Rider pokes fun at his fall in a Hilarious Instagram Reel


The internet is full of trends chosen by mountain bikers. One of the funniest things is the use of funny sound clips that cover the rides on instagram reels.

Watch Tavo Nunez use stock audio to discuss the crash below.

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A post shared by Tavo Nunez (@tavonunez83)

In the video, Nunez fell on a sharp sheet and washed his front tire before crashing into a tree. Sound is precious.

Nunez is right in his caption. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Tavo's crash is a good lesson about steep sections. If you install one, make sure you have the right line. If you are pulled out of line, there is no way to stop and the result can be catastrophic.

In addition, electric bikes are heavy and difficult to control in steep sections like this one.

Luckily Nunez was fine after this fall and was unharmed.

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