Jeep Liberty Years To Avoid – Stay Away From These!

Jeep Liberty Years To Avoid

Quick Answer: 2002, 2004, and 2012 models

Thinking about a midsize and economical SUV? The Jeep Liberty is one of the top choices in this regard. One of the highlighted features of Jeep Liberty is its high off-road capability. However, the various models of jeep liberty share some common issues that the users need to avoid.

Jeep Liberty Years To Avoid

Here in this article, we are going to discuss some major issues that have plagued jeep liberty over many years, offering the users a better repair idea according to the needs of this vehicle. You can also check out, the most common problems of Jeep 2.0 Turbo.

Jeep Liberty Problems Explained

Jeep Liberty Problems Explained

1. Electric Issues

This issue is associated with the total integrated power module. The vehicles like late-model Chrysler are equipped with TIPM. The main advantage of TIPM is that it distributes and manages the entire electrical system of the vehicle. Jeeps 2011 and 2012 models are known for their faulty TIPM which causes certain electric issues.

According to the users, they have faced the issue of gauge dropping to zero whereas another issue related to this was that the vehicle was unable to start. Furthermore, these issues can also be caused by the body control module or wireless control module.

2. Power Window Issue

The most common problem of the jeep liberty 2006 and 2007 models is the bad window regulator. The problematic part of the window would make an irritating noise when rolling down.

Apart from this, they also get caught in the door latch that prevents the door of the jeep from opening. The one main solution to these problems is replacing the faulty part. Depending on the configuration and type, you can opt for a brand new jeep liberty window regulator.

In many cases, multiple times the users reported that despite replacement, various problems were associated with the operating system of the new window regulator.

With the passage of time, there was an increase in the volume of affected vehicles due to which a lawsuit was filed against these vehicles like Chrysler in 2010. After that, the lawsuit said that these vehicles equipped with the window regulator are impossible to repair.

3. Transmission Problem

The jeep liberty models of 2002-2010 reported a transmission problem caused by bad synchronizer assembly. Apart from this, the reports related to the default mode were also filed against automatic jeep liberty models of 2003, 2006, and 2010, causing the vehicle to lock at one gear. This issue can be resolved by reprogramming the PCM (powertrain control module).

4. Defective Power Door Locks And Fluid Leaks

Jeep liberty models 2002-2012 have the common issue of fluid leaks from the vehicle. The major cause of the fluid leak is the transfer case or differential pinion seal. The disadvantage of these leaks causes bearing failure, leading to grinding noise or excessive vehicle vibration.

Moreover, defective power door locks are also a common issue in both the jeep liberty generations. The only solution to this problem is the replacement of the door lock actuator which can be costly as well.

5. Unusual Noise

According to the users, the unusual noise from the exhaust manifold is the most common issue in the 2002-2010 jeep liberty models. Tapping noises around the gas tank or muffler and ticking noises from exhaust manifolds are mostly experienced by the drivers.

Moreover, these noises are caused by broken or loose bolts and gaskets. The solution to this problem is to replace these broken bolts and gaskets with new ones.

6. Engine Problem

Problems related to the engine are most common in both generations of jeep liberty. Rough idling, excessive vibration while shifting the gear, and engine knock are the most common engine issues faced by drivers. The reason behind these engine issues is the faulty intake valves.

The solution to this problem is the replacement of these faulty intake valves with new ones. Moreover, the jeep liberty 2002 also includes major other issues including the faulty engine. As engine replacement is an expensive task that leaves the drivers more frustrated.

Best Jeep Liberty Year

Jeep liberty 2009 model is considered to be one of the best models among all due to its many beneficial features. The best thing about this vehicle is that it is highly fuel efficient and a better-looking model than its predecessor.

Apart from this, this 2009 model is one of the first vehicles to receive the five stars ANCAP safety ratings. Furthermore, it also offers an exceptionally smooth and comfortable ride. The problems were there at the time of production of the vehicle but were not noticeable later on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is jeep liberty discontinued?

The decline in the sales of the jeep liberty is one of the biggest reasons behind discontinuing the model according to Cheers and Gears. Apart from this, the safety ratings also did not meet the expectations of the customers.

Do jeep liberty last long?

The durability of the jeep liberty depends upon the driver and how he drives and maintains the vehicle which has a direct impact on how long the jeep liberty lasts. However, the vehicle can last over 10-15 years.

Does jeep liberty have transmission problems?

Many drivers and owners of jeep liberty experience transmission problems including the noticeable delay between the shifts or slipping between the gears.

Is jeep liberty expensive to maintain?

Jeep Liberty is very expensive to maintain as its average maintenance and repair cost is $674. For solving the problem related to jeep liberty, the owner should pay some extra charges for maintenance and repair.

Why does my jeep liberty use so much gas?

Jeep liberty consumes large amounts of gas due to clogged fuel filters. The basic function of a fuel filter is to remove contaminants and dust from the fuel. With the passage of time, this fuel filter gets clogged and needs to be maintained timely.


Jeep Liberty is one of the most economical midsize SUVs, having high off-road capabilities. The jeep liberty has various models and each one of them shares various common problems.

One of the major problems that jeep liberty models face is power window issues, fuel leakage, high gas consumption due to clogged fuel filters, electric issues, transmission issues, engine problems, etc. These problems need to be solved either by replacing the spare parts or repairing them.

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