Jeep Patriot Years To Avoid & Why – Stay Away From These

Jeep Patriot Years To Avoid And Why

Not every SUV model provided to the users by a renowned automobile company is up to scratch. One such type of vehicle is the compact Patriot SUV introduced by Jeep.

There is no doubt that Jeep has the best SUVs in the form of numerous models of Cherokee and Wrangler. But it is also a sad reality that the Patriots have many issues that just seem to persist through the different generations of these automobiles. This doesn’t mean that the Patriot cars were a complete failure, as it is also true that you will find many admirers and satisfied users of the Jeep Patriot.

From its first model in 2007 to the last one in 2017, the Patriot vehicles have been introduced and manufactured for about a decade. The era of these SUVs came to an end with its discontinuation in 2017. This was not because the Patriots were inefficient or unreliable, it was majorly because the Patriots were not able to meet the standard and popularity that the makers had visioned for them.

Why Avoid Specific Jeep Patriot Years?

Jeep Patriot Years To Avoid And Why

Out of all of the models of Patriots, not all ones with flaws. Few tend to perform better, while others are a nightmare on the road. Here are some of the Jeep Patriot years to avoid. Keep reading.

It is not that the patriots are not worth it. You will find many SUV drivers who still own them even after almost six years of their discontinuation. It can be a really good addition to your garage.

If you are up for a simple, inexpensive, easy to maintain, effortless, fuel-efficient, compact, and convenient SUV, the Jeep patriot is the one. But some models of these jeeps are proven to have issues, which was evident by the feedback of users after use. Some, not all, things that you should keep in mind while planning to get one of these SUVs.

Unlike other vehicle lines introduced by Jeep, Patriot did not make it to the top as at the time when the models of these SUVs were introduced, the expectations of users were high. The other competitors provided the latest technology-infused vehicles which the patriot, but the price of these vehicles helped them stay in the game. Here is why Jeep Patroits are so cheap.

Not all of the models have the common jeep patriot problems. The issues that the owners of patriots might encounter while using them are transmission issues, gear problems, interrupted engine functioning, fuel pump failure, rusting, and proneness to damage.

Jeep Patriot Years To Avoid – Reliability & Problems

Now that you know these common issues, the question that arises next is, if not all then which one of the patriots have these issues? It is not that all of the latest models were the best as the trend of good and bad models has no specific order.

If you are about to get a patriot or have already got one, then you will be eager to know which model you should stay away from and what kind of issues are linked to the specific model.

Luckily you don’t have to go separately to the model owner to find the problematic ones. I have done all the effort to compile all of the jeep patriots along with the specific problem.

Jeep Patriot Years To Avoid - Reliability & Problems

Jeep Patriot 2008 Model And Its Problems

Well, the 2008 model really brought downfall to the patriot SUV. This model had issues in not just any one domain. Whether it is the build, quality of materials, durability, or internal components, all aspects of this SUV needed close attention from the makers. It was just the patriot at its worst.

Jeep Patriot 2008 Model

Imagine you are out on a long trip traveling away from the population, and suddenly it starts pouring. Water will right away pass through the small spaces on the roof including the cabin light area. How inconvenient it can be.

Well, it is not the end as the engine of the 2008 jeep patriot is not the best one too. You are not able to enjoy a smooth and comfy ride, as the engine will turn off a couple of times, which can ruin your whole trip.

Even changing gear is not easy as it is in many other types of SUV models. The transmission is the one that makes it difficult for the users to have control of gear change and power supply to the engine.

Jeep Patriot 2009 Model And Its Problems

If you think that the limitations in the 2008 model were taken care of, then you are completely wrong. Things got even worse. Instead of getting rid of the issues that the previous model had, jeep introduced the 2009 model with even more users concerning issues.

Jeep Patriot 2009 Model

Neither the roof leakage, transmission failure, nor gear issue was resolved. Above all, there were also some additional issues. The 2008 and 2009 models are merely a waste of your money, so you should never think about buying them.

The roof still had the issue of water leakage. You will observe the orange rusty liquid stains on the roof that will indicate the poor water-resistant structure. The leakage is the main contributor. You can even end up blowing the whole SUV circuit. The engine also does not run for a long time and turns off automatically.

Also, the paddle system and steering wheel will require more effort as the water leakage leads to rust. Even the outer vehicle paint will have cracks. Whenever you change the gear the sound coming from the hood will make you panic, but don’t, as it is just the poor transmission.

Jeep Patriot 2012 Model And Its Problems

The 2012 jeep patriot model might not have as many problems as compared to the previous ones. When this model was introduced, it had been five years since the first launch of the Patriot, so the manufacturers tried a little to improve the issues that users have to face while using the early models. Luckily you will not feel the rainwater dripping down the roof or experience tough gear or steering.

Jeep Patriot 2012 Model

But as the 2012 model is also not flawless, it is still one of the models that you should stay away from. Even though it has only a few issues, it really damages the performance of the jeep patriot.

These patriot problems include overheating engines, problematic temperature lights, and transmission problems. The engine turns off when overheated, the light does not turn on even if the temperature rises, and last is the gurgling sound from the transmission of the vehicle which was Continuous Vehicle Transmission.

Jeep Patriot 2015 Model And Its Problems

Even though the Jeep patriot must have improved by this time, the makers seemed to adhere religiously to the previous patriot models in functioning and structure.

Jeep Patriot 2015 Model

Unfortunately, the makers failed to improve and hit the users with something new. The 2015 Patriot’s main issue is the stalling. Imagine going on a long drive, the engine seems to stop after every instance. This can be really frustrating.

The outer paint on the 2015 jeep patriot model also can be scratched and removed easily. Which makes it similar to the 2008 and 2009 models. The transmission is not noisy as the 2012 patriot model, but the transmission still gets overheated and won’t work properly.

The engine and transmission play a significant role in the proper functioning. If both are not working properly, then you should think of something else right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest problem with the Jeep Patriot?

The main issue that left these jeeps behind in the market was that other manufacturers were infusing technology and luxury. But the jeep patriot had a more simple interior and exterior. The poor quality material and faulty components made things even worse. The makers stopped manufacturing them in 2017 and since then there has been no new model introduced.

Concluding Jeep Patriots Reliability

Many of the Jeep Patriot models brought shame to the high-end Jeep brand. Along with having no latest technology infused, many structural components don’t work properly in a number of Patriot Jeep models.

Among the jeep patriot years to avoid, 2008, 2009, 2012, and 2015 are the worst and you will need to stay away from these models. All of them have leaking roofs, transmission problems, stalling engines, overheating, and rust. Now that you know which models you will need to stay away from, you can get the model apart from these, that has what you need.

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