Jeep Screen Not Working – Reason and Fixing

Jeep Screen Not Working

Investing in a newly launched Jeep and experiencing problems with the Uconnect screen can be very disappointing. People had to face similar issues in their Jeeps because of technical glitches and power issues.

I have decided to write today’s article on jeep screen not working to address the possible reasons for it. Some of the solutions that might help in fixing the touch screen are also mentioned for your convenience.

Read the information carefully for the times when your touchscreen stops working.

Jeep Uconnect Screen Not Working

Jeep Screen Not Working

When you invest your money in an expensive car, you think that it will work fine for the next few years but the case was the opposite in the case of the Jeep. People who have recently bought the newly launched 2021 Jeep Wrangler complain that the Uconnect screen has turned black after the use of a few months. Although the car did not have any major issues, the majority of the customers made the same complaint about the Uconnect black screen.

This was something people were worried about but they observed that the camera view of the Jeep Wrangler was working perfectly fine. It made them realize that this might be a minor technical glitch that can be fixed by turning off the engine.

After trying to turn on and off the ignition switch multiple times, the Uconnect black screen was not working. This was a worrisome situation for the company too as they are known for making high-quality vehicles that last for decades if maintained properly.

As per my sources, the people who faced this screen issue used to turn off the screen while listening to music. The screen would not turn on again when they started the Jeep Wrangler. Before the launch, the company claimed that the new infotainment Uconnect screen has a great interface that allows the users to set and listen to the music as per their liking. You can also read the guide on, how to reset your Jeep’s radio.

Let me discuss some of the possible reasons that the Jeep Wrangler screen is not working. Some methods that might fix the touch screen are also mentioned below for your help.

Reasons For Jeep Wrangler Screen Not Working

Some of the reasons that might have caused the screen to turn black are discussed below. Any one of the reasons can be true which resulted in the screen turning black and unresponsive.

Read the information that is given below so you can at least have an idea about what went wrong with the Jeep’s touch screen.

Reasons For Jeep Wrangler Screen Not Working

1. Physical Damage

The first possible reason that your Uconnect black screen is not working can be physical damage. This can be caused if the screen has come in contact with the water or any of the chemical that has damaged the wiring unintentionally.

Physical damage does not only mean that the screen might have cracked or broken down. The internal damage causes way more damage than the cracking of the screen from the outside. Check out the most common Jeep compass problems.

2. Short Circuit

One of the reasons that most people tend to ignore is the short circuit within the Uconnect touch screen. Any of the wires within the screen might have stopped working due to an uneven supply of power from the engine.

The screen looks perfectly fine and the back view camera is also responsive which means that any of the wires has broken or burned within the black touch screen of your Jeep Cherokee.

3. Connectivity Issues

Most of the time, the wires move from their designated spot which results in power and connectivity issues. People who complained that the music system was working but the screen went black might have connectivity issues. Loose connecting wires can disconnect the screen while the music still plays in the background.

4. Technical Glitch

The last possible reason that the Jeep Renegade screen won’t turn on might be a technical glitch. Every reason that has been mentioned above falls into the category of technical glitches. This might be the result of resetting the screen again and again without any need.

Sometimes when you do not turn off the screen and turn off the ignition switch directly, technical glitches can be caused because the function of the Uconnect screen was interrupted.

How Can You Fix Uconnect Touch Screen?

The methods that might help in fixing the Uconnect touch screen are given below. You can try all of these ones by one with the hope that they might make a difference.

How Can You Fix Uconnect Touch Screen

1. Soft Reset

You can soft reset the black screen by using the buttons present on the steering wheel of the Jeep Compass. Keep on holding the buttons for a good 20 to 30 seconds unless you see the logo on the screen. Now you can switch off the ignition switch and then turn it on. There are chances the screen is now reset and working fine like it was before.

2. Hard Reset

The hard reset is done by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes so the system is refreshed. This might work but you have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Now you can reconnect the battery and turn on the engine of the jeep to see if the touch screen is working or not. This method is used at times when the soft reset fails to make the screen work.

3. Replace

The last method is to replace the old Uconnect touch screen with the new one. This cannot be done at home all by yourself so you will be needing some professional help. Please make sure that the new screen is wired properly. The connections are not loose so you do not have to run to the mechanic after a month.

FAQs about Jeep Screen

How do I reset my Jeep screen?

As mentioned above, you can reset the screen of the Jeep by using the buttons that are present in some of the models. This will help in resetting and the screen starts back again like normal.

How do I fix the Uconnect frozen screen?

You can fix the Uconnect frozen screen by pressing the volume button continuously for 20 to 30 seconds. This might help in unfreezing the touch screen of your Jeep.

How do I fix the Uconnect black screen?

The black touch screen by Uconnect can be fixed by soft and hard reset. This can be done when you disconnect the battery for a few minutes before starting the engine.

Final Thoughts

A brief article on jeep screens not working is discussed above for your help. You can now try different methods to unfreeze the black touch screen. Some of the common reasons why the Jeep Compass screen is not working are also given above. I hope that the article will help you identify and fix the black touch screen in your vehicle.

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