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Advanced driver assistance technology – such as automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist and blind spot warning – prevented accidents for 45% of UK van drivers last year, according to research by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Research has shown that parking and rear-end accidents are the most common for drivers, with parking accounting for 27% of all accidents. Bumps and scratches from recoil accounted for 18% of the total.

The survey also found that the average cost of van repairs is rising, now standing at £534.25, up from £525.63 last year. With van drivers already feeling the pinch – nearly half (48%) of respondents said the cost of doing business is a major concern – these rising costs underscore the huge impact even a small accident can have.

Of course, Volkswagen has a solution to these concerns, as a range of driver assistance systems designed to provide a smooth and safe drive are included in their vans. Among the safety technologies of the Volkswagen van is Park Assist, which helps to reduce the risk of collisions and scratches when parking, and the optional rear view camera helps drivers to move in the right direction when reversing, which reduces the risk of an accident in two major problems faced by drivers.

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Brake AssistExternal Link Icon 2021 Professional Pickup the technology significantly shortens the vehicle's stopping distance in emergency situations by detecting traffic that may cause a collision and applies the brakes when necessary, working to avoid an accident.

“As maintenance costs rise, the impact accidents can have on the day-to-day operations of a business is significant,” said Alice Axtell, product marketing manager at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. “That's why our cars are equipped with high-quality technology to help drivers, many of which are common, to help drivers avoid accidents that can make their vans useless and to help business run smoothly.”

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