Jeep Traction Control Light And Loss Of Power – Detailed Guide

Jeep Traction Control Light And Loss Of Power

A sudden loss of power while driving the jeep and the traction control light turned on can affect the enjoyment crips of the trip. It not only occurs often but once the problem triggers and it starts irritating, it eats more energy as well as more fuel. There might be several reasons behind the jeep’s traction control system malfunctioning and the loss of power and these can be solved by trying a few methods.

I cannot tell you everything in a passage but I can summarize the technological information in steps. Actually, the problem has many dimensions and sometimes you need to uncover layer after layer to understand the jeep traction control system. However, every challenge is a way to learn more and especially if it is about stability and balance of the vehicle, you must be reluctant and pursue this article carefully. Buckle up, we are starting!

Jeep Traction Control Light And Loss Of Power

Jeep Traction Control Light And Loss Of Power

First, I will introduce you briefly to the jeep traction system and how it works. The system especially in jeeps exists to maintain stability and balance while running on the slippery surface. Imagine, you are driving on ice, the normal vehicle’s wheels slip but the jeep’s wheels are maintained by the jeep traction system.

The system is based on smart detectors which anticipate and recognize slippery surfaces. As the slippery road comes, sensors inform it to the traction system and the panel slows down the speed, applies brakes, and consumes more energy to keep the stability for the sake of safety. Jeep traction systems are one of the best technological innovations of our time and have saved millions of lives. You can also check, Traction control light On and car won’t accelerate.

But what if your vehicle slips on the ice? You might face an accident because of less friction. That’s why you must have this intelligent and self-efficient system in your jeep. Anyway, a few problems occur often with people, they have reported that the system does not work accurately and suddenly the power goes off. Let’s discover each problem and then their solutions.

1. Problem With The Electronic Throttle Control System (ETC)

The first problem in the docket is the malfunctioning of ETC. If you do not know, it is a system in vehicles to detect the engine speed and position of the pedal for speed. In case glitching occurs in any part of the system such as circuits, the information is considered a problem by the computer of the system. In this way, the system turns on the light of the jeep traction control and turns off the power. You can also read, why your Jeep is not starting and what you should do.


  1. Clean Throttle: The problem may occur because of dirt and dust on the throttle system. In many cases, cleaning the throttle has proved itself. You can also try this method, but be careful and avoid applying force, you may damage it.
  2. Replacing Pedal Position Sensor: The traction system light on may also occur because of wrong sensor information. You can replace the accelerator’s pedal position, it can help you to restore accurate functionality.
  3. Check Wiring And Repairment: Wiring can cause serious damage if you do not sort it out earlier. Inspect the wiring of the system and in case you detect damage, seek professional help.

2. One Or More Tires Slower Speed

The problem is not as simple as it seems, in more simple words, light may flicker on if one tire is rotating at a lower speed than the others. If other tires are slow except one, the traction control system may also malfunction. The wheel speed detectors gather information on the wheel rotation speed and provide it to the traction control system. In case this problem occurs, the system turns on the light and switches off power.


  1. Inspect Wheel Speed Sensors: First, check if the speed sensor of the wheels is working appropriately. If you spot the problem, replace circuits and you can also change the sensors for better response.
  2. Check ABS Module: This system is responsible for controlling the traction and managing the brake panel. If the system is glitching, check wire connections but replacing the panel will help you more.

3. Deteriorated Brake Pads

Sometimes, the brake pads can also turn the jeep’s traction system light on. Deeply, there are sensors connected to the pads and these sensors provide information to the panel of traction. If the system detects the pads are not providing the appropriate information, they may switch on the light visible on the dashboard.


  1. I will suggest that you should change the brake pads because they not only cause power loss again and again but also endanger your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can traction control cause loss of power?

Yes, it can cause loss of power, basically, the panel is responsible for providing more traction in case your vehicle comes in contact with slippery roads. The system increases traction by detecting it with the help of sensors. It reduces the engine’s power and then the speed of the wheels. Hence, it can lower the power and as a result, loss of power.

Does traction control affect acceleration?

The traction control system looks after the speed and rotation of the wheels. It slows down the pace of your vehicle and provides more traction to the wheels. It means the panel affects the acceleration and brake system.

Does traction control affect the engine?

The panel performs all activities such as lowering the speed and increasing traction by controlling the engine. It can also increase and decrease the power of the engine for enhancing control on the slippery surface.


There is no alternative to life, you must take care while driving and check all significant automatic features such as the traction control system. However, you can fix any problem with the help of this guide. It concludes that the semi-technological problems of the traction control panel are manageable. I have mentioned the most occurring problems of the traction control panel and their solutions. I hope you find this guide helpful.

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