The 2024 Ford F-150 hybrid engine starter has dropped

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After years of work, engineers have figured out how to ditch the traditional 2024 Ford F-150 hybrid engine, yet still burn it.

This solution combines a modern electric locomotive with an old-school combustion engine in a new way.

How engines work

Before I get into how it works and show you a detailed LinkedIn post from Kelly Johnson, lead hybrid powertrain engineer at Ford Motor Co., let's first understand how a combustion engine works.

In simple words, a fire engine is like that. The combustion or burst of energy that moves the pistons up and down. Combustion is done with three essential ingredients: fuel, spark and air. These small explosives make the pistons pump, which creates the force that propels the car forward.

Historically, this was done by spinning the flywheel at the front of the wheel. This causes the crankshaft to move, which in turn moves the pistons up and down. The movement is combined with fuel injectors that spray fuel into the piston cylinder, an electric spark from the battery to the spark plugs, then a small amount of air enters and burns.

2024 Ford F-150 Powerboost 2

No traditional starter, no hybrid problem for the 2024 Ford F-150. (Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

Accessory belt starter and electric motor

Now Ford has removed the main starter from the flywheel and instead relies on an accessory belt starter. It also uses an electric motor in the transmission to spin the engine, which helps it start easily.

The second starter is in the utility belt and was added to the first-generation Ford F-150 PowerBoost hybrid.

This steel belt usually moves things like the air-conditioning compressor, power steering pump, water pump and alternator.

This reminds me of when I was a kid and you put the clutch in the manual transmission to start the engine if you had a bad starter. You can get the engine spinning by pushing the car with other friends or pulling it forward with another car. As long as the engine is running, you don't even need a starter if the fuel injectors and spark plugs are working.

If you've ever driven a Ford F-150 hybrid, you can see this in action whenever the engine stalls when the auto start/stop mode or the truck's computer tells it to stop while driving. You'll still hear air in the cabin, your radio won't turn off, and you might not even notice that the tachometer reads zero RPM.

2024 Ford F-150 hybrid engine starter uses advanced software

How can such a small starter turn a big engine? By using software calibration. Modern engines just need a well-timed spark to start. This is very different from when you used to roll the starter to turn.

Now the computer remembers exactly where it left off in the piston sequence. It only needs to send a small spark, fuel and air to the piston to move the engine, which is provided by the accessory starter.

The truth is that if the engine is already running, such as releasing the clutch, you need even a small starter to get the combustion process going.

By eliminating the belt-driven starter, the engine has fewer parts, which should result in better reliability. Also, the more stuff you have on the belt, the more it drags on the engine's performance. This should result in the 2024 F-150 PowerBoost hybrid powertrain feeling even more seamless behind the wheel.

And, while some wonder why you don't just keep both starters, you still have a hybrid battery to get you going in case the accessory-belt starter fails.

An important point

Developers tend to take a lot of heat when something goes wrong and don't praise much when something goes right. This, to me, is something they did right. Smaller parts, better reliability and better engine performance without hanging the belt on the engine for no reason.

This is genius.

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