Toyota Unveils Rugged “Mudbath” Paint for TRD Pro Lineup


For off-road enthusiasts who really embrace getting down and dirty, Toyota has an interesting new offering – the “Mudbath” exterior paint color, which is only available on its formidable TRD Pro models, including the new and off-sale one. 2025 4Runner SUV.

Unveiled on Tuesday via a post on Instagram, this color coded as “Mudbath” perfectly complements the on-track prowess of Toyota's flagships. And for customers, we expect Mudbath to be more than just a color – a badge of honor for those who use their upgraded trucks the way Toyota envisioned them.

Paint to match the purpose

The inspiration behind the Mudbath is exactly as its name suggests – an undeniable brand of good off-road gear that gets muddled after a hardcore trail ride. Toyota designers have expertly replicated this desirable look with production paint, ensuring that TRD Pro owners can truly spread their love of embracing nature's dirty playgrounds – or perhaps feel guilty about skipping the car wash on their way back from the track.

TRD's history of hues

Toyota has offered special paint colors for the TRD Pro in the past to cater to new buyers. Years ago saw shades like Radiant Red, Quicksand, Army Green and Lunar Rock adorn these off-road beasts. Each one delivers a custom look that suits the TRD Pro's go-anywhere attitude and the you-know-you personality of the pioneers.

The Mudbath paint option will be available this fall on Toyota's entire lineup of popular TRD Pro models, including the Tundra, Tacoma, 4Runner, and Sequoia. For off-roaders who believe that the only way to get their truck really clean is to get it dirty first, Mudbath will be a risk.

How do you think Mudbath stacks up to previous TRD Pro paint shades? Will you be placing an order at your local dealer? Join the conversation in one of our Toyota-related forums:

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