New BFGoodrich Tire Designed for High Torque and Tough Conditions

HDTerrain resized

BFGoodrich Tires has announced the launch of its new BFGoodrich HD-Terrain T/A KT tire, designed for heavy-duty trucks. Scheduled to be released on April 1, this tire is designed for vehicles operating under high torque and in extreme conditions.

The development of the HD-Terrain tire is a response to the growing demand for durable tires in challenging work environments. Unlike conventional tires designed for off-road recreational vehicles, the HD-Terrain T/A KT tire is designed specifically for heavy-duty applications. According to Stephen Peters, Product Director of BFGoodrich, this tire addresses a gap in the market for solid tires suitable for heavy-duty trucks.

Key features of the HD-Terrain tire include its new tread compound, designed to resist cracking and tearing, and its robust construction ensures sidewall durability. These tires have been rigorously tested in extreme conditions, demonstrating durability and strength. The tire's design is focused on meeting the increasing demands of heavy-duty trucks, making it suitable for a variety of tasks, from transporting heavy loads to towing equipment.

In addition, the HD-Terrain tire includes features such as “Mud-Phobic” beams and a suspended shoulder design, which improves traction on various surfaces, including rocks and mud. Its CoreGard technology also improves its durability, especially against sidewall splits. This design feature is critical to reducing downtime and maintaining performance both on and off the job site.

The tire also has notable success, sporting a “Baja Champion” label on its sidewall, a testament to its victory in the SCORE Baja 500 class in 2021.

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