Jeep Won’t Start – Here’s What To Do

jeep wont turn over

Like any other vehicle out there, a jeep also has a complex system that works together to make the large machine move. There can be times when your jeep refuses to start. Many newbie jeep owners dread such situations as there can be numerous reasons behind them. Starting a jeep has no rocket science behind it. You will just have to put the jeep’s key in the ignition switch and turn it over. You will hear and feel the internal system starting. If this is not the case, then there might be an issue with any of the components of your jeep. You will have to first identify the cause before repairing it.

jeep wont start

When you encounter such a situation, the first thing that pops up in your mind will be the question, why won’t my jeep start? Fortunately, because of my over a decade of experience in dealing with jeeps, I have compiled all of the possible causal factors behind this problem. It can be something as simple as an issue of low fuel or it can be some issue with the components of your jeep that are responsible for turning it on. Poor battery, damaged wiring, loose cables, starter issues, or poor ignition switch can also be a contributor to this issue. So, without further ado, let’s sink into the details of these. Here is the guide on what is Jeep death wobble.

Jeep Won’t Start – Different Reasons & Their Solution Explained

There are numerous conditions when it comes to a jeep that fails to start. You might get tensed at first but not anymore as these issues can be addressed really easily. Consulting a professional mechanic costs you a lot. With some guidance, you can get the task done all by yourself. If you have already experienced this problem a number of times before, then you will be aware that sometimes not a single component seems to move.

But there are times that your jeep lights and radio turn on, but the engine is dead. Sometimes there is no power, while on another occasion the engine starts but the jeep won’t. Whereas on some occasions the jeep just doesn’t turn over. All of these different situations have different causal factors. You will first have to properly observe and identify which one of the above-mentioned situations you have. Then you will be properly able to find the correct solution for your jeep. Keep on reading to find out the main causes of why your jeep fails to start.

1. Jeep Won’t Turn Over

Your Jeep’s engine won’t start if your jeep won’t turn over. The mechanism behind starting your jeep involves the interconnected components which include the ignition switch, starter, spark plug, crankshaft, and engine. If any one of these components is faulty, then your crankshaft won’t move and in turn, your engine will also fail to start. So here are some causes and their solution.

jeep wont turn over

Causes And Their Solutions

1. Battery problems can be the one responsible for your jeep’s inability to turn over. The battery is the one powering your spark plug which starts the combustion. Without it, there will be no spark igniting the process. Your battery can either be dead or low. The other problem with the battery can be rust and corrosion. You will have to examine the battery with a voltmeter. You can see whether the issue is a rusty or out-of-power battery. If a poor charge is an issue you can jump-start it to give it a new life. Otherwise, you should get a new one right away.

2. Ignition switches can also play a role in not letting your jeep turn over. If the key either does not move or the switch won’t work, then your car will not turn over as the ignition switch acts as the precursor of the turning-over process. Your ignition switch can be worn out, damaged, or simply too old to work. You will have to replace the old one with a new one.

3. Starter is the most important component of your car when it comes to the turning-over process. The starter is responsible for moving the crankshaft which will further start the engine. If the starter is broken or has become too old, then you will have to replace it in order to turn over your jeep.

4. Loose wiring is also a simple but frustrating issue as your jeep will refuse to start if any single wire has lost its connection. The battery cables are likely to become loose. So, when the problem arises you should find which one is the one and make sure to attach it back. Make sure to see the earth cable, the bridge connection between batteries, and the wires connecting to the engine.

2. Jeep Won’t Start But Has Power – Radio & Lights Working

It is one of the most confusing situations in which your jeep won’t start properly. As it seems that the jeep is about to start, but doesn’t move forward. The engine of your jeep will also have no power. But the radio and headlights of your jeep are working efficiently. You might be wondering why my jeep wrangler won’t start but has power. There can be many reasons, so keep on reading to find out what are those. You can also read, how you can reset your Jeep Wrangler radio.

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Causes And Their Solution

1. The jeep has a complex electrical system that makes it work. This system cannot work without having a number of fuses in it. The reason behind your jeep failing to start can be a worn-out fuse that needs to be repaired. You will have to search for the problematic one and exchange it with a new one.

2. Low voltage batteries can also be a contributor. Your battery might not have the amount of charge required to start the jeep, but have a little power that it supplies to the lights and radio system. You will have to jump-start your jeep’s battery in order for it to work.

3. One of the most obvious causes behind the jeep falling to start can be a non-functional component that is responsible for turning over apart from the battery. So you will have to find out which it is and repair it.

4. Corroded terminals of the battery will interrupt the power flow, so this kind of interrupted supply will stop the engine, but the light will be able to get the supply it needs. You will have to get rid of it by using different methods.

3. Jeep Won’t Start But Turn Over

If your jeep won’t start correctly but turn, then you will have not many options to choose from as there are not many reasons behind this issue. When you put your key in the switch the jeep will turn over and you will hear the internal components of the jeep that have started working, but when you will select the gears to move forward, nothing will happen. This means that your jeep is not starting, but the sound coming from the hood shows that it has turned over.

jeep wont turn over

Causes And Their Solution

1. Fuel injectors are responsible for the proper supply of fuel to the engine. Without fuel, it is impossible for the jeep to move an inch. As it plays no role in the turning over process, so even if it’s damaged or clogged the jeep will turn over, but will not start correctly. If it is clogged, make it clean. But if it is broken the only solution is to replace it.

2. Broken components like the spark plug and the starter might be the main reason behind this issue. So, check them, if there is any sign of damage, you will have to get a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a Jeep to not start?

A jeep will fail to start because of numerous issues. Your jeep’s complex system has many components, so the issue can be with any one of them. These components may include a damaged or old ignition switch, starter, spark plug, fuel injector, crankshaft, or fuse. The problem can also be with the battery. The battery might be having low voltage or can be completely dead. It can also have rusty terminals that can contribute to the jeep not starting properly.

Conclusion On Why Jeep Won’t Start

I hope that now you know why your jeep won’t start. There are many different situations that you may encounter when it comes to a jeep that is refusing to start properly. You can either have a situation in which your jeep has power but still not starting, or it can be a situation in which it turns over, but won’t start. On the other hand, there can even be situations in which your jeep event fails to turn over. There can be many faulty parts of your jeep causing it. Loose connection or circuit issues can be one of the contributors. Just don’t panic, closely observe the situation, find the cause, and work on solving it.

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