Nearly 100k 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra recalled over engine failure concerns

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A press release has recently been released stating that there will likely be approximately 100k 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra recalls along with Lexus LX models.

2022-2023 Toyota Tundra Recalled

The press statement says:

It is possible that some mechanical debris may not have been removed from the engine during manufacture. In affected vehicles, this can lead to possible engine knocking, engine misfiring, engine failure and/or loss of engine power. Losing traction while driving at high speeds can increase the risk of a crash.

According to various forums and Facebook groups, there have been many reports about the issue with the spun engine. This bearing can lead to complete engine failure and many suspect that this recall is related to that issue.

Interestingly, Toyota says the recall will only affect regular gasoline models and not hybrid powertrains.

At this time, the company also says it is working on a fix for the issue and will update owners when that information becomes available.

There is an official document below that sets out the information so far.

This is a big milestone for Toyota when you consider that they sold 125,185 Toyota Tundra trucks last year and 36,215 in the first quarter of 2024. Those are a mix of hybrid and gasoline trucks. Lexus LX sales total less than 3,000 vehicles as of early 2023.

Since this is a recall, all affected trucks must be inspected and any repairs such as a complete engine replacement will be covered.

A Facebook post showed the repair bill for the new engine totaling nearly $30,000. You will find pictures of the parts list without delivery. The work was up to $6,500.

The official NHTSA recall notice should be issued in the coming days.

2022-2024 Toyota Tundra Recall

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Page 1 of the parts involved in engine replacement.

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Page 2 of the replacement engine price breakdown.

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