Rivian Unveils New Electric SUVs: R2, R3, and R3X


Rivian sent shockwaves through the electric car world yesterday, unveiling not one, but three new additions to its lineup. The highly anticipated R2 SUV took center stage, promising a combination of road-ready power and eco-friendly testing with a starting MSRP of $45,000. But the real surprise came in the form of the R3 and R3X, two unexpected SUVs that showed that Rivian might exist in the sports market.

The R2 SUV will have a retractable rear window integrated with its tailgate.

R2: Off-Road Adventure Goes Electric (Available Early 2026)

The R2 takes clear design inspiration from its bigger sibling the R1S, offering a rugged aesthetic built for off-road enthusiasts. Built on a new platform that uses a structural battery pack, now using 4695 large cells, the R2 is designed as a tw0 five-passenger SUV. Expect single-, dual-, and triple-motor setups for 0-60 times as low as 3.0 seconds, and a range topping out at 300 miles. One of the best features available on the R2 is the drop-down rear window integrated into the tailgate, something Toyota 4Runner owners have enjoyed for years. Bookings for the R2 are now open on Rivian's website, with deliveries scheduled for early 2026, and judging by the responses on RivianOwnersForum.com, the waiting list for the R2 will be long.

Rivian Goes Rogue? R3 and R3X Spark Curiosity

In a true “one thing” moment, CEO RJ Scaringe introduced the R3 and R3X. These small, sleek SUVs mark a departure from Rivian's traditional design language. The R3 looks like a hot hatch on steroids, with a low stance and sporty design cues. The R3X takes things a step further, possibly meaning a performance variant with rally-inspired features. Both models are based on a shortened version of the new R2 platform.

While specifics on powertrains and features are scarce for both the R3 and R3X, speculation is still afoot, but with its three-motor setup the R3X is clearly Rivian's answer to the growing electric performance market. We'll have to wait for more details, but these surprising additions suggest that Rivian is pitching its vision to a wider audience.

The Rivian R3X seen in profile is parked on the lawn
The R3X blurs the line between rugged off-roader and hot hatch.

Rivian's Aggressive Expansion Brightens the Future

One thing is certain: Rivian's aggressive expansion is designed to restore the brand's reputation as leaders in the EV revolution. The R2 strengthens its position in the off-road adventure segment, while the R3 and R3X open the doors to exciting new possibilities. Whether you're a novice, a curious rider, or a fan of electric performance, Rivian works to provide you with something that will pique your interest. Stay tuned to RivianOwnersForum.com for more details on these exciting new electric SUVs as they become available.


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