Jeep Tj Frame Recall – Detailed Guide

Jeep Tj Frame Recall

Jeep Tj was introduced in 1999 as one of the most powerful off-road vehicles of the time. With good off-road qualities, enough power, and low-cost operation it soon became one of the favorite off-roading vehicles of the Americans. After its release to date, it has got multiple frame calls from various sections of the jeep owners.  Despite multiple calls, Jeep Wrangler had never made a frame recall for jeep Tj.

It has been recalled on various other issues but not on the frame problems. But since jeep Tj frame issues are common and comparatively more prevalent, you can find many off-brand frame repair kits for jeep Tj.

Since there is no official jeep Tj frame recall by the Jeep Wrangler you must be aware of the jeep Tj frame rust issues, common problems, and their possible solutions. A frame replacement on jeep Tj can be as expensive as $35000.

Jeep Tj Frame Recall

Jeep Tj Frame Recall

Since there is no official frame recall made by Jeep Wrangler for the jeep Tj frame, many aftermarket brands have designed repair kits that can fix the damaged or worn-out frames. Before we jump to the jeep Tj problems and their solutions, it’s crucial to answer a few basic questions about jeep Tj frames.

Are All Jeep Tj Frames Same?

All jeep Tj frames are not 100% alike. Jeep Tj was introduced in 1999 and its last model was launched in 2006. All the jeep Tj frames on jeep Tj 1997 to 2002 models are the same and interchangeable. All the off-brand repair kits designed for jeep Tj 1997-2002 models are also the same.

For instance, a repair kit designed to fit jeep Tj 1997 is also fully compatible with the jeep Tj 1998-2002 models. All the frames designed for jeep Tj 2003-3006 are the same and swappable. Also, you may be able to fix the 1997-2002 jeep Tj frames on the 2003-2006 models with a little modification.

Problems With Jeep Tj Frame

Problems With Jeep Tj Frame

1. Jeep Tj Frame Rust

If you visit various jeep forums online, you will get to know that rust and rot are the biggest problems with jeep Tj frames. The lower section of the frame is highly prone to rotting since it comes in direct contact with the road’s salt, moisture, and dust.

The metallic parts rot even more quickly in rough off-roading conditions like snow. Rotted parts on the frame are a matter of serious concern. It weakens the integrity of the structure and can be dangerous in both on-road and off-road driving conditions. You can check the difference between Jeep TJ vs YJ.

2. Poor Welds

Poor welds on the frame can also lead to loose or hanging parts on the frame. Poorly welded parts in the jeep Tj frame come off easily when you drive in challenging off-road conditions. This issue is rare and Jeep experts do not consider it a design or built-in flaw. The major cause of the problem is the poor frame installation.

Jeep Tj Frame Repair

Jeep Tj frame repair is possible since there are various Tj frame repair kits available. It is pretty easy to pick up a quick and convenient solution. Jeep Tj frame repair kits are model-specific components designed to repair a particular part of the frame.

A frame repair kit designed for the center skid plates comes with 2 plates and necessary hardware. Frame repair kits come with all the necessary hardware like nuts and bolts.

All the kits are designed differently. You may or may not be able to DIY these repair kits on the jeep frame. Advanced off-brand frame repair kit features precise cutting making it easy to get a precise fit even with a little effort.

Standard Jeep Tj frame repair kits are welded onto the jeep Tj frame. You need a professional grade welder, and a premium grade cutting tool like a reciprocating saw or a plasma cutter to do the job.

The price of the jeep Tj repair kit varies between $150 to $1000. Depending upon the number of pieces it has, the quality of the material, the number of hardware components, and the ease of installation the price of the repair kit can be high or low. Even with a professional-grade jeep Tj frame repair service, you can manage the whole process for under $2500.

Jeep Tj Frame Rust Repair

If the rusted parts of the jeep Tj frame are not completely worn out you can restore them and protect them from further damage. For this process, you need:

  • A wire brush wheel with a drill.
  • Mild soap and power washer
  • A Rust Converter/Reformers
  • Rust Protector

1. Remove The Dust

Pack up your vehicle on the sturdy jack stands to get access to the rusty areas on the jeep frame. Now pair a drill with a wire brush to remove the rot and rust build-up from the frame.

2. Wash The Frame

To remove the rust leftover, dirt, grease, and grime you need a power washer. You can also introduce a mild soap to get rid of grease and grime.

3. Rust Reformer Application

Allow the frame to dry. Before you apply the rust reformer make sure there is no moisture present on the frame. Apply the rust reformer with the help of a brush. You can apply multiple coats of the rust converter to restore a healthy surface on the jeep frame.

4. Rust Protector Application

Rust protector application is a crucial step in the process. A rust protector stops the rusting process and fights well against moisture and salt. It adds rust proof surface to the frame and minimizes the maintenance requirements.

Rust protectors are available in handy aerosol spray packaging. It is advised to buy an industrial-grade rust protector that is formulated for heavy-duty automobile parts.

Jeep Tj Frame Replacement

If you buy an old jeep Tj model, you shouldn’t be surprised if its frame is damaged beyond repair. In this case, the only option you are left with is a jeep Tj frame replacement. Jeep Tj frame replacement may take as long as 3 days. It is a labor-intensive task since it involves complex assembly and disassembly processes.

An aftermarket Jeep Tj frame can be as good or even better than the original frame on the vehicle. The cost of the jeep Tj frame replacement can be as high as $30k. Depending upon the model you own, the type of frame you buy, and the installation service, the cost of jeep Tj frame replacement usually varies between $10000-$25,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Tj frames rust?

The main reason for the jeep Tj frame to rust is the moisture and dirt that sits in the frame for a longer time. Due to poor maintenance and negligence, the moisture and road salts get enough time to stay on the frame and cause rust.

Can you fix rust on a Jeep?

Yes, you can fix the rust in the jeep. If the rust damage isn’t beyond repair you can remove the dust with a wire brush and apply a rest reformer to the affected area. If the damage is beyond repair you can install a jeep frame repair kit to fix the problem.

Wrapping Up

The most significant jeep Tj frame problem is rust. Jeep Tj frames have been called many times on various jeep forums but unfortunately, it didn’t get a recall by Jeep Wrangler. I’m hopeful this post will enable you to find a quick and economical solution for your jeep Tj frame problems.

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