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Maxus is gearing up for the UK launch of its eDeliver 5 van. Slotting in between the compact eDeliver 3 and the recently launched eDeliver 7, the eDeliver 5 looks set to compete with stylish vans like the Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo and mainstream rivals like the Ford Transit Custom and Vauxhall Vivaro.

Built on the same platform as the eDeliver 7, the more compact van is equipped with a 51kWh battery pack for the Chinese home market, powered by a 95hp engine. In the UK, it's likely to use the same 77kWh battery and 204hp electric motor as its big brother, which should lead to fun performance in a small, light van.

Maxus eDeliver 5 (badged as Dana V1) in China.

With the same amount of energy stored as its eDeliver 7 grandchild, we can estimate the range of the electric car at more than 225 miles. Fast charging will also be available at rates of up to 80kW, ensuring that 20-80% charging can be completed in 35 minutes.

Despite its diminutive dimensions—the eDeliver 5 will measure up to 4.8 meters long, almost 20cm shorter than the Vauxhall Vivaro—the cargo volume is offered at up to 7.3m3, compared to 4.8m3 for the smaller eDeliver 3 and above. 6.7m3 for the large eDeliver 7. Access to the loading box is made easy with sliding doors on both sides of the van and rear hatch doors. The 520mm floor height should make manual loading easy, too.

Maxus eDeliver 5 (badged as Dana V1) in China.  CC-Zero license.
Maxus eDeliver 5 (badged as Dana V1) in China.

Maxus is expected to offer two body lengths, as well as a chassis cab option for bodybuilders and converters, but full details of cargo volume will be revealed when the van is officially unveiled Commercial Vehicle ShowExternal Link Icon 2021 Professional Pickup in April.

Similarly, payload limits are currently unknown, although the eDeliver 7 has an impressive 1,200kg limit. It would be safe to assume that some variants of the new eDeliver 5 could reach 1,000kg.

The compact cabin promises a 12.3-inch infotainment screen mounted centrally on the dashboard, with a small digital display for the driver's instrument panel. The highly digital experience is balanced by practical touches, such as 18 storage spaces in the passenger compartment that can swallow up to 100 liters of bits and bobs.

Maxus eDeliver 5 cabin

Maxus eDeliver 5: Price and availability

The first chance to see the eDeliver 5 in the UK will be its debut at the April motor show, where it will join the rest of the Maxus range. Pricing details have yet to be announced, but initial UK deliveries are expected later this year.

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