep Top Storage Ideas: All You Need to Know

Jeep Hardtop Storage Ideas - How To Store It Properly

All in all, Jeep hardtops are the perfect companions if you are fond of customizing storage and lifting apparatus. Be it adding a raw texture to your garage or building a new space for your room, or even creating a versatile piece for your working space, utilizing a Jeep hardtop is absolutely the best way. This can also save the hardtop from potential sun or weather damage.

To help you with your job, I have included a number of ways you can use these tops, with safety and security ensured.

1. Turn It into Indoor Storage Space

First of all, you can always turn your Jeep Wrangler hardtops into indoor storage space. This is specifically tempting for home decor enthusiasts who are always in search of something aesthetic yet effective.

However, it is important to keep them in a safe space where you don’t have to worry about the security of the objects. Another advantage of using them is that they offer you great storage space and don’t take extra room just for decor purposes.

Turn It into Indoor Storage Space

2. Get the Bungee Cables

Similarly, as a traveler, I always had a problem getting things on the go. Hence, a friend suggested using bungee cables with my Jeep hardtop for storage space. Ever since using these stretchy cords has helped me in getting whatever I need from the car.

When it comes to the usage, I have used them for a number of purposes, such as attaching the objects, typing down essentials, and storing bumpers, specifically while off-roading adventures on rough terrains.

3. Customize your Racks

I absolutely love this idea as it provides you with the ultimate freedom and allows you to let the creativity flow. I have done quite some projects with this one, with the desired budget and already available resources. Hence, you can use different sizes and decor items for this job.

Speaking of my favorite, I built an entire wall with storage shelves and added a number of hooks that provided me with the perfect interior decor. I was surprised by the fact that it completely blended in with the decor of my home.

4. Store them in the Back Seat

Many people prefer to store their equipment in the back seat of their Jeep as it provides them with easy access. This is a great solution for you if you are an avid traveler and need to transport storage while you are on the go.

Likewise, if you are a solo traveler and own an SUV that has quite some space, this will work best for you. The only downside to this alternative is that if you most likely have passengers, the storage can limit the space in your vehicle, so keep this in mind before venturing into this DIY task.

5. Electric Hoists

In addition, you can also go for electric hoists as they are the perfect alternative to help you with the lifting process. These alternatives are built on heavy-duty and powerful motor setups that work incredibly well in raising or lowering the hardtop.

Another thing to appreciate about these is the fact that they are great at distributing the weight ideally, so you don’t have to worry about overall safety. Here is how much do Jeep hard tops weigh.

Similarly, they offer you strong support for your equipment, given that they are powered by heavy motors. So, if you need movable storage to facilitate basic jobs in your garage with safety, do consider this trick. Now, speaking of the downside, you will have to invest in the equipment as well as the expertise as the entire process is fairly difficult.

6. Manual Top Hoists

Manual Top Hoists

Now, speaking of manual hoists, these alternatives are largely dependent on reinforced pulleys. Unlike the electric ones, you will not have to invest in an electric motor for the lifting process.

Another reason why I really like them is because of their ability to distribute the weight evenly. Similarly, they are a lot less expensive than usual. However, I would also like to mention that this one would require expertise as you are supposed to install it and deal with the technical hurdles. So, make sure to get the needed help.

7. Transportable Carts

Another way you can store the hardtop Jeeps are the storage systems. These are like basic trolleys that provide you with versatile usage. I have used them as a lift as well as a storage space for my garage.

After finding this trick, I would say it has been the safest alternative I was able to find for my equipment. It also let me get things easily accessible while I was on the go. However, the only downside to this trick is that you will have to invest in the equipment, such as wheels, paints, and so on, which is a bit expensive.

8. DIY Storage Ideas

Last but not least, another alternative for storing your Jeep hardtop is to utilize creativity. For this purpose, you don’t need to invest separately into things and it is always ideal to use the available resources for this task.

There are a number of people on the internet that have DIYed their Jeep hardtops, so make sure to get some ideas. These can provide you with additional storage and can add beauty to your home decor. I personally like to add this in the back garage as it adds a raw vibe to the overall space.

Finally, I hope you will have an idea of how to utilize the Jeep hardtops for storage purposes, with absolute safety and security ensured.

Best Way to Store Jeep Hardtop: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Similarly, if the summer is approaching soon and you don’t have the time to do all these DIYs, yet it is important to save the top from potential weather damage, don’t worry as I am here. Also, if you do not have unlimited storage space to keep these hardtops, there is still much you can do to facilitate the job.

To save you from the struggle, I have brought together this detailed step-by-step guide on how to store your Jeep hardtop, without having to invest the time for DIY projects. So, dive right in for more.

Best Way to Store Jeep Hardtop

1. Invest in a Quality Equipment

To begin with, it is absolutely a known fact that removing the hardtop from the Jeep is not a one-man job. Hence, it is important to gather courage and willpower that can help you in facilitating the job.

First of all, you need a helping friend to facilitate the job and make sure he has the required skill set and knows the basics of removing the hardtop from the Jeep model. If you don’t have a friend, you can also get someone on board and pay them for the job, so they can also get something in return.

Now that you are all set with your buddy, it is significant that you have properly invested in the equipment. Firstly, it is ideal that you have taken some precautions that can help you in preventing any damage to the vehicle.

Here, I would advise you to go for an epoxy or protectant spray that has the ability to resist corrosion from the area you will be removing the top from. Also, go for a tool kit with basic equipment, so you can facilitate the job well.

2. Choose a Safe Space to Store

Before you start removing the top from the vehicle, it is crucial to find a safe spot to do the job and unbolt the top. Starting off, you need to have an idea about the placement of bolts in the vehicle as it is fairly significant to important.

Now, some vehicles have straightforward bolts that don’t need a specific space. Also, if you have no issues with the weather, you can even do the job in the backyard. If the placement is tough and the season will be harsh for the job, you would need a well-organized garage for the task.

3. Before you Bolt Off the Vehicle

Similarly, before you jump into the process quickly, it is ideal that you get rid of unnecessary things for a smooth experience. First of all, remove the windshield wiper cable and the fluid pipe, so that it is easy to swiftly get rid of the hardtop.

Also, make sure that you have disconnected the electric wires from both sides of the vehicle. To help you with this, I would recommend you look at all three sides and always keep them safe as you will be needing them in the later stages.

Now, it is time to lift off the hardtop from the Jeep. Although the process can be a bit tricky, I would always advise you to keep yourself calm and composed. It is equally significant to get out of the Jeep in order to get a perfect balance.

Likewise, make sure you are letting the other person participate as it is all about teamwork. Hence, take your positions ideally and after you are done unbolting the hardtop of the vehicle, lift it up and carry it away. Make sure you have put it somewhere safe and secure.

4. Invest in a Quality Cart

Last but not least, now that you have successfully removed the hardtop from your Jeep, it is time you invest in a cart for storage purposes. This is absolutely important for someone who doesn’t have the time to DIY and wants to have a safe alternative for keeping the top. A cart will not only provide you with a safe space but it will also protect the top from potential damage. Similarly, with a cart at hand, you don’t have to worry about the top falling down or gliding here and there.

5. Choose a Resting Position and Cover it Up

Another thing you need to consider while storing the Jeep hardtop is choosing a safe resting position. Make sure the storage space is convenient and easily accessible for you. In addition, it is ideal to always keep it in indoor spaces in order to protect it from potential weather damage. If you are most likely to keep it in your garage, just make sure that it is not constantly getting hit by the car.

Finally, I would always recommend you to cover the hardtop up as it will help you from potential damage. If you are going to store it in the garage, manage the temperature and humidity level in the garage to save the top from potential damage.

Here, I would also like you to go for a simple storage case or a tarp that can help you prevent scratching or dust from accumulating on the cover. To further reduce the level of damage, it is ideal to paint it now and then as it can add to its life ideally.

Why Should You Use the Jeep Hardtop for Storage?

It is equally significant to look into the things you will be needing for the process. This is because it can make the experience convenient as well as effective for you, specifically if you are a beginner.

Similarly, many people inquire whether it is difficult to remove the hardtop from your Jeep. To save your day, here are some tricks you would need to accommodate the job;

Why Should You Use the Jeep Hardtop for Storage

  • First of all, it is absolutely important that you lift the top in a straight swift motion. Never ever tilt it as although it is tempting, you will need support during the process. So, try not to drag the top with the body of the Jeep to prevent damage.
  • Similarly, it is ideal to have an idea of the weather protection while lifting the hardtop. For this, you would need some quality lubricant or epoxy spray as it can save your vehicle from potential physical damage.
  • In addition, we can also not undermine the inclusion of Jeep accessories. Hence, to facilitate the process, it is important to invest in a quality toolbox, so you can easily remove any electric connections or accessories that are already present on the vehicle’s hardtop.

Now, answering the most important question: is it difficult to remove the Jeep hardtop? Well, the answer to this question is dependent on the individual skill set and the design of the Jeep, not to mention, the level of difficulty you feel during the process.

If you are a newcomer, it can be challenging for you, specifically because of the complex and boxy construction of contemporary Jeep models. To help you with the process, I would always advise you to get a helping friend and make sure he knows basic tricks.

Can you Store the Jeep Hardtop Upside Down?

If you are someone wondering where you should put your Jeep hardtop, specifically when you are limited by the space and don’t want to invest in a DIY project. The most stable and suitable way you can store the top is in an upside-down position. However, it is absolutely significant to take proper and appropriate precautions as it will help you in keeping it safe for the most part.

To help you with this, it is always ideal that you use some level of padding so that you don’t have to worry about scratches and cracking issues. I have used this, particularly for the back seat storage and it has done wonders for me in saving my vehicle as well as the hardtops. I also really like adding straps and hooks as it secures the top down and prevents movement. Finally, I would recommend you go for a cover so that it doesn’t get dirt and dust accumulated on the top.

Is it Okay to Keep the Hardtop of Your Jeep Wrangler on its Side?

Well, people often wonder whether it is okay to store your Jeep hardtop on one side. Absolutely not, I would never advise you to use the side for Jeep Wrangler hardtop storage as it can potentially damage the top as well as the side windows of your vehicle. When you are going to position the hardtop in an upright position, you are most likely to shift its weight on one side which is not proportionate and can lead to vehicle damage on one side.

In addition, when it is stored on one side, the top makes a C-like shape which is uneven and not proportionate for the most part. Hence, using this technique would put all the weight on the bottom part of the C and will create many pressure points. This will also provide you with stress cracks on a number of spaces, providing you with a compromised lifespan and lack of stability for the most part, which is completely dangerous.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to store a Jeep hardtop?

During the summer season, many people prefer to store their Jeep tops in some space where they don’t have to worry about their security and safety. Well, there are a number of ways you can store a Jeep hardtop. Primarily, you can go for multiple DIY projects that allow you to utilize these tops as storage or lifting facilities. However, if you do not have the time, you can always keep them in a safe space.

How do you store a Jeep hardtop without a garage?

If you do not have a storage space in the garage, there are a number of ways you can keep a hardtop protected from potential damage. For the most part, you can use it as a storage space in indoor spaces as a decor item. However, if you do not have the time for DIY tasks, it is recommended that you invest in a quality cart as it saves your hardtop from potential sun damage while making it easy to access.

Can you store a Jeep hardtop on one side?

No, I would never advise you to store the Jeep hardtops on one side, as it can potentially damage the vehicle as well as its windows. This is because it creates a C-like shape that is uneven and asymmetrical to be traveled around with. In contrast, I would say keep it protected in the back seat if you are a solo traveler. Similarly, you can also store it in an upright position as it keeps the top secure and safe, even while traveling on rough and uneven terrains.

Final Thoughts

In the end, now that the summer season is approaching soon, as a Jeep owner, all I am thinking now is storing the hardtop to prevent any damage. If you are in a similar position yet are restricted by space and expertise, there are a number of things you will need to consider here. For instance, if you are restricted by space or don’t want to invest in a DIY project, you might need to have some other alternatives present.

Here, I hope this detailed guide on Jeep hardtop storage ideas can help you in facilitating the job well.

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