Jeep Key Fob Not Working: 5 Tips To Fix the Problem

Jeep Key Fob Not Working

In this modern era, cars have made several technological advancements to make driving fun, convenient, and secure for everyone. One such modern-era device is the key fob of the Jeep. It serves multiple purposes, but if you are here, it must be because your Jeep key fob is not working. If so, then this article is for you.

Jeep Key Fob Not Working

This small multi-functional device might give you a headache when encountering issues, and you have no idea what is wrong with it. We are here to help all those individuals who are going through this. This article will explore why your Jeep key fob might not be working and provide effective troubleshooting solutions. Here is the detail about, what is the red light bolt symbol in a Jeep.

Jeep Key Fob Not Working

There can be multiple reasons why the Jeep key fob is not working, and to fix it, you need to address the root cause. Let’s not waste any more time and know the reasons behind this problem. I am mentioning all the causes one by one below that might cause Jeep’s key fob to stop working.

Jeep Key Fob Not Working

Check the Battery

Don’t be surprised, like all other electronic devices, the Jeep key fob can not function without batteries. So the first thing I do when my Jeep key fob stops working is to check the batteries. Regular usage and battery drainage weaken batteries, so the Jeep key fob fails to perform any function.

An easy solution to this problem is to change the batteries and check whether the key fob is working. If the problem persists then batteries are not the problem. Read ahead to explore why the Jeep key fob is not working. Also, check out the guide on what to do when your Jeep isn’t starting.

Check the Battery

Signal Interference

If the key fob’s battery is working fine, the reason behind the non-functional key fob could be range or signal inference. There is a specific range where the key fob operates, and if you are out of range, there is potential signal interference. This is not a big issue; move closer to the vehicle, and the issue will be resolved.

Faulty Door Lock

Sometimes the problem isn’t the key fob but the door lock of the jeep. If you have tried everything mentioned above, then you should get your Jeep’s door lock checked. I have been through this, and I can imagine how frustrating it is when you replace the batteries and fix the signal problem. Still, nothing makes the key fob work.

Faulty Door Lock

Sometimes broken wire in the system or damage caused by water leads to faulty door locks. Take your car to the mechanic, who will inspect it and fix the issue. When he is done, check whether the key fob is working.

Programming Malfunction

Sometimes key fobs and the jeep’s security system lose synchronization and stop working. But it’s not something you should be worried about, just reprogram your Jeep’s key fob, and you are good to go. You need to visit a mechanic or a car dealer to reprogram the key fob because you won’t be able to do it on your own. Also, before reprogramming your key fob, check the Jeep’s manual because it varies for each model. Also check out, what is Jeep Death wobble.

Worn Out Car Batteries

It is not necessary if the Jeep key fob is not working then there is a fault in the device. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. The worn-out car batteries will also cause Jeep key fobs to stop working.

Worn Out Car Batteries

An easy way to fix this problem is to replace the batteries of your Jeep. Be careful next time and don’t leave any lights on or charge too many electrical devices from your car’s battery, which will drain its battery and reduce battery life.


Why does my Jeep key fob not work?

It can happen when the battery of a jeep or the key fob dies. Replacing the faulty battery will fix the issue.

Why did my key fob suddenly stop working?

There can be multiple reasons behind this, like a low car battery or key fob and program malfunctioning.

Why does my Jeep key fob not work after replacing the battery?

If the issue persists after replacing the batteries, inspect the key fob closely to see if there is any disconnected wire or faulty button, etc. Fixing the components of the key fob will fix the issue.

Final Words

A non-working key fob can be frustrating, but knowing the cause and how to fix the issue will save you time and energy. In this article, we discussed possible issues that stop the key fob from functioning and its solution. I hope you find it helpful. Thank you for reading.

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