Stetina, Ten Dam, Morton agree 'fast and tough' is the new normal for Unbound Gravel pack racing

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Peter Stetina (Canyon) is making his fifth appearance in the Unbound Gravel 200 this year. With all his four points in the Unbound Gravel 200, the US rider, who comes to Kansas this year with the overall title in the Belgian Waffle Ride Triple Crown, saw the speed of the race increase, the increase in intensity, both related to the increase in quality. field.

The last victory for the elite men was in 2019 when Colin Strickland won the northern course nine minutes ahead of Stetina, who was another 11 minutes better than Alex Howes. The next three races involved sprints decided by seconds, the 2023 championship in which Keegan Swenson (Santa Cruz Bicycles) went home ahead of Petr Vakoc, with Stetina the last rider in the seven-rider pack and just eight seconds separating him from the winner.

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