Jeep Wrangler Easter Eggs – Detailed Guide

Jeep Wrangler Easter Eggs

Surely, many of you must be driving your jeep wranglers without knowing the hidden secrets. Jeep wranglers are quite advanced vehicles with a variety of different and amazing hidden features. There are many different varieties of easter eggs available in your jeep that need to be identified in order to enjoy the great riding experience. Easter eggs are quite difficult and hard to find as they are dedicated to the smallest details of the jeep.

I know you must be very curious to know the availability of easter eggs in order to fully enjoy the hidden features of the jeep wrangler. In this article, I will tell you about what jeep wrangler easter eggs are, and where to find them. Read the article carefully so that you cannot miss any important detail of jeep wrangler easter eggs.

Jeep Wrangler Easter Eggs

Jeep Wrangler Easter Eggs

This article will surely help you discover the little fun hidden features of the jeep wrangler. The jeep wrangler is one of the most famous jeeps of all time with special features. Some features of the jeep wrangler are quite obvious while some are hidden features, which need to be discovered in order to experience great riding.

Many amazing hidden features were introduced after the fourth generation of the jeep wrangler. If you own a jeep wrangler but are still unaware of its easter eggs then it is the right time to dig them out. Well, here are some of the exciting features of the jeep wrangler that you can find to enjoy perfect riding.

Hidden Features

1. Removable Door Panels And Roof

Sometimes the features of a jeep wrangler are hidden and you are unable to detect them. The most exciting and functional easter egg of the jeep wrangler is the removable door panels and roof. Removing the roof from the jeep wrangler will help you get some fresh air during warm weather. It means that now you can enjoy your summer vacation trip more by removing the jeep wrangler rooftop. It regulates the fresh air and keeps the cool environment inside the jeep.

Also, you can remove the door panels of the jeep wrangler in order to keep some important stuff there. Behind the door panels is a special storage area that you can utilize for keeping private things.

2. Easy Clean-Up Interior

Another important cosmetic easter egg of the jeep wrangler is the cleaning of the interior as it is waterproof and causes no damage to the vehicle. Sometimes opening the rooftop makes your jeep interior quite dirty.

Well, many people are afraid to wash their jeep from the inside as they think that it will ruin the system of the jeep. The good news is that you can easily clean up the interior without worrying about the jeep elements. Make sure to remove the carpets as washing carpets inside will create a mess.

3. Hidden Images

The most exciting feature of the jeep wrangler is the hidden images. Well, hunting hidden images is one of the fun things you can do. Some of the hidden images are engraved in the glass while some are embossed inside the jeep wrangler interior. Also, you can find hidden images in the interior and exterior trim, which are mostly on the engine side.

Some images are present on the windshield, which is present at the edge side of it. Another hidden image that you can find is the black lizard under the windshield wipers. Beneath the floor mats, you can find the topographical maps, which are basically of the Moab Desert. In some models of jeep wrangler when you open the gas tank you will find the spider saying “Ciao Baby”.

Some hidden images are funny while some are of nature and all these images are built to enjoy the thrilling ride. In some jeep wranglers, you will find the Amercian map, Loch Ness Monster, T.Rex, and Bigfoot. Rearview mirrors, headlights, system speakers, tail lights, and trunk doors are all places where you can find different motif designs.

4. Hidden Storage Spaces

Well, having a jeep with multiple storage spaces is a big requirement. Jeep wrangler surprisingly offers many hidden storage spaces in order to keep your personal stuff inside. There is a roomy tank where you can keep your gear and equipment easily.

Also, there are storage bins, which are best to put all the important stuff in. There is a secret center console for keeping all sorts of things inside. A lockbox is also available under the front seat, which makes sure to keep all your valuable things safe there.

5. Morse Code

Well, there are many morse codes available in the jeep wrangler, which are available in different designs. Some morse codes are snow, rocks, rivers, and sand. Some special morse codes are present on the dashboard, which are written in stylish letters like JL which represents the fourth generation and JK represents the third generation Wrangler.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Jeeps Models have Easter Eggs?

The famous jeep models that have all hidden secret features are Jeep Cherokee, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Renegade, and Gladiator.

Do Jeep Patriots have Easter Eggs?

No, jeep Patriots has no hidden easter eggs as it is available in a simple design with no additional symbols and labels inside.

Does Jeep Grand Cherokee have Easter Eggs?

Yes, Jeep Grand Cherokee is an advanced jeep with many different hidden features, which gives an amazing riding experience.

What is the hidden animal Easter egg on Jeep Wrangler?

Hidden animal easter egg on a jeep wrangler means that there is a plastic sticker on your jeep, which can be seen in different places.


Well, I hope that now you have got an idea about jeep wrangler easter eggs. After reading this article, you will be able to find out the hidden features to enjoy a terrific riding experience. Jeep wranglers have amazing features and using those features will make your riding adventure more fulfilling. Improve your riding experience by hunting different easter eggs of jeep wrangler.

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