The Creator Has a Unique Solution to Lubrication Problems


Brendan Carberry runs perhaps the most unique account on Instagram. A 3d printer and a professional rider have built a lot of fans making funny bike parts.

Watch his tongue-in-cheek solution to the rub below.

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In this video, Carberry shows how to use his WD 40 carrier design. If that sticks, Brendan has a perfect second bottle. Although riders shouldn't need lube more than once during a ride, Brendan still designs a solution, because why not?

Carberry has a long history of similarly absurd videos. Watch him power his electronic switch with a lemon battery below.

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Although his designs are not serious, it's fun to see people making mountain bike designs. The more people we play with in their garages, the more likely we are to accidentally spot great products and the better our instagram feed will look.

Brendan Carberry's YouTube channel is full of similarly humorous content. Watch him make a Lego pedal below.

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