Jeep Tj Frame Repair Kit Guide

Jeep Tj Frame Repair Kit

If you own a jeep Tj you know how much it means to you. A few years back I purchased a Tj 2000 for my tough winter rides and off-road adventures. It was awesome as I expected apart from some minor frame issues. Unsurprisingly the rust around the frame was the most annoying thing that came with it.

When I looked around for solutions there were many to choose from. Choosing the right jeep Tj frame repair kit was a bit challenging but fortunately, I was able to bring everything down. If you want to replace or repair a jeep Tj frame, this guide is going to help you a lot. Along with the jeep Tj frame repair guide, I’ve also added the best repair kit option that you can buy in 2022.

What Is A Jeep Tj Frame Repair Kit?

Jeep Tj Frame Repair Kit

Jeep Tj frame repair kits are designed to repair the existing jeep Tj frame. You can find a wide range of frame repair kits. Depending upon your repairing needs you need to choose a perfect repair kit for your jeep Tj. Also, a particular repair kit may or may not fit the jeep Tj model you own. Here are some of the best Jeep Tj repair kits.

Jeep Tj Frame Repair Kits Reviews

Wrangler Tj Frame Center Section Rust Repair P0720

This repair kit is designed for jeep wrangler Tj 1997-200 models. It is one of the most reliable center section rust repair kits. This heavy-duty kit mounts with the center skid plate and is able to repair both passenger and driver frame rails. To reduce the welding requirements the center of plates has been formed.

Plus it consists of four 7-gauge 19-inch thick plates along with the 4 tie-in plates. These plates are welded across each side of the body mount allowing you to build an ultra-durable structure. It includes all the necessary hardware like nuts and bolts making the repairing process smooth and trouble-free. Check the difference between Jeep TJ vs YJ.

ELITEWILL 6PCS Tj Frame Rust Repair Kit

Unlike P0720 which is designed for only one center skid plate, this repair kit by ELITEWILL covers a wide section on the Tj frame. This is a 6-pc frame kit that covers the center skid plate along with the front trail and rear trail arm. The kit is compatible with jeep Tj 1992-2002 models.

The kit is constructed with high-strength 11 gauge stainless steel material with galvanized finish. It is even stronger than the existing jeep Tj frame and offers impressive resistance against rust and rot. The thickness and fit are more than impressive and if you have the right set of tools like a welder, clamps, and grinder in hand, it can be DIYed very easily. It takes you less than a day to bring everything down.

ECOTRIC 6PCS Trail Control Arm Skid Plate Frame Rust Repair Kit

Ecotric Trail control arm skid plate frame repair kit is another premium option that is designed to fit jeep Tj 1997-2002 models. It is constructed with high-strength carbon steel material and is three times stronger than the existing frame. The best part of this repair kit is that all the pieces measure between 20-22 inches.

It allows you to get a full-length repair on both sides of the frame. This is a weld-on replacement bracket, so a DIY installation may not work. The kit covers more than 90% of the frame and is the perfect option if you are looking for a high-strength replacement for off-roading applications.

Mountainpeak Full Tub Body Mount Rust Repair

Next on the list is Mauntinbaeed Full RTub body mount rust repair kit. This is a universal fit design that is made compatible with all jeep Tj models from 1997 to 2006. It is an economical option that is made with 16-gauge hot rolled high-strength carbon steel. The best part of this kit is that it can be DIYed very easily. The CNC machined holes and installation profile ensure precision and accuracy with limited effort. Even with moderate welding skills, you will be able to install this kit.

NIXFACE Rear Set Trail Control Arm Frame Rust Repair Kit

NIXFACE rear set trail control arm rust repair kit is another affordable option that is pretty easy to install. It includes full-length replacement plates for both front and rear trail control arms. Each piece on the kit measures 20-inch from end to end giving you a full-length replacement for the rotted parts of the frame.

The kit includes an upper control arm fastener that eliminates the need for cutting and also minimizes the wedding requirements. With a basic set of tools and a vehicle-specific tutorial, you will be able to install the Nixface Rust racer kit on all jeep Tj models from 1996-2002. You can check out the Jeep TJ frame recall details.

How To Repair Jeep Tj Frame – Step By Step Guide

Once you are done with the best jeep Tj frame repair kit purchase it’s time to get it on the board. This is a DIY process that’s gonna save you hundreds of dollars that you pay otherwise as the labor cost.

Tools That You Need

Tools That You Need

Wheel Chock

Wheel chocks are required to keep the wheel intact and stable. It prevents it from rolling when you are working on it.

A Jack Stand With Adjustable Height

A jack stand with adjustable height is used to support the jeep that has been raised by a jack. It is a support stand that helps you adjust the jeep’s height as per your project needs.

A Jack

A jack will enable you to lift the jeep off the ground.


When you are working with a worn-out rusted frame be ready for the rusty bolts. For rusty bolts, you need super strong lubricants and there is nothing better than WD-40. You can also use PB blaster if you don’t have access to the WD-40.

6-point Socket

A 6-point socket is the best tool to remove the nuts and bolts from the jeep body.

Impact Wrench

A battery-powered impact wrench is the handiest and most functional tool you can have. A battery-powered impact wrench is a lightweight tool that allows you to work with rusted fasteners, nuts, and bolts. It also ensures maximum efficiency when you reassemble the frame.

A Plasma Cutter Or Reciprocating Saw

The cutting process is crucial and you need a powerful cutting tool to cut off the rusted parts of the frame. A battery-powered Reciprocating saw equipped with a metal-cutting blade is highly recommended for the process.

Steps to Install a Jeep Tj Frame Repair Kit

Follow these steps to install a jeep Tj frame repair kit.

Steps To Install A Jeep Tj Frame Repair Kit

1. Jack Up The Vehicle

To give yourself some workspace, lift the jeep from all four corners using a reliable jack. Support all four corners of the jeep on a high-quality jack stand. If you are using an adjustable jack stand, you will be able to adjust the height as per your requirements. Try to adjust it to the maximum height possible. It will enable you to get maximum access to the frame.

2. Remove Everything That Connects To The Body

Remove the skid plate, transfer case mounting bolts, the steering shaft, the wiring harness, hoses, and brake lines. Also, you need to cut the rear brake cable bracket. The rear brake cable bracket connects to the frame on the driver’s side only. Plus, you need to drain fields and remove the battery, axles, and drivetrains.

3. Remove The Skid Plate

Remove the skid plate from the body. Removing the rusted and rotted bolts and nuts can be challenging. If you apply a force you may end up damaging the holes and skid plate existing bolts. It is recommended to clean the skid plate from the assembly.

4. Cutting

The next step is to rust and worn-out frames. Whether you are replacing a center skid plate for the front rail arm or rear trail arm, you need to mark off all the areas before cutting. You need to cut the whole worn-out frame at the bottom. But on top leave at least 1-inch. It will be overlapped by the repair kit plates.

Mark the mounting points accordingly. Now you can cut the rusted areas using a plasma cutter or a reciprocating saw. Make sure the reciprocating saw is equipped with a blade that can cut the metal. Also, the tool should be powerful enough to glide through the metal.

5. Assemble the Kit

The repair kit comes with bolts that are mounted on the plates. You need to weld the bolts to the plate. Keep the plates on a flat surface. A kit includes two plates when you are repairing the center skid plate. The plate that is labeled P is the passenger side plate and the plate that is labeled D is the driver side plate. The same thing goes for the bolts.

Insert the bolts inside the holes as per instructions provided in the manual. Press the bolts well against the hole to get a perfect fit. Now you can fix the past using 1/2-inch nuts. These nuts usually come with jeep frame repair kits. Once you’re done with the assembly, keep the nuts flat at the bottom of the plate. Then weld everything to get a solid and intact structure.

6. Mark the welding Pints

Now, it’s time to mark the point you need to weld the frame. Set the kit in space and hold it tight up the frame. Make sure you hold it tight enough that it gets its right place on the fame. It will enable you to roughly mark the areas where you need to weld.

7. Installation of the Skid Plate

Side the skid over the frame. It will overlap the 1-inch area that is left uncut. You can use the clamps to hold the kit in the right position on the frame. Make sure the kit, skid plate, and transfer case are perfectly aligned. Weld around all the corners to make the seams 100% solid.

Mount the skid plate back to the body and reconnect the battery, wiring harness, and everything that was unplugged in the first step. This is a general guide that will enable you to install a jeep Tj frame repair kit. It is recommended to refer to a model-specific guide to get the right measurements and detailed instructions. Also, you need to refer to the installation guide that comes with a repair kit.

Rust And Corrosion Repair

If the rotted parts are not fully damaged you can remove the rust and make them fully protected against rust and corrosion for a long time. Installation of a repair kit can be hectic and costly. So it’s a good idea to check the jeep Tj frame to have an idea if you can control the rust or not. Follow these steps to handle the rust issue on the jeep Tj frame.

Rust And Corrosion Repair


Jack up your jeep on a sturdy jack stand to figure out the area that has been affected by rust. To clean the area it is recommended to use a wire brush wheel with a drill. This power tool combination allows you to get the cleaning done with a little effort.


Once you have removed all the dirt, it’s time to wash the frame. A power washer allows you to remove the grease, rust left over, grime and dust from the frame. Wait until the workspace and frame are fully dried and then move to the next step.

Apply The Rust Converter

Rust converters or rust reformers are specialized products that allow you to restore rusted automobile parts. These products stop the rusting process and fight against corrosion in the future. Apply the rust reformer on the frame using a brush. A single coat takes around 3 to 4 hours to get fully dried. Once the first coat is dried apply a second coat and leave the frame for 24 hours.

Applying The Asphalt Undercoating

Black asphalt undercoating is highly recommended to make your jeep Tj frame completely moisture-proof. This coating makes the frame waterproof and resists corrosion for many years to come. Asphalt undercoating comes in handy aerosol spray packaging making it easier to apply even coats. Depending upon the product you’re using and the frame requirement you may need to apply more than one coat of the asphalt undercoating.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Jeep Tj Frame Repair Kit?

Depending upon the frame area you want to cover, the kind of tools you own, and your expertise level, it may take you somewhere between 24-48 hours. If you cover only the center plate section with professional-grade tools like a plasma cutter it may take you only one day to get everything fixed.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Jeep Tj Frame?

The cost of the jeep Tj frame repair depends upon the type of toolkit you buy, the intensity of the issue, and labor cost. If the damage is limited to only one part like the center skid plate you may be able to fix the problem by installing a repair kit. You can manage the repairing process as low as under $1000.

However, if the frame is completely worn out you may need to replace the whole structure. Professional installation is recommended for this demanding process and therefore the labor cost is also added to the process. Jeep Tj frame replacement costs can be as high as $35000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Jeep Tj frames the same?

All Jeep Tj frames are not actually the same. Jeep Tj frames from 1997 to 2002 are the same and interchangeable. Also, aftermarket frames designed for a jeep Tj model in this range will fit all other models. Similarly, Jeep Tj frames on 2003-2006 models are the same and interchangeable.

Why do Wrangler frames rust?

Frames of the jeep Wrangler come in direct contact with water, dust, and road salt. Salt, dust, and moisture sit on the frame for a long period of time and cause the frame to rust.

Is frame damage fixable?

Yes, frame damage is fixable. Whether the frame damage is due to collision or rust, you can easily fix it by installing a repair kit. Repair kits are designed to replace the damaged or worn-out parts of the frames.

Can you fix the frame rust?

Yes, you can fix frame rust. If the frame is rusted but not damaged you can clean and restore it. Also, you can replace the rusted and worn-out part with a frame repair kit.

Wrapping Up

The guide is based on my experience with jeep Tj frame repair and I’m hopeful that it will enable you to figure out a budget-friendly and most convenient solution. Jeep Tj frame repair kits have made it easier to get rid of the outlandish, damaged frame parts on your jeep. Jeep Tj repair kit installation is costly since it is a labor-extensive task. While buying a new repair kit you should consider its strength, dimensions, and compatibility with the jeep Tj model you own.

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