Loic Bruni Takes Viewers Behind the Scenes at the First Downhill Race

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Downhill World Cup racers often set their sights on smaller races early in the season to get them back up to season speed.

Loic Bruni chose the trophy for Portugal at Seia. Watch his vlog from the event below.

In this video, Bruni raced the Seia Portugal Cup before visiting a meatpacking plant and receiving test measurements. Bruni sure got busy!

Bruni, who is coming off the back of winning the overall title in 2023, is one of the fastest and most consistent runners in the world. However, Brit Ethan Craik beat him in the race. Bruni's compatriot Loris Vergier finished third.

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Loic Bruni is one of the most successful runners in the world. In recent years, he has been growing his YouTube channel. For many runners, running alone is not that important today, riders should focus on their product.

Loic's personality and riding style make him the perfect rider to feature on his YouTube channel.

While there is no mountain biking sportsbook, if there were, Loic Bruni would be the safest bet going into 2024.

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