Remixed icon: Ducati Monster 821 customized by Jerem Motorcycles

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Before Ducati took over Monster sadly by ditching its signature trellis frame and replacing it with plastic, the Ducati Monster 821 was the best new Monster you could find. Placed alongside the smaller, air-cooled Monster 797, and the bonkers, liquid-cooled Monster 1200, it was more refined than the former and more manoeuvrable than the latter. The 821 was a perfectly balanced package, packing a wallop of 112 horses, and dripping with Italian swagger and brutal elegance.

This custom Ducati Monster 821 brings back some of that beauty, and dials up the 821's inherent brutality. Jérémie Duchampt's work at Jerem Motorcycles in France, and it's so bold that we can't help but love it.

Custom Ducati Monster 821 by Jerem Motorcycles
The ultimate visual highlight is the incredibly redesigned Monster 821. Jérémie kept the OEM fuel tank but left everything behind. He then made a small trellis-style frame, which he welded directly to the new seat pan.

The custom seat it sits on offers the same amount of real estate as the original perch, except for the passenger berths. The upholstery is beautiful; released by Yaya Brush Sellerie, it uses two different fabrics with different stitching, giving you a modern feel of a muscle car.

Custom Ducati Monster 821 by Jerem Motorcycles
A pair of aftermarket mufflers exit from under the seat, paying homage to the underseat exhaust systems on older Monsters. The cans are connected to the stock headers by means of hand-made connecting pipes. And if you look closely at the subframe, you will see a combination of Kellermann taillights and turn signal LEDs, which are installed in the integrated trunks.

The one who understands The Ducatisti you'll notice that the 821 no longer wears its double-sided swingarm. Instead, Jérémie modified a single-sided burly unit from a Monster 1200S to fit. An Öhlins shock lifts the rear.

Custom Ducati Monster 821 by Jerem Motorcycles
Jérémie also fitted the big Monster wheels, which meant he had to machine a few parts to fit. The 821 still uses its stock forks and Brembo brakes, but they've been rebuilt and lubricated. New discs and pads ensure that the Monster stands as good as it looks, while Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires give the bike great road performance.

Next, Jérémie threw a truckload of lovely Ducati-specific hop-up parts on the 821. The lineup includes a hydraulic clutch conversion from Ducabike, a CNC Racing slave cylinder, a GB Racing water pump, and upgraded pipes.

Custom Ducati Monster 821 by Jerem Motorcycles
The cockpit has new clip-ons, with a Jerem-branded nameplate covering the original squares. Jérémie kept the OEM switches and dashboard, but changed the handlebars and added CNC machined bar end mirrors. The brake and clutch controls are from Accossato, and the rear is from CNC Racing.

The front is finished with an LED headlight and Kellermann turn signals, mounted on custom headlight brackets. A handcrafted aluminum fender sits very low, while a custom belly pan adds a sporty touch to the Ducati.

Custom Ducati Monster 821 by Jerem Motorcycles
The new beauty of the Monster 821 is reinforced by an even greater contrast. Alpine blue dominates the structure, adorning the forks, fuel tank, and underframe. The gold acts as an accent color, covering a few select hard parts and the 821's trellis frame, while visually connecting the top frame tube to the yellow rear shock spring.

The powertrain is almost completely out. That's partly because of the endless array of carbon fiber covers, but also because of the crisp-black paint on the ignition cover.

Custom Ducati Monster 821 by Jerem Motorcycles
Boldly nicknamed 'Icon,' Jérémie's reimagining of the Monster 821 is unapologetic and unapologetic, but also deliciously done. We certainly wouldn't turn down a ride.

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Custom Ducati Monster 821 by Jerem Motorcycles

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