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Kia Tasman Badge Teaser 2024 Professional Pickup

Kia has confirmed that their upcoming rival to the Ford Ranger will be called the Tasman. Name, which has been which has been with the truck since last summerinspired by Australia's rugged Tasmanian state, which will also be the van's first delivery location.

The Kia Tasman will be the first C-segment car, offering a balance between performance horsepower and the comfort and convenience of a luxury lifestyle car.

Kia has not yet confirmed the technical details, but it is expected that the van will be available with the 2.2 liter diesel engine that powers the Kia Sorento and Hyundai Palisade SUVs in different areas. This engine produces up to 200hp of power and 440Nm of torque.

While more than 100 vans are being tested around the world, it's unlikely we'll see the Tasman in the UK at the moment, with sources telling us there are no plans to import the car.

However, the UK government's Intellectual Property Office approved the registration of the Kia Tasman trademark in July 2023.

The new model will be introduced in Australia in 2025, followed by phased global launches in markets such as Korea, Africa and the Middle East.

Kia Concept PV5 Pickup
Kia Concept PV5 Pickup

In the same year, Kia's first electric vehicles PBV will be introduced, and Transit Custom-size PV5 being the first to arrive in Europe. At the CES show in January 2024, Kia showed a variant of the used car, which will not be offered as an option in the UK.

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